Client, NYC United States

“In March of 2014 I had the pleasure of attending a Lif-e-nergy workshop led by Jacqueline Pirtle in New York. It was my first introduction to Freaky Healer and although I was open to the idea, I was a little hesitant.  Mainly I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fully commit to the ideas presented in the workshop.  I come from the most traditional of western thinking about illness; if you don’t feel well, go see a doctor. Jacqueline immediately created a feeling of openness as she presented her basic philosophy in a direct and unthreatening way.  The workshop was a perfect balance between talking and doing.  We listened first to Jacqueline and then under her kind and impassioned guidance we began the journey of listening to ourselves, our bodies and our inner thoughts.  And surprisingly to me, I was indeed able to commit fully and jumped right in.  Sometimes desperation can be a good thing!  I am in constant pain due to personal medical conditions and it’s easy to feel defeated and helpless as I struggle day to day to just get around.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you can do nothing to help your own lousy situation.  What I experienced in the course of the 2 hours I spent with Jacqueline was eyeopening.  I truly began to have less pain as the workshop went on, and even more importantly began to realize that I actually can do something about my situation.  I do have power to help myself.  This seems so simple, and yet…… I’m hopeful that with working more intently with Jacqueline and practicing the Lif-e-nergy techniques and philosophies, I will indeed be pain free again in my life and begin to move forward on the path to understanding how to use my own energy to be healthy. Jacqueline left New York and returned to her home in Italy, and naturally, even with the best of intentions, I have not continued practicing the energy work I learned in the workshop.  Today, as I write these words about my introduction to Lif-e-nergy, I have asked Jacqueline about continuing my work with her.  I need to.  I am feeling better already just knowing that I’ve taken the first step.  The sun is shining!”