365 Days of Happiness – October 6, 2017


When you feel good, you ARE in perfect alignment and co-creating with spirit, source, divine or how ever you love to call your higher good.

And it does not matter why you feel good… Maybe you feel good just because, how wonderful! Or because of something you do or work on, can’t beat that happiness! Or because of someone in your life, YAY for love!

All that matters is that you do feel good. Keep rocking your aligned co-creation! It suits you!

When you don’t feel good, you are not in alignment, and you are not co-creating with spirit. It’s more like you are co-creating with an “out-of-sink” mind-body-spirit-YOU.

If that is your state, stop right there and acknowledge it! And refrain from digging deep into the “why”.

Then shift to what does feel good, or even just a little better. Ask yourself, “How can I feel better?” Listen quietly and clearly, as your solution is given to you in thoughts, pictures, smells, sounds or other signs. Trust it and follow these divine directions.

Doing so, gets you back in alignment and co-creating with spirit for your higher good in no time.

Enjoy feeling good!

365 Days of Happiness – October 5, 2017

Light your light and shine!

Imagine a little glass lantern inside of your heart. And in that glass lantern is a candle. You are now opening the lantern and take the candle into your hands. You look at your candle and feel deep gratitude and love for it. With excitement you take a match and light your candle. Beautiful! Your light is now shining bright! You welcome your beautiful light in your hands! Then you put your bright light back into your lantern and close it. You put your hands to your heart and bow to your light. You feel your bright light lighting up your whole being. And you feel it shining bright from your inside towards all on your outside. You take a moment to breathe and to feel this! Well done, you are a bright shining being!

Feel your bright light often! Feel it lighting you up! And consciously set the intention to shine it onto other people, animals, nature, food and all situations in your life.

Shine people, shine! And then feel what happens!

365 Days of Happiness – October 4, 2017

Is there a good use and need for it?

As we all know with lots of experience, there are all different kinds of feelings. There is love, anger, frustration, joy, sadness, jealousy, happiness, resentment, peacefulness and so many more…

And since they are all part of us, it is important to accept, respect, thank and love them all. No exceptions!

But when we start feeling one of lower vibration, like anger, is there really a “good use and need” for us to fully and completely indulge in feeling it? Or is the “better use and need” for us to simply acknowledge, accept, respect, thank and love that feeling, without being eaten up by it?

We feel in the moment, and lots of times when we look back, we find that there was “no good use and need” for us to feel it wholly. The result is, it did not help us in our body, mind and spirit. And sometimes the recovery is huge.

So when you start feeling anger (or such), pause and ask yourself, “Is there a good use and need for me to really feel this? Or is the better use and need for me to acknowledge, accept, respect, thank and love it for being part of me, and move on with a happy dance?”

Depending on your response, either feel it to the extend that feels good for you (without hurting your surroundings), or move on to a “good use and magnificent need” feeling that serves your body, mind and spirit.

365 Days of Happiness – October 3, 2017

Watch out, inspirations are about to get you…

… If you let them!

Start your new day with setting the intention of “I am open to receive all inspirations today!” Say this fantastic intention aloud, then think and feel it often.

Now off you go, make inspiration “noticing-receiving” your possible mission. Because the more inspirations, the more awesomeness there is…

  • BE inspired from your inside out, by all inspirations you receive from your inner source. Those are truly your pure inspirations. Go ahead, follow them!
  • BE inspired from the outside in, by the food and drinks you are gifted to enjoy, by kids, nature, animals and people around you, by colors, words, sounds and smells. BE inspired by all that is in your awareness.

All inspirations spark your desires into life, and with that bring great clarity. Some inspirations are there for you to become clear in how you want it, and some in how you don’t want it. Isn’t that magnificent?!

I am always inspired by all you amazing readers, to write directly from my source and heart. And I make it my everyday possible mission to BE inspired from the outside in, by all that comes my way to gift me with inspiration.

I AM inspired! Always!

365 Days of Happiness – October 2, 2017

Feel, feel and feel some more!

Ask yourself about everything that catches your awareness, “How or what do I feel while seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling or thinking about this?”

Believe in the first feeling that comes to your mind, because it is always real and true. Even if it is of lower vibration, like anger, sadness or such. Feel this feeling for as long as it “feels good” for you. And once it shifts to “feeling less than good”, move on to the next awareness catching thing you are gifted with to feel. Important is to never stay and grow roots once it does not feel good anymore.

If you don’t feel anything, have no worries, because there are millions of new awareness catching things awaiting you in every split second of your time. So you can do two things:

  • Excitedly move to the next awareness catching thing that is coming your way.
  • Happily add on to this “non-feeling” awareness catching thing. For example: you look at a picture of a blue sky that does not feel like anything for you. Maybe add clouds, a sun or a tree in your imagination, and see if by creating your perfect picture, you get a feeling. Once again, stay with that feeling as long as it “feels good” for you, and once it shifts to “less than good”, move on to the next eye catching thing that comes into your awareness.

Practicing this trains your feeling muscles. And we all know that a trained muscle is strong, powerful and healthy.

Training yourself to feel, means you understand yourself better, you fill your feeling tanks, you clean out the non fitting feelings through feeling them, and you heal and release what is ready to be healed and released.

Happy feeling!

365 Days of Happiness – September 30, 2017

Take every opportunity!

Every split second of your new day presents millions of opportunities to BE kind and show kindness towards yourself and others. What an amazing chance for us all to create and sprinkle everything and everyone with limitless kindness.

Kindness opens hearts!
Kindness enlightens!
Kindness = Mindfulness!
Kindness heals!
Kindness creates happiness!
Kindness spreads magic!

Enjoy your kind day!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a “kind-full” Day!

365 Days of Happiness – September 29, 2017

Space wide and root deep!

Creating and maintaining your own wide energetic space, in which your pure light and being can shine, is essential for your happiness. And so is grounding your energetic being with strong deep roots that preserve your bright light.

Here is a simple practice to “space wide and root deep”:

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe deep and fall in love with your beautiful breath! Smile.

Imagine that with every breath in, you expand your light and energetic being wide and big. Feel your energetic space grow humongous.

And with every breath out, imagine grounding and rooting your light and being through your feet, deep down into Mother Earth. Feel your energetic roots grow deep and strong into infinite depth.

Feel the rhythm and harmony in this dance between widening your light and deepening your roots.

Practice this often, and know that it also works with eyes wide open, while hustling and bustling in the amazing business of life.

365 Days of Happiness – September 28, 2017

Relax! BE! Let it all unfold!

Relax! Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe deep and beautifully in and out. Feel the resetting rhythm of your breath. Create this relaxing present moment with your breath often. Practice it with closed or open eyes, or looking at the sky. Create your “feel good” way.

BE! Close your eyes and turn all your senses completely and fully towards the inside of you.

  • Turn all your feeling towards the inside of you, and feel yourself inside.
  • Turn your eyes towards the inside of you, have them look at your heart.
  • Turn your ears towards the inside of you, let them hear your inner voice.
  • Turn your instinct towards the inside of you, and receive your messages.
  • Turn the senses of your nose and tongue towards the inside of you.
  • Turn all your thoughts towards the inside of you and make them about you and your higher good.
  • Turn and BE completely and fully inside of you.

Let it all unfold! Make everything that is not inside of you “none of your business”. And let everything that is not inside of you unfold as it goes…

This practice initiates a quiet and resetting spa day for your spirit.