365 Days of Happiness – July 7, 2017

Do some energy house cleaning!

Just as a house, clothes, cars, bodies, plants and all other gets dusty and dirty and need a cleaning, your energy gets im-pure and needs cleaning too.

Im-pure energy is heavy, unhappy, numb, tired, exhausted and drained.

Clean energy is thriving, happy, inspired, light and energized. Just think how amazing a clean house or fresh clothing feels like. Or how refreshed you feel after a shower. Not to mention how all plants and the air feels like after a cleansing rain.

There are many ways to clean your energy. Here are a few inspirations:

  • Ho’oponopono is a beautiful cleansing that works like magic. Google it!
  • Meditation is a favorite. Practice a guided one that resonates with you.
  • Yoga and Qi Gong is amazing to balance and clean your energy.
  • Exercising is an energy detox.
  • Sleep resets your energy.
  • Time in nature cleans your energy very gently.
  • Sauna and Turkish bath are great energy spa detox practices.
  • Detoxing foods and drinks are efficient cleaners. Lemons will be your best friend because of their “flushing out” energy.
  • Laughter is a fantastic cleaning.

And to cleanse your surroundings, lighting candles, smudging, crystals, salt lamps, music are all great to have around.

And of course your imagination and visualization are super powers to get your energetic cleansing done. See, hear, think, speak and feel yourself, everyone and everything as energetic squeaky clean.

Here is one of my favorites:

Imagine all im-pureness being pulled downward, starting at the crown, going down, out through your feet. Then nourishing strength enters into your feet, being pulled upward all the way into your crown and out your crown. Next, imagine white light entering your crown, filling every cell while flowing downward through your body, into your feet and out your feet. Repeat until you feel energetic clean!

Cleaning was never so much fun! Enjoy!

365 Days of Happiness – July 6, 2017

Focus on all water everywhere! Give it your shiniest smile and bless it with you bountiful love.

Water shows up as rain, the ocean, drinking water, showering water. Water is your tears and your body is mostly water. Pictures of water are everywhere. And so are sounds of water.

Water IS the energy of flowing, fresh, refreshing, cooling, clearness, clean, see-through, nourishing, moisturizing. Water IS the energy of life!

Consciously being aware of all water will shift you to its energy of life. That IS so, because everything is the same and everything is connected. You and water are one and the same.

Let’s try and see how water makes you feel… Close your eyes and visualize water. Whatever image you get is perfect as is. See it, feel, taste, hear and think it. How does it make you feel? Now bless this water with your shiniest smile and your bountiful love. How does it feel now?


Water is very programmable, as Dr. Masaru Emoto so beautifully brought into awareness. Being positive and loving towards water creates beautiful crystals in that water, which adds positiveness, love and beauty to its already existing energy of life. And since everything is connected, you will shift to this “high for life” frequency too. And just imagine you drinking this beautiful water, all the goodness you fill yourself with.

Same happens if you are seeing, feeling, thinking, talking and hearing beauty and love towards all your water in your body. You create crystals of beauty and love in your body water. That shifts your whole being to vibrate in a frequency of love, beauty, health and life.

You can read more about Dr. Masaru Emoto here http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

Water is a powerful energy! It is pure magic to be entwined with water and to become one together. Enjoy!

365 Days of Happiness – July 5, 2017

Mindfulness is happiness!

Being mindful means you consciously acknowledge all that IS right now.

And in order to feel the magic of being mindful, your got to shift yourself into a space of “I accept, respect, thank and love all that IS right now.”

Start by…

  • Being mindful of your body. How does your body feel? Check in all the time.
  • Being mindful of your feelings. Do you feel angry, sad, happy? Check in often.
  • Being mindful of what feels good to you and what does not feel good to you.
  • Being mindful of who needs help? Who can you serve right now?
  • Being mindful of all beauty and joy. Shift to seeing beauty and joy everywhere.
  • Being mindful of the clothes and shoes you wear. How do they make you feel?
  • Being mindful of food and drinks. How do they taste and make you feel?
  • Being mindful of lighting a candle. How does this shift your energy?
  • Being mindful of listening to music. How does it make you feel?
  • Being mindful of laughing and smiling. How does this change your heart?

Be mindful of everything and everyone. Especially of what or who shows up in your awareness as strong or as over and over. It is all meant for you to mindfully acknowledge. And as for the “cherry on top”, shift yourself to “I accept, respect, thank and love all that IS”. I guarantee you will feel the sweetness of being mindful.

And that is happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – July 4, 2017

Be the Queen or King! Because your throne is yours to sit in, and your kingdom is ready for you and needs you.

In this story, the King or Queen represents your physical you. The throne represents your deepest inner being, your spirit-being. And your kingdom is your life.

So let’s get this story going…

Close your eyes and visualize you showing up as the regal Queen or King you are. Majestically take your seat in your grand throne. You are ready and capable to rule and protect your kingdom. Feel this!


  • The words King and Queen come with a regal, majestic, grand, tall, luxurious, ruling and powerfully energy.
  • The word kingdom comes with an majestic, empowered, large, strong and successful energy.
  • The word throne comes with an “in charge”, rich, magnificently beautiful energy.

Add all the energies these words mean to you, and you got a potent energetic power house. Because you saying, feeling, thinking, seeing and hearing these words shifts you to these energies, which elevates you to vibrate in such a frequency. And I think you all know what is possible in such a frequency. Magic!

And its fun to be King and Queen! Joy creation guaranteed!

365 Days of Happiness – July 3, 2017

Lets talk about peace!

Imagine you are standing in a delicious Ice Cream parlor. You are surrounded by infinite amounts of wonderful ice cream. And you really really want ice cream. But there you are, looking at your phone in search for an Ice Cream parlor out there. Silly, right?

Searching for peace out there is just as silly.

Because you ARE already peace and peace IS already you! Your being is the presence of peace. And since you are right here, peace is right here!

This is the most beautiful package deal ever!

To consciously become aware of your peace… Take a pause, close your eyes and tune into your heart, light, spirit, soul, divine essence, or however you love to call your true, deepest and most sacred being. Say or think “I AM peace!” Breathe, and feel the peace you ARE!

Be peace, and consciously shift back, if you become aware that you have left.

And just to be clear… Yes, Ice Cream IS peace and peace IS Ice Cream. So feel free to indulge into Ice Cream (or anything else that IS peaceful to you) and really feel its peace! Be inspired by it!

365 Days of Happiness – July 1, 2017

I see the best in me. I see the best in you. You see the best in you. You see the best in me. And onward this goes…

Look in your magic mirror and see all your beauty and uniqueness. Admire yourself! Now think fondly of yourself, how smart, genuine and inspiring you are. Then recall all the amazingness you have already lived and accomplished. Consciously see, feel, hear, speak and think about all that “best” in you and about you.

Now turn towards all others and everything. Look at them and see all their beauty and uniqueness. Admire them! Now think fondly of them, how smart, genuine and inspiring they are. Then recall all the amazingness they have already lived and accomplished. Consciously see, feel, hear, speak and think about all that “best” in them and about them.

This is infinitely powerful!

Because it shifts all focus to the “best” in ourselves, everyone and everything.

While celebrating everyone and everything as a whole.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a “best” day!

365 Days of Happiness – June 30, 2017

When are you happiest?

  • While being active or inactive?
  • While moving or being still?
  • While being busy or unbusy?
  • While being quiet or loud?
  • While talking or in silence?
  • While being at home or out and about?
  • While being alone, with family, with friends or with lots of people?

Find your sweet spot when you feel at your best happiness. Now go live it!

For instance, I am at my best happiness when I am active, moving and out and about. I plan my days mostly like that. Because I know that is when I am at my fullest potential of happiness and my inspirations flow easy. Of course rest and quiet are needed, so I create that in little pieces here and there throughout my day. And then back to being active and adventurous.

When are you really happiest?

365 Days of Happiness – June 29, 2017

“It is beautiful to be grateful for nothing!”

Stop everything! Just for a few minutes…

Stop movement, stop seeing, stop hearing, stop speaking and thinking. Go deep into your private “nothing space”. And once arrived, simply be grateful in pureness and stillness.

No looking forward or back, no wanting anything different, bigger, better or new. Simply be grateful.

No need to name anything specific to be grateful for. Simply be grateful.

Being grateful for nothing is being grateful for everything. Because your gratefulness is not attached to anything else but “being”. And “being” is where all your magic IS. That is what makes it so beautiful!

Try it!

365 Days of Happiness – June 28, 2017

Stop and reset! 

Right now! Takes 2 minutes!

Stop moving, stand still. Stop seeing, close your eyes. Stop hearing, cover your ears. Stop thinking, focus on your breath. 

Enter and feel your nothing space in you! Stay there as long as you like. Beautiful!

Ready to get busy again?

Uncover your ears and listen to all sounds. Address them with “That is a bird, that is a car, that is a person…” Just acknowledge all you hear.

Now open your eyes and see everything. Address it with “Wow, that is beautiful, oh this is precious, and that is spectacular …” Just acknowledge how amazing it all looks.

Then re-create your thoughts with “I am so beautiful, I am the most fabulous, I am super smart, I am 100% healthy…” Just acknowledge the infinitely amazing being you are.

And then at last, start wiggling your body and get moving again. Address every step with “This is the most amazing step ever, and the next one is the most adventurous ever…” Acknowledge that you are blessed with every step you take.

Enjoy your reset!

365 Days of Happiness – June 27, 2017

“I am open for all that IS and all that will BE!”

Say or think this, and really feel the shift this initiates in you!

Being open means you let go of all resistance, control and expectations.

Being open means you clean your energy, so you can receive what is coming your way.

Being open creates peace and quiet, in which you can connect and hear what you need to hear.

Being open softens all transitions.

Being open means you diffuse a difficult situation and let the good in that come forward.

Being open means you remove the urge to always have to understand the why and the what.

Being open means you create a good amount of harmony in you, so you have space to practice acceptance, respect, gratefulness and love for what IS right now.

Being open is a wonderful way of being!