Hi! I’m Jacqueline Pirtle.

I am the owner of the lifestyle company FreakyHealer and a holistic practitioner, speaker, and bestselling author. My passion for mindful and conscious happiness shines through in all of my life and work, helping clients to shift into a high-for-life frequency—a unique experience that calls people into their highest potential in their NOW! 

I was born and raised in “cheesy and chocolatey” Switzerland and after enjoying living and breathing all over the world I call the United States of America – together with my phenomenal family – my “for now” home.

I am the perfect image of a free sprit that exhilarates with momentum and then milks that connection to its most to help myself, my clients, and everyone and everything that I encounter, to BE and live their highest and most truthful potential. 

I tap into my energetic essence to connect and hear my conscious guidance, enjoy my higher passion, and experience my soul journey in every single split second because I understand that I am being amplified and calibrated. My focus is on being my energetic limitless–not be restricted by any idea that looks like a physical fixed space, let alone, feeling held and glued into yesterday’s story. I know that everything in the rearview has nothing to do with this day, other than it was an experience that has led me here. I am new every single moment and believe that everything IS always possible. 

I understand that all life happenings are only put in front of us as a reminder of the purpose of humanity and to understand the experience and the expansion of humanity and the universe. All my life experiences – the beautiful and the hurtful ones – are the how and why I can do the miraculous work I do. Therefore, I allow these tools to lead me to create a higher frequency of teachings, sessions, and books, so that everyone can have a growth point as a whole – in body, mind, soul, and consciousness – too.

By utilizing the connected energetic field to tap into the quantum, then sharing space – where there is no separation – and time with clients, I support them in the awakening into the infinite potential that is already in them.

This is truly a beautiful gift and I feel really honored to always know that whatever bigger-than-me energy is moving through me is what is necessary, and that it is moving and supporting people right where they are at…

…be it in that gentle space of “waking-up” or “remembering” where my books 365 Days of Happiness, Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops, What it Means to BE a Woman, and Life IS Beautiful, are perfect because they touch you in all ways and meet you in your soft space to open up your heart and shed your limits, by teaching you and reminding you, of who you really are.


…in an intentional deepness – wherever you are on your path and your spiritual evolution and maturity – shifting you into profound energetic experiences, knowing, and being—through working with me in my one-one-one sessions, workshops, and presentations

Whatever is moving through me can move through anyone that is ready for opening. All that comes in and up for you through my teachings, know it is an extension of you, and the message of love.

Let’s – together – play in this light-field!

Contact me for sessions and any questions you have!


Jacqueline Pirtle is the bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness, Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops, What it Means to BE a Woman, and Life IS Beautiful. Her passion for conscious living shines through in all areas of her life, books, and her podcast The Daily Freak––shifting people into a high-for-life frequency, a unique experience that calls individuals into their highest potential in their NOW! Jacqueline has appeared on TV, been featured in magazines, and interviewed on podcasts and radio shows. She’s a happy mom and wife, and an even happier red wine and dark chocolate connoisseur. 

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