…Imagine that you are a bee living your new day, jumping from happiness to happiness. Every jump you take, some happiness sticks on your being; like pollen on the bee. It adds up, resulting in you getting happier and happier…
— Jacqueline Pirtle Author of “365 Days of Happiness”


Do you want to BE and live happier, healthier, more abundant, more successful, and more vivid? Do you want to BE more you?

Then I can help you by redefining what wellbeing-happiness is for you and by teaching you how to BE and live it–no matter your circumstances.

The result: You will align with the “high for life” frequency of your health, abundance, success, and joy–because that is what being happy will do for you.

I successfully helped – and help – clients to:

  • Finally getting pregnant! Couples that dreamed to be parents – but had a difficult time getting pregnant – were able to conceive and welcome a baby
  • Overcome and heal physical pain and dis-ease
  • Find joy in their lives again
  • Find their dream jobs and manifest their desires
  • Mend relationships and save their marriages
  • Understand their children better and find new ways to have fun together
  • Experience a “high for life” time in their lives

There are many ways to work with me:

Individualized energy healing sessions,  get you in touch with your happiness and help you unleash your true inner being. You will learn how to shift yourself to BE and live in a “high for life” frequency anywhere at anytime, and experience how amazing you feel when you commit to being happy.

Monthly retainer program, gives you my full support and coaching every day through daily long-distant “energy shifting” sessions, one live session per month, daily updates and guidance, and my full availability to answer all your questions you have. Most clients call this the “most potent” way to work with me–experiencing the fastest results.

365 Days Of Happiness Program, a whole year of learning, practicing, and simply being in your “high for life” frequency of your happiness.


I base my work on your willingness to want to feel good, to want to be happy, and for you to take full responsibility of your life. And of course, I highly suggest you get a copy of my best-selling book “365 Days of Happiness” to study along with the work we do together in our sessions (a FREE paperback copy of my book is included in the 365 Days of Happiness Program).

All live sessions are held via skype.

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