365 Days of Happiness – May 24, 2017

Move, move and move some more!

Consciously be aware of all the movement in and around you today and really feel it all moving.

And then go move your body and create flexibility, move your mind to new thoughts and gain “open-mindness”, move your expectations and attract new opportunities, move your eyes and gain a different view.

Move your routine and shake things up. Move to new territory and leave your comfort zone. Move your furniture around and create a new energetic vibe in your palace.

Movement is being alive. It is what life is all about. Ever moving and ever changing. Movement is freeing, opening, changing, shifting and in movement is where you have the power for action.

Movement shifts energies! And since you are energy, movement shifts you to wherever you want to go and vibrate your wonderful energy!

Happy movement to you!

365 Days of Happiness – May 23, 2017

It is vital to stay in your consciousness and with your spirit, no matter what happens in our physical world.

Waking up to shocking and saddening news of hatred and violence in the world initiates an automatic thought reaction of “Life is not beautiful or fair, our world is broken…” Anger, sadness, hopelessness, disbelieve and such take over.

Being in that state closes your heart. Your direct connection to your consciousness and spirit goes dormant. You can’t think, feel, see, hear and love through your spirit anymore, instead you loose yourself in the happenings of the physical world.

In these times it is even more crucial that we all pull ourselves back into our sacred consciousness and “lit-up” spirit. So we can think, feel, see, hear and love through who we really are. Which is pure light and pure love.

You can shift back to your light and love in many ways. Meditation, prayer, yoga, exercise, spending time in nature, hugging a tree, playing with your kids, hugging your family, serving others, reassuring yourself and others that all is OK…

Whatever makes you shine in your powerful happiness and joy, go practice it even more today. Once you shifted back to your inner sacred spirit, spread your light and love with the most powerful boldness to everyone and everything. Bless everything and everyone with it.

Be the light and love you are and shower your immediate world with it, then visualize sending your healing light and love all around the world into the infinite. You have that power!

I bless you all!

365 Days of Happiness – May 22, 2017

“I think I’ll just be happy today!”

Sometimes it’s that simple…

I’ll just choose to feel good, laugh and smile, dance and sing and simply enjoy a joyous time today, no matter what.

I’ll just choose to accept, respect, thank and love everything and everyone. With that I release any resistance I have towards anything or anyone. And being resistance free feels amazing.

I’ll just choose to think, see, hear, feel and taste happiness in everything and everyone. Then I fill every cell of myself with this happiness and go on to create more of this “high for life” feeling.

And if someone asks what happened to me, I’ll just say “Well, I got up this morning and thought I’ll just be happy today!”

365 Days of Happiness – May 20, 2017

Take your foot off your brakes!

So you can feel, see, hear, think, do and experience everything all the way to the fullest.

Your brakes are based on your old recordings and believes that you picked up in your childhood from other people. And because they are not yours, they don’t fit you and hold you back. These old recordings can be based on fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, feeling of not good enough, guilt…

Try this: Pick your absolute favorite race car and imagine you ARE this fabulous car. Feel this for a minute! Next, someone gets in the car and starts driving you (remember, you are the car) down a race car track. The person speeds up and you get all excited. But very soon that person hits the brakes. You slow down or might even stop. So here you are, this fabulous race car not able to drive to your fullest on this race car track, let alone get anywhere at all. Your experience is less than satisfying. In order for you to do what you are meant to do (as this race car on this race car track), you need the driver to let go of his/her old recordings of fear, take their foot of the brakes and let you drive to your fullest. Or at the least use the brakes less hard and not every minute of the drive.

It is the same for you in your life. When you constantly hit your brakes you slow down, might even stop and can’t get anywhere. Without you taking your foot off the brakes, you can’t do what you are here to do, which is experience life to the fullest.

So practice being conscious of what your brakes are, when you are hitting them and why. Also, how do you feel when you slow down? All these questions pull you into your now and ask you to shadow yourself, so you can take your foot off your brakes.

Feeling, seeing, hearing, thinking, tasting, doing and experiencing to the fullest is pure happiness!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a brake free day!

365 Days of Happiness – May 19, 2017

Invite your joy and indulge in your joyous feelings!

When life gets fast and furious, we tend to lower our heads to push and pull through in order to get it all done. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed, because it is the way of least resistance in that moment. As an example: If you get your project based job done quickly, then you can relax sooner and can get payed faster, which creates a situation of least resistance. Versus you don’t get your job done quickly and don’t get payed soon, which creates huge resistance.

But sometimes we slip into the “push and pull through” attitude because of our old believes. Those can sound something like “You have to be busy or you seem lazy. You always have to work hard. Never give up, no matter what.” Getting things done while you are in the frequency of these old believes only creates more resistance. Because it is not your truth! Whereas pausing, finding your joy first and then getting it done while you are in your frequency of joy, will create a space of least resistance.

But it would be exhausting to always ask yourself what mode (least resistance or most resistance) you are in when pushing and pulling through. So instead, make it your absolute priority to tune into your joy and consciously feel it before starting to push and pull through. And if you realize that you are already deep in the midst of pushing and pulling, just take a minute to pause, tune into your joy and then get back to business.

Here are some ways to tune into your joy:

Become aware of your joy when it catches you by surprise because it got sparked by something or someone around you. When this happens really acknowledge it, feel it and celebrate it big.

Consciously create it by thinking, seeing, hearing, tasting or touching something or someone that initiates your joy. You are in charge of this joy creating power.

Or create it by asking yourself “What would give me joy right now?” And then follow your given answer with determination and do whatever it takes for you to feel your joy.

And of course, creating joy for others and enjoying their joyous feelings is the greatest way to invite your joy into your presence.

Joy, joyous, joyously, joyousness, joyou-lishiousness…

Anything with joy… Just make it happen and feel it!

365 Days of Happiness – May 18, 2017

Invite heavenly support into your presence!

Stand with your feet shoulder apart, relax your knees, smile and breathe deep. Feel your energy in you! When you are ready, circle your arms up wide to your side, all the way up into the powerful sky. Leave your arms up and open in a wide “V” shape, palms are open facing up. Tilt your head back and look up into the infinite sky. Breathe, smile and feel this!

Now say “I am ready and open to receive all heavenly support with gratitude.” Visualize this supportive energy entering your body, through your crown down to your feet, filling every single cell of you.

Really feel this magic taking over your being.

Now smile at the heavens, send it your love and say “Thank you!”

Repeat and indulge into this often and always!

365 Days of Happiness – May 17, 2017

Pick an adjective that feels spectacularly good for you today!

Say it to yourself as many times as you like and really feel how amazing it makes you feel! Next, think or say it in front of every possible word today and say it to others often. Really focus on hearing, seeing, and feeling it in everything and everyone you encounter.

Adjectives are energy, just like everything else is energy. And every energy vibrates in a certain frequency. And because everything is connected, picking and using an adjective will shift you to that certain energy, vibration and frequency of that adjective.

For example, I pick “sparkly”. Sparkly comes with the energy of festive, light, joyous, happy and magical. It vibrates in that elevated frequency of joy and happiness. And because I chose sparkly as my feel good adjective for the day, it is exactly the energetic nutrition I need for my day. So every time I think, say, hear, see or feel it, I refill myself with the energy of “sparkly” and shift to the frequency that “sparkly” vibrates in.

And there you have it, I am now the same energy as “sparkly”, vibrating in the frequency of all sparkles 🙂

365 Days of Happiness – May 16, 2017

Make your favorite “life-smoothie” for the day!

The word smoothie carries the energy of soft, comfort, treat, sunshine, creative, healthy and happy. So thinking about a smoothie and using this word to create your happiness is already a win.

And just as you might like a different food-smoothie (fruit, green, chocolate) depending on the day, you also desire a different life-smoothie every new day.

Because every new day is different and you have different desires. Life is an ever changing experience! And if you stay with this opportunistic changing flow, you automatically shift into a flowing ever changing being. How cool is that!

So let’s go back to your life-smoothie. Ask yourself “What do I desire today? What goes into my life-smoothie for today?” Think about what feelings, colors, activities, foods and drinks.

  • Love? Fun? Success? Peace? Sweetness? Grounding? Lightness? Power?
  • Red? Blue? Yellow? Green?
  • Reading? Bubble Bath? Sauna? Exercise? Music, dancing? Meditating? Sleep?
  • Water? Tea? Veggies, salad? Meat, fish? Bread? Cheese? Desert? Spicy?

Think in detail about what feels good for your day and start putting it into your blender. You can either visualize your blender and think or say aloud what you desire, or you can put it on paper with drawing your blender or writing a list. Choose what is most fun for you and makes you smile.

And then enthusiastically hit the blend button and fill yourself with this perfect “life-smoothie” you just created for you. Feel this!

If you do this first thing in the morning, I guarantee that you set the tone for a magnificent new day! And during your day, you will get reminded by your inner guide of what went into your perfect life-smoothie, so you can stay true to your desires all day long.

365 Days of Happiness – May 15, 2017

“I allow everyone to be as they are, and everything to be as it is! And then I shift towards what is mine and stay there to create my happiness.”

That is your ticket to your freedom! Because only your thoughts, feelings and reactions are your part in the co-creation with everyone and everything. And it is also the only part where your power for change lays. Everything else is not yours to conquer.

Separating what is yours from what is not yours also pulls you back to yourself. And from there you can dive into “I accept, respect, thank and love all that is mine.” Doing so releases any resistance you might have towards anyone or anything. And being resistance free means you shift to the amazing opportunity to understand, heal and clean yourself through what is going on for you. With that the possibilities of change are limitless.

So when you catch yourself and your feelings in someone else’s territory, say “I allow everyone to be as they are, and everything to be as it is.” Say it with infinite love and gratitude. Now feel all this freeing wonderfulness filling you. And then say “I accept, respect, thank and love everything that is mine.” Beautiful!

Stay in this free space of yours and know that right now is your perfect time to shift yourself into your “high for life” frequency.

365 Days of Happiness – May 13, 2017

Be the beaming light you really are!

The most powerful “high for life” reaction to the “non fitting” is to focus on shining your light even brighter and stronger. That makes the “non fitting” smaller and weaker, without you even focusing on it or figuring out how to change the “non fitting”.

This works like magic, because your infinite bright light shines stronger and more powerful than anything “non fitting” that is happening for you right now.

Here is one beautiful practice to do so:

Slow down, close your eyes and breathe deep. Open your hand, palm facing up and forming a cup. Invite and visualize your light into your hand. Your light can be big, small, wide, thin, green, white… Whatever image of your light you see, is the perfect one for you. Say hello to your light and look at it, feel, smell and hear your light. Really get to know your light. Ask your light questions if you have any. Stay in this beautiful space with your light for as long as you like.

When ready, imagine your light getting stronger and brighter and feel it getting bigger and taller. Indulge in this as long as you like. Now let it change color, let it play, dance, move, smile… Let your imagination flow freely and let your light show you how it is happiest.

When you are ready, take your hand with your light in it to your heart and visualize your light entering your body through your heart. Feel your beaming light fill your body, cell by cell, down your legs and arms and up into your head. Feel that every inch of you IS your luminous light. Wonderful!

Now get back to your day and shine, shine, shine… Live, create and experience your life through being and shining your powerful and bright light.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a shining one!