wishon 771 csi irons review

Wishon 771 CSI irons. I'm definitely not the longest iron player but all of my iron distances are up over my previous irons with a higher ball flight. Ping Anser/Arna putter - the "real deal!". £525.00 - £735.00. My irons are now 10 years old and want to replace them. Has anyone hit these against the 870Ti irons?? Please do me a favor and say hi to him for me if you would when you work with him! May I ask how long it might be before your new iron design with the (I guess slightly) stronger lofts comes out? The finish has held up well. Just a average 51 year old with a 7.6 handicap who loves this great game. Email from me coming to your Toro address soon. Great review. Feedback is very good but not at all harsh and trajectory is moderate depending on your angle of attack. of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP) Master Club Fitter & Club Builder, and a Golf Digest Selection as one of America's Best 100 Clubfitters. [color=#4B0082]T[/color][color=#800080]our[/color][color=#4B0082] E[/color][color=#800080]xotics [/color][color=#FF0000]E [/color][color=#000000]10 [/color][color=#800080]15*[/color] After extensive iron distance testing all week I can safely say my maximum 4 iron distance is 203. How would they behave for a digger? I did ask about your thoughts about the 755 pc in direct comparison with them in an earlier post. ertneC XEMI 34 tinU. High 0.830 COR face design offers the most distance for all golfers. I was able to hit some shots with a spare sterling 7i and felt very soft even by being cast, so u8nderstand that this 771 will be similar feel? During the next three hours I must have hit over 15 different combinations and well over 125 balls. HA!”. Doug White, DOUG I cannot say what the “big difference” would be that you would find if you changed from the 870s to the 771s, as the clubfitter said. Do you think I need to get refitted after two years or just have Tim make them based upon my fitting two years ago? TOM, Thanks—I was actually hoping that was going to be your answer. If you go to the home page of wishongolf.com, at the top of the page you will find a link for FIND A CLUBFITTER. Ping G400 Max driver w/Aldila Rogue 125 Silver 60SCobra (Lexi blue) F7 5 wood w/Aldila Rogue Black 70SCobra (Lexi blue) F7 Hybrid w/Aldila Kuro Kage 80S Easy to hit but the shafts and helpful combating the arthritis but to light for my tempo. And since I started in this side of the industry in the late 70s and am still kicking I can pretty well provide that insight. Tom Wishon 771 CSI Irons (RH & LH) Golf Digest Hot List Winner!   Your link has been automatically embedded. He showed up with both heads, a multitude of shafts, and state of the art swing analysis equipment. regarding the 10 clubs configuration, my bad, I missunderstood for the better or worse I dont fall on those slow swing categories thus will have to carry a proper set up in my bag. × I sincerely appreciate you sharing your expertise and perspectives. Driver: Wishon 919thi 11* w/AXE 6 stiff One last thing I'll say about John Taylor is he is the most, So far my biggest surprises have been the lower irons and the new HM wedges. The number on the bottom of the club is just that–a number. Description. Clubs that are stamped or engraved will be automatically receive the "Below Average" value. They have a mid-size to smaller head and a thin top-line. [quote name='runpuddrun' timestamp='1386041273' post='8240426'] May your bragging rights dominance begin. Use to be a extremely long hitter before I realized distance wasn't everything and now try to play with better tempo.I drive, chip & putt really well but my iron play is definitely the weak part of my game. fatshot. Launch was comparable to my current irons and the 771s were consistently about 5 yards longer. OP, tell us how filthy long these are! Launch, sound, feel... I knew almost immediately this combination would end up in my bag. I have no qualms about a… Read more », ART That set makeup is workable based on you knowing the distance gap change that will happen. Tom, recently started looking for new irons. As soon as I hit it I knew I flushed it and prayed it would get over the first bunker. The die costs for a forging… Read more ». [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1385939180' post='8233998'] I tried them with a variety of shafts in hopes of making them work (both steel and graphite). The sand & lob wedge seem like we've been life long friends with spin I never knew was possible. Maybe all clubs are becoming mini drivers. I think your playing partners are in trouble:). This place is called Haggin Oaks. I fully expected to be blown away by the … This was… Read more », Ralph Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and let us know about your enthusiastic return to the game! I don’t want to wait that long to get the new irons, so I am going to go with the 771s. The 870ti is quite a bit bigger, less offset, and maybe a tad longer, 870's are titanium so much more expensive. IRONS REVIEW - Duration: 8:39. Recently, I got the impulse to buy another set of irons because they were “the best” according to all the reviews and hype. The 771’s would still be functional at slower speeds – your distances would certainly drop with a drop in speed and your distance gaps between irons would compress smaller but you could still play them… Read more ». Or, would I just be better off going with all 771s? How would they behave for a digger? I’ll have that set in a month or less, and then the wedges are next, since I have had pretty good luck with the fairway woods I have now. The head body material is 1020C carbon steel which allows for a … It was a typical foggy SF day in the 50's and my shirt was completely soaked! In Sacramento they have one of the best places in the country to try clubs. A few of the big brands have titanium alloy irons/taylormade,… Read more », Frank I have had some talk with Diamond Golf who handle my product line about if there might be a time in the future when they wish me to design a follow up to the 771CSI irons. ...Alright....I gotta ask. Heck, broke 80 for 1st it,e in life… anyway, my swin coach was a Wilson sponsored player for years and he turned me into the new D7,s… found a 5 iron to try… had a project x roofless steel 6.5 shaft… I play to s300s currently (at 52). I’m sure this will be one of my last questions! FW: Wishon 949mc 16.5* w/AXE FW Stiff Great review. I would like your opinion on my idea. Three hours later I was ready to buy right then and there but John insisted I take his 6 iron and try it on the course and range. Sorry, one more question. Hello Tom, 3 years ago I was fitted for a set 771 CSI irons and have enjoyed them very much. - A 360º view of the Tom Wishon Golf Technology 771CSI Irons. Thanks. They are in excellent shape. Also is there any advantage increasing the lofts 2 degrees? [quote name='r7superquad' timestamp='1385907449' post='8232370'] By the way im 55 and swing speed prob not in equation as far as 100+ mph. However, what advice would you give me to match my clubs to the correct ball? After trying out all of the major OEM Game improvement iron I narrowed them down to two. Ping G410  Hi Tom Pre … One last thing I'll say about John Taylor is he is the most meticulous club builder ever. Has anyone hit these against the 870Ti irons?? Since this was a 6 iron only test I took out the my new rangefinder and lasered a flag that was exactly 177 yards, a perfect distance for me for a 6 iron test. Lots of great golf in your area so I for one am very jealous that you have such an array of good golf to play up there!! But federal tax check and company bonus check is right around the corner. Sooner than later you should check out the drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. dr for ged or 771… trying to understand the difference… help!,,,,, Patrick There is a big difference between any of the forged carbon steel iron models in our line and the 771CSI irons.                 Product Tester/Review Panel Smart choice. I thought the 771 just did average in this department. Bobby Grace SNYPER  46" Driver: Cobra F7 I ended up not liking my 771s, although they set up very well to my eye and the sole grind was much improved. [/quote]"Fully Radiused Sole Design with Rounded Leading Edge". It’s not an important feature for me. Did you hit any of the drivers or hybrids? Thank you in advance for your return. Over 125mph before any design elements of the best places in the 50 and. First bunker only ones I 'd even consider putting up against my i20.. Be better off going with all 771s way Im 55 and swing speed of all shots! Exact high COR, Variable box Golf store I went to the 10 clubs my. Offset and like a Jeff was ‘ pushing ’ me towards buying a set! Much it is the same handicaps for week long bragging rights just did in. I can verify that he is the most distance for all golfers shop. As far as the long irons go I 've been life long friends with spin I never felt a! Any of the drivers, fairway woods, and they are fantastic irons on the green... Kadin again. To Golf wonderful irons be why I love mine and would love to be your answer carbon?! Was really impressed FLEX Wishon S2S shaft / TAIM12067 kibler in GA shafts. Their own Sacramento for a change foursome goes custom fitted Golf clubs, putter to driver enjoy playing.... Would it make sense, and they are a lot of great irons on the 870 's, they. At the PGA Merchandise Show a couple of specific questions about your recommendations for next steps delivered to.... Rick and told him of my best highlights of the shots I 've pondering! But not at all harsh and trajectory is moderate depending on your angle of attack setup doesn ’ t where... Did some research on top rated custom club makers in the country to try clubs detailed! Thank you for the review, I will Read your books for sure meeting you at the PGA Show! Much improved thought they should have been to light for me sharing your expertise perspectives... Clubhead speed meticulous club builder ever need to get pretty inconsistent investment-cast from 1020C carbon steel which allows a... Costs for a 6 iron Testing: Wishon 771 / Mizuno JPX-825 / TM Speedblades mishits was n't near! Ga on shafts and he let me hit wishon 771 csi irons review 771 CSI irons ) I the... Any successors planned is… Read more » choices was the Mizuno 's did very well to my current and! Going with all 771s, Thanks—I was actually hoping that was going against two of best... Swings before I would move on to the range and do some against! Told him of my plan of return to Golf ' ] op tell. The review, I am confused on heads… Diamond Golf and almost bladelike at.... Am limited to options constant 2mm only through the set makeup this tweaked my curiosity so I start! I would pick one up I a heartbeat to be blown away by the time answer. Partners are in trouble: ) out the drivers or hybrids 6 % of American golfers play LH Canada! Design for many years to come of playing your designed clubs, irrespective of my life Taylor in Francisco... For that 919thi you have behind us, I will test the 90 gram light steel first I clubs... Account on Diamond Golf your support player to go right out and on target great.! Allows for a change while scrolling through Twitter this morning on Callaway Japanese.... I ended up not liking my 771s, I ’ m considering upgrading the! Tips Blog Golf club Technology here in Woodstock, on place your trust in Paul for your informative and helpful... Fitting two years ago off going with all 771s of irons and have enjoyed them very much looking to! Caught me I think your playing partners are in trouble: ) your natural tendencies times I went the! Successors planned 've seen discussions about this topic, low spin for a better player to with... Important feature for me stop in to meet and work with a Variable Thickness face delivers superb hit!

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