365 Days of Happiness – August 1, 2017

Don’t get too comfortable! Then again, get comfortable!

Life is an ever changing, shifting and vibrantly alive experience. And so is your body, mind and spirit. You ARE an ever changing, shifting and vibrantly alive being. That is the natural state of everything.

So key is to get comfortable in this vivid state. But why is that so hard?

Fear is the usual culprit. And to feel safe, we find comfort in everything as being settled and to stay as IS. But that goes against our natural state. So at first, we feel it as comfortable, but it always ends up not feeling good, because it creates resistance towards our natural state of always changing.


Trust! Trust is a harmonizer of fear. “I trust that…” Fill in the blanks and feel how fear shifts to neutral.


Believe! “I believe that…” Fill in the blanks and feel how you shift to a peacefulness and harmony inside you. Believing seals the deal to feel comfortable in whatever IS for you right now.

Enjoy being comfortable in your crazy alive state.

365 Days of Happiness – July 31, 2017

“I am grateful!”

Saying and thinking “I am grateful!” shifts you automatically into a favorable and “all that IS, is enough” state. Consciously feeling this shift, harmonizes your feelings, without making one good and the other bad. It all just IS.

And being in a frequency of gratitude opens up all gates for you to connect with the beauty of your amazing experience called life.


  • First thing when you wake up, and last thing before you fall asleep, think and say what you are grateful for. Feel it!
  • During your new day, say and think “I am grateful…!” often. Fill in the blanks with what IS right then and there for you. Feel it!
  • Make it a joyous practice and sing it, hum it, smile it. See and hear all the gratefulness. Feel it!
  • Tell everyone and everything around you how grateful you are for them. Feel it!
  • Become aware of all the gratefulness of others around you, join into that gratefulness movement. Feel it!

Make it a priority to be a gratefulness creator, spreader, instigator and inspirer!

365 Days of Happiness – July 29, 2017

How do you pour your coffee or tea?

I am gonna take a real safe guess here and say that you pour it very determined into a cup. Not kinda sorta point at the cup and loosely hit or miss. Some of you might even go all out and choose a cup you really like and then pour. And some might even have a ritual to pour your tea into a very nice cup. Either way, your focus is on pouring into the cup, without spilling or wasting it.

I think you should do the same with your energy, your love and compassion, your light and your being.

Pour your energy very focused into a cup. A cup can be yourself, someone else or something else. Best is to choose one or many cups that you really love, are passionate about, and that feel good to you. Then, very precisely start to pour your energy into it. Fill it and don’t spill it!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a “Fill but no Spill” Day!

365 Days of Happiness – July 28, 2017

Here is why to urgently go bake your own cake!


Someone close to you makes their own cake. Designed to their preferences and deliciousness. They finished it, but they are not necessarily showing or offering the cake to you. But since you are close, you naturally see their finished yummy cake. You can’t resist, so you stick your finger in their cake, take a nice bite out and start licking. Wow, that tastes so good…

…Until you realize that they never offered this cake to you, and that this is not your cake to taste. Oops!

Now imagine this story if you would also have your own personalized cake made and finished. It would be very different, because you could walk up, show your cake and suggest a taste exchange. Not only would this be a delicious tasting experience, but also one that would last.

Now read the above stories again, but replace the word cake with the word happiness.

So, are you an accomplished cake maker?

Or would it be urgently needed for you to go and make your own amazing cake-happiness right now?

Enjoy making and tasting!

365 Days of Happiness – July 27, 2017

Picture this:

You, lighting a candle while talking to someone and thinking about work. And once the candle is lit, you look at it for a second thinking “that’s pretty”, and then go make dinner.

Now picture this:

You lighting a candle consciously. You are present with the candle, its flame and the match. You are aware of your hands holding the match, your eyes seeing the candle, your nose smelling the burning match and your ears hearing the sizzling of the match. Your thoughts and feelings are present in right now. Once the candle is lit you sit and stay with the candle, just as the candle stays with you. You two spend quality time together. You watch its flame. You start chit chatting with the candle and its flame about life, the universe and more. And you have some real good laughs together. You realize that at this moment, you, this candle and its flame is all you were ever searching for, and has all answers, understanding and peace you ever wished for. You know and feel that life IS this candle and its flame. Right now.

Life IS whatever you are doing right now, with whatever or whomever you are right now. Be it brewing a tea, making a meal, cleaning your house, working, driving, spending time with people, taking a shower, grocery shopping or finding a rock while walking. Right now IS life and right now contains everything for you. So BE conscious!


365 Days of Happiness – July 26, 2017


Envision that every “hope” you create, is this magical way for you to send a balloon filled with positivity, uplift, betterment, intention, compassion, love and support up into the universe. You might even want to take it a step further and imagine the balloon popping all the way up high, showering everything and everyone with all this goodness of hope you created.

With that visualization in mind, there is really only one right way to create and use the power of hope. For the good and the good of others, always with their wishes and their “want” as the highest priority in that hope.

Close your eyes, take a minute and say or think “I hope…!” Leave it blank, or fill in the blank. Whichever feels right for you. Now feel this amazing uplifting shift this brings for you. Feel that balloon soaring high, taking you with…

I hope you enjoy hoping!

365 Days of Happiness – July 25, 2017

What kind of water do you need right now?

  • Bubbly for more inner sparkling energy
  • Still for more inner stillness
  • Water with lemon, for detox and a refresh
  • Water with honey, for more inner sweetness
  • Water with fruit, for more fun and playfulness
  • Water with any tea, fitting your needs
  • Water with blooms, for beauty and gentleness

Water in itself IS already a spectacular delivery source of flowing, clean, moving, clear, detoxing, alive and refreshing energy.

Adding ingredients that match your energetic needs, will create your unique “water energy cocktail”. And that cocktail is filled to the brim with high vibrational energy, customized for your needs.

So mix and match consciously, then acknowledge and feel that “water energy cocktail” for its qualities, drink it and enjoy!

Water magic at its best!

365 Days of Happiness – July 24, 2017

What could you fall in love with today?

  • A beautiful flower?
  • A gorgeous tree?
  • The ever so powerful sky?
  • A delicious tea?
  • A mesmerizing scent?
  • A happy smile?
  • A vibrant song?
  • A silent moment?
  • A vivid book?
  • Your magnificent You?
  • A loved one?

Consciously focus on all that IS for you, which you could fall in love with. Be it a new discovered love of yours, or an existing love, which you fall in love with all over again.

Feel the love that is in the air and always ready to be unleashed!