365 Days of Happiness – March 15, 2017

Be magnanimous to others and to yourself!

The Latin word animus means “soul” or “spirit.” In “magnanimous,” that “animus” is joined by Latin magnus, meaning “great.” Basically meaning “greatness of spirit.” That is a quote of Merriam-Webster dictionary.

It means that you are big-hearted, forgiving and have no space for resentment. It means that you are brave and there is a nobility of feelings and generosity on your mind. Close your eyes and say “I am magnanimous!” Feel the noble frequency this word has, visualize filling every cell of your body with this feeling. Then enjoy your new day, treating yourself, everyone and everything magnanimously. This raises your vibration into a very “high of life” frequency and that is where happiness exists. Enjoy your magnanimousness and your magnanimous day!

365 Days of Happiness – March 14, 2017

Breathe in and breathe out! You might say “I do it already and anyways.” That is correct, we do this automatically. It’s just something we do while doing other very important stuff like working, eating, sleeping and living our day. But think about it, breathing is pure energy, breathing is life, breathing is one of the most powerful things we do. Breathing holds healing, happiness, cleansing, awakening, peace, love and all other high emotional vibrations. You can literally breathe yourself to shift into a high emotional state, where happiness, health, joy, abundance and all other good feelings exist. Try this multiple times a day: Feel yourself breathing in and out. It might feel like tingling, it might feel peaceful or energizing. It might bring a smile, it might bring tears. You might feel your vibrational inner source, spreading wide, moving in vibrational waves or becoming one with everything. Whatever you feel is right for you, it’s just what you need, let it happen and embrace it. You can also breathe with intention, for example, breathe in love and breathe out heaviness. If you have pain, breathe healing into your pain. If you need a pick me up, breathe dancing into you. Play around with your breath and be creative with breathing. Most of all celebrate your breath and breathing, it is pure energy, available for you to use and shift yourself to what you need. Practicing awareness while breathing is your direct pathway to happiness.

365 Days of Happiness – March 13, 2017

“Beautiful” is your word to practice happiness today. Close your eyes and say “Beautiful”. Feel how beautiful that feels, how it lightens you and feel how your heart opens when you say or think it. You can add it to everything you say today. “I am beautiful, this tea is beautiful, my job is beautiful, this time is beautiful…” And you can say it to everyone and everything you encounter today. “You are beautiful, this situation is beautiful…” Say it out loud or think it, this is as much an inside job as it is an outside job. Practicing this will lift you into a high vibrational state, because the word beautiful is high vibrational. You will also shift your believe to “beauty” and fill every single cell of your body with beauty. And that is when healing happens. If you say it to others, you make them feel beautiful and that lifts them into a high vibrational state as well. Which they will spread and share with you, because we are all connected. Happiness exists in a high vibrational state.

365 Days of Happiness – March 11, 2017

March 11, 2017 Find a moment of quiet, if you like close your eyes, and then ask yourself “What do I need today?” Listen to the response… You might hear that you need rest, laughter, movement, gentleness or adventure. You will hear a response that is tailored to your needs and what you hear is always correct. Trust it! Then take it to heart and really give yourself what you need during your new fabulous day. This is “shifting to your happiness” at its best! Enjoy your chitchat with your spirit!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it sunny and enjoy practice happiness! The highest form of wellbeing ❤❤❤

365 Days of Happiness – March 10, 2017

“That’s OK!” Say this to yourself and feel how a resistance free and peaceful feeling takes over in you. Any time when you have thoughts of resistance for something or someone, say or think “That’s OK!” Doing so removes all resistance in you immediately. Pure happiness can only exist in a resistance free state and space. Tell others “That’s OK!” as well, doing so you will help them get into a resistance free state too. And both together, moving in this resistance free space, you are co-creating powerful happiness.

365 Days of Happiness – March 9, 2017

Today’s happiness practice consists of saying or thinking “I believe…” to yourself, to everything and everyone all day long. There are a couple options in how to do that. Either you can say “I believe!”, which is powerful because it is widespread and open. Or you can say “I believe in …!” and add whatever comes to your mind. “I believe that I deserve, I believe that you are giving your best, I believe that you are healthy, I believe that I am fabulous, I believe that I am love and light, I believe that you are a good person.” And if you embrace and celebrate a religion, you can add that to “I believe in…”. Whatever works for you and whatever you feel like adding is perfect. Try it and feel how your emotional state rises into a high for life when you say it. To feel it stronger, you can close your eyes when you say it or look up into the sky while raising your arms. “I believe!” is very powerful and healing. When you believe, it clears your energy, it lifts everything and it makes space for love, light and happiness. It is magic!

365 Days of Happiness – March 8, 2017

“You matter!!!” Your love matters, your light matters, your happiness matters. Your thoughts, actions and words matter. Your smile and kindness matters. You matter and everything you do matters. And because you matter, you being happy and feeling good matters too. I can not tell you enough how important you are, how huge your impact on everything is and how much power you have because you matter infinitely. Today, realize that you matter and then go out there living your new day by choosing happiness and feeling good over everything, because if you are happy, an important part of the world is happy. You matter! You are important! You have infinite power! You decide and you choose! Thank you for making the world a happy place ❤

365 Days of Happiness – March 7, 2017

Today’s shift to happiness lays in giving birth to your absolute trust in all. “I trust…” is a very powerful saying or thought. When you trust in all, fear has no space. And fear is what keeps you from being happy. Fear is not a high emotional state and it brings you farthest from who you really are. Trust is a very potent high emotional state and brings you closest to who you really are. Trust does not mean you live in denial or you become a push over, in the contrary, trust cleans the way to your infinite power in you. Trust that you are perfect where you are right now, and trust that you are in charge to manifest change at any chosen moment. Trust in your dreams! Trust in your inner guidance. Trust that everything happening is a gift and opportunity. Trust that you are capable and have plenty of energy and power. Trust that you deserve to be happy. Trust that you are beautiful! Trust that you are a being of powerful love, light and joy. Trust in all!

365 Days of happiness – March 6, 2017

Spark your gentle and soft feelings today, then fill yourself with them, and treat yourself and all through that softness and gentleness. To spark it focus on everything that shifts you to feeling softness and gentleness. For example, put on extra soft clothes today, wear shoes that are gentle to your feet, touch soft blankets, maybe have a piece of soft fabric in your pockets and touch it many times today, pet a furry soft animal, look at gentle baby pictures, hug loved ones, take a creamy foam bath, look for soft looking flowers, eat/drink soft and gentle foods and drinks. Anything soft and gentle works, just focus on it, feel it and shift into this high emotional frequency of soft and gentle happiness. Think of yourself as soft and gentle and be soft and gentle to yourself. There is amazing healing taking place in doing so!

365 Days of Happiness – March 4, 2017

This morning, while sitting with our coffees on the deck in the new house we just moved in, a fox ran by, through our yard, just like that. This was an absolute “Wow!!!” moment for me, I was in awe and felt my emotions being elevated into a high for life. I truly was just shown how wonderful Mother Earth and our life we get to experience is. These “Wow!!!” moments can be anything, from a fox running through the yard to enjoying a delicious incredible meal, or from giving birth to receiving a nice compliment. There is no big or small event that gives you this “Wow!!!” moment and feeling. Anything can do it, and it’s very different and personal for everyone. I invite you today to pay attention and become aware of what gives you this “Wow!!!” moment, and when it happens to really stay in this elevated feeling and focus on it. Fill yourself with it, feel it and enjoy it. It’s called happiness! I guarantee you that there are thousands of those “Wow!!!” moments happening for you every single day, and if you notice them, you can fill yourself a thousand times a day with that pure happiness that is given to you as a gift to be aware of. Enjoy!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, a day of “Wow!”