365 Days of Happiness – April 3, 2017

Pick your “high for life” word for today! Is it love, peace, joy, happiness, smile, laughter, kindness, playful? Pick any high vibratinal word that shifts you into a deep connection to your heart and brings you to your now. Close your eyes and say or think your chosen word. Feel this, breathe and stay with your wonderful feelings. Say or think your chosen word all day and night long as a mantra to get you back into your heart and into your now. Feel your wonderful feelings. Also see, feel and hear the meaning of your chosen word everywhere. For example, if you choose peace, see peace in yourself when you look in the mirror, see peace in all the people you encounter, see peace in your food and drinks, see peace in the sky and clouds, hear peace in the sounds surrounding you, feel peace in the wind and sun. Focus completely on the word peace everywhere. Guess what you create with that? Peace within and around you. You are a powerful creator of whatever you desire to feel. Important is that you connect to your heart and stay in your now. And then use your mind and all the universal information to get creating! Have fun! 

365 Days of Happiness – April 1, 2017

Look for sparkles everywhere today! Sparkles in water drops, sparkles in sunshine and the sky, sparkles in stores and in your home, sparkles in people’s eyes and kids, sparkles in make up and clothes, sparkles in food and drinks, sparkles in and on yourself, sparkles on flowers and animals… I promise, you will see a sparkling world if you focus on it. Sparkles initiate a magical, lighthearted and happy feeling. Feel it, stay in it and fill yourself with it. You will sparkle from the inside out and it will make you smile. Then continue on your sparkle mission. Become a sparkle-ologist! Enjoy this shift to your “high for life” feeling! 
Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Read through all the 365 Days of Happiness blogs of this week and practice them all in one day! You will shift to a happiness overflow, which enchants your world. ❤

365 Days of Happiness – March 31, 2017

Co-Creation! We are all in this together, connected and feeding of each others vibrations. We are co-creating together. Life is a co-creation of all. Every split second you get to choose what you want to co-create with the person, animal, thing or situation you encounter. We are co-creating every day happiness and enlightenment with every “365 Days of Happiness” blog I write, and you read. Thank you for co-creating this high vibrational frequency with me! You are co-creating with your family, job, car, food, with everything that is in your awareness. What you co-create is your choice and you have the power to choose every single split second. For example, you are about to eat your food. Are you co-creating energy and joy with eating you food, because your thoughts about that food are energizing and joyful, or are you co-creating weight gain and dis-ease with that food, because your thoughts are “That will make me fat and it’s unhealthy.” Are you co-creating love with other people, because you are compassionate about them, or are you co-creating anger, because you get angry at their behavior? Are you co-creating abundance with the weather, because you see the nourishment in the down pouring rain, or are you co-creating frustration with the weather, because you are gonna get wet? What you co-create goes into a vibrational pool, and whoever fits your frequency feeds off of it and creates more. Decide today that your co-creation is happiness, with whatever comes your way. You have infinite power doing so! Because not only are you shifting yourself into a high vibrational frequency, your surroundings shift with you. And that creates more high vibrations, which lifts earths vibrations into a higher frequency and whoever is in that frequency feeds off of that and creates more as well, which feeds you again. Everything is connected! Together we can co-create an infinite high vibrational frequency… How amazing is that!

365 Days of Happiness – March 30, 2017

Your heart is the most powerful energy producing organ you have. It is stronger than your brain. And the heart with your heart Chakra is where the most powerful energy-vibration is produced and felt. Yes, it’s LOVE! Love is the mother of all other high vibrational feelings like joy, happiness, gratitude. Where there is love nothing low vibrational can exist. Which makes “Love” towards everything and everyone the answer for everything and everyone. No exceptions. And because everything and everyone is connected, you have to love it all in order to experience unconditional love for yourself. And feeling unconditional love for yourself creates more unconditional love for everything. It comes into full circle. So let’s activate your heart energy, feel it, focus on it and make it infinite, so you shift yourself into a frequency of love and light. Shall we? Focus on your heart and heart chakra, if needed put your hand there. Breathe and feel your heart and heart chakra. Say “I am unconditional love!” Breathe and feel your heart energy. You might feel tingling and your heart opening up, feel whatever you feel freely and breathe. To feel the difference, say “I am angry”, and feel how your heart energy immediately closes and hardens. Now say “I am unconditional love”, and feel your heart energy tingling and open up again. Practice this contrast a few times to really feel the difference. Let’s get back and say “I am unconditional love!” Feel it and breathe. Now let that feeling become wide and spread it in your whole body, into all of your organs and cells. Feel this and breathe. Now play with it, swish it from side to side in your body, let it dance inside of you, whatever feels good. Feel this and breathe. Now let it spread beyond your body, touching everyone and everything around you. Feel this and breathe. Now spread it further and further, send it all around the world into the infinite and then back to you. Feel that and breathe! That is your heart energy, the frequency of Love, where you can access your meaning of existence and your deepest inner being, which is love and light. Hope I just touched your heart with this! ❤❤❤

365 Days of Happiness – March 29, 2017

Remember that feeling as a child, when you just got so excited? You squeezed your shoulders together, made little fists in front of your chest, pulled your chin down and were shaking of excitement. And you got a huge smile or grin on your face and felt “over the moon” excited and happy. Well that is what you want to re-create and re-feel today! There are different ways to do that. One is to re-live and re-feel one of your childhood moments when you felt like that. Visualize yourself in that moment and feel your “over the moon” excitement, stay with it, make it bigger and bigger and fill yourself with it. Another way is to simply squeeze your shoulders together, make fists in front of your chest, pull your chin in, then smile or grin and create that excitement in you. Think your excitement, feel it and say “I am so over the moon excited.” Stay with this feeling and build it up, make it bigger and bigger. And fill yourself with it. Doing this in front of a mirror and watching yourself doubles the effect. Important is to focus on the “over the moon” excitement feeling, less on what exactly you are excited about. The most amazing part is when you are excited just because… Not attached to anything, your “over the moon” excitement just IS. Feel this elevated feeling of excitement and happiness often, make it your way of experiencing. And enjoy how your surroundings shift with you. 

365 Days of Happiness – March 28, 2017

Go with your weather today, soak it all up! The weather is energy and it runs on information, just like everything else. And what IS in your awareness, is meant for you, both energy and information. Everything you notice has information that can be used by you, to learn more about yourself and use as a guide. And let’s face it, we all notice the weather every day. Rain is very cleansing, relaxing and refreshing. Thunder is full of power, strength and “I am the boss” energy. Snow is pure, clean, neutralizing and quiets everything, creates a winter wonderland. Fog is cutting everything off from behind, ahead and around, all you can see is here, it initiates trust into here, ahead, behind and around. And the ever so energizing sun is warming, gentle, happy and bright, but don’t underestimate her power if you mis-use her. Cloudy, is grey and let’s you take initiative and color the sky as you like, sparks creativity. Hail is playful when it bounces off the ground and looks magical when it covers it, but please stay out of the way until it is done, only watch from the distance at its playfulness. No matter where you are, you have your daily weather. Use the information the weather has for you, feel the energy that comes with it and then fill every single cell of your body with it. Now, if you feel like you need cleansing rain but it’s not raining, you can play weather man/woman and imagine yourself in a down pour, feel that energy and fill yourself with it. Same outcome! Then during your new day, feel this energy over and over again, fill yourself and live your day through the energy of rain, thunder, snow, fog, sun, cloudy or hail. Pretend you are it! Have fun!

365 Days of Happiness – March 27, 2017

Clean your body, mind and spirit with breathing. Imagine breathing in light of any color of your choice, I choose white light for my day today. Fill yourself to the brim with this colored, high vibrational healing light. Stay with that feeling. And then breathe out all self doubt, self criticism, self hate, self disrespect and unloving beliefs you have towards yourself. Pick one unloving belief for every breath out, or bundle them all up together. What ever feels good to you. Breathe it out, let it go. And stay with that feeling. Then breathe in your colored light again. Fill yourself to the brim with it and stay with that feeling. Pick another unloving belief or the whole bundle and breathe it out, let it go. Stay with that feeling. Keep practicing this gentle healing and cleansing method many times during your day. Staying clean vibrationally shifts you to an elevated vibrational space, and that is where pure self love and pure happiness exists. That is where the magic sits ❤

365 Days of Happiness – March 25, 2017

How is your NOW? Did I just catch you not being in your NOW, but rather thinking about what was and what will be? If so, give yourself a good giggle that you were caught, and get into your NOW! Observe yourself in your NOW! How do you feel in your NOW? How are you reacting to your NOW? Through what beliefs are you experiencing your NOW? Are you feeling the “high for life” right now? And depending on your observations make changes, shift from beliefs that are not serving you to beliefs that serve you. The beliefs that don’t serve you are old and ratty, create new and shiny ones. For example shift from “I am not beautiful and not enough” to “I am beautiful and I am enough.” Or “I hate this, to I love this.” Change your feelings from low vibrational to high vibrational, as an example from sadness to gratitude. Change your reaction from anger to peace, you can do that with taking a second, breathe first and then react. And shift into your “high for life” with focusing on something spectacular. I believe very strongly that if you are thinking about what was, you are trapped and closed off to your now. And if you are thinking about what will be, you are too occupied to be in your now. Every NOW represents opportunities for you to enjoy new amazing experiences, and with that create new and shiny beliefs. And not to ever forget, how you feel and think in your NOW, creates your next. Which makes your NOW the most important focus point. In your NOW, you can create, manifest, heal and choose your pure “high for life.” And in your now, you are in charge to shift to your happiness! Gratitude to your now! 

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it your abundant NOW!

365 Days of Happiness – March 24, 2017

Pick your super-powers for today! Are you super in making others and yourself laugh, are you super in making others feel amazing, are you super in cooking delicious food, are you super in organizing, are you super in smiling all day long, are you super in creativity? Pick your super-powers that make you feel super-powered. And if it involves a costume, feel free to visualize yourself in that super-power costume. Only you will know. And then go into your new super-power day, using and shining your super-powers all day long. Be aware, this will create a super-power shift in you and around you! Get ready to fly! And smile while you are at it!

365 Days of Happiness – March 23, 2017

You are the center and creator of your happiness! You are your happiness! I know that most everyone knows that, but still, we find ourselves more often than not focusing completely on something else than our happiness. Our thoughts are focused on others, their behavior or situation. We think detailed about what they need, how we can help them and how we would like them or their situation to change. With doing so we distance ourselves farthest from our happiness. And being so far away from ourselves, we can’t help them anyway. What does help everyone, including yourself, is to focus solely on your happiness and your inner “high for life.” When you make sure that you are present in your happiness frequency or shift to it when you find yourself not there, then you create a powerful force that will pull everything and everyone with you into a happiness frequency. And if you see others as the infinite source they are, through your “happiness-frequency” eyes, you will initiate a potent change to happiness for all. Nobody and nothing can stay in a low if you are in a high. Some might not come up all the way to meet you in your high, but they will come up as much as is right for them. Practice becoming aware when you focus on others and pull yourself back to yourself, inward into your being. When arrived, feel yourself and shift into your happiness frequency. From that place everything is possible!