Client, NYC United States

“What makes Jacqueline special and unique? It is her unique, special gift to help you heal yourself. From the minute you meet her, it is her undeniable force to lead you through the path of healing… From the time that I know her, she helped me through back pains, headaches and rough patches at work. She helped me to understand and love my inner child unconditionally! I am not the same person I was before I met Jacqueline! Recently, when my 14-year old daughter was suffering from devastating migraines, that took her so low, she did not leave the house for a week and was in bed, there was Jacqueline, arriving at our door step… She came and worked her magic! It took just a couple of sessions, and my girl is back to her bright and bubbly self. Jacqueline’s empathy, approachability and true understanding of what her clients are feeling is what makes her special. Her wonderful ability is to pin-point how your illness is connected to your emotional aspects. As long as you are open to this journey, just grab her hand and be ready to fly!!!”