365 Days of Happiness – July 26, 2017


Envision that every “hope” you create, is this magical way for you to send a balloon filled with positivity, uplift, betterment, intention, compassion, love and support up into the universe. You might even want to take it a step further and imagine the balloon popping all the way up high, showering everything and everyone with all this goodness of hope you created.

With that visualization in mind, there is really only one right way to create and use the power of hope. For the good and the good of others, always with their wishes and their “want” as the highest priority in that hope.

Close your eyes, take a minute and say or think “I hope…!” Leave it blank, or fill in the blank. Whichever feels right for you. Now feel this amazing uplifting shift this brings for you. Feel that balloon soaring high, taking you with…

I hope you enjoy hoping!

365 Days of Happiness – July 25, 2017

What kind of water do you need right now?

  • Bubbly for more inner sparkling energy
  • Still for more inner stillness
  • Water with lemon, for detox and a refresh
  • Water with honey, for more inner sweetness
  • Water with fruit, for more fun and playfulness
  • Water with any tea, fitting your needs
  • Water with blooms, for beauty and gentleness

Water in itself IS already a spectacular delivery source of flowing, clean, moving, clear, detoxing, alive and refreshing energy.

Adding ingredients that match your energetic needs, will create your unique “water energy cocktail”. And that cocktail is filled to the brim with high vibrational energy, customized for your needs.

So mix and match consciously, then acknowledge and feel that “water energy cocktail” for its qualities, drink it and enjoy!

Water magic at its best!

365 Days of Happiness – July 24, 2017

What could you fall in love with today?

  • A beautiful flower?
  • A gorgeous tree?
  • The ever so powerful sky?
  • A delicious tea?
  • A mesmerizing scent?
  • A happy smile?
  • A vibrant song?
  • A silent moment?
  • A vivid book?
  • Your magnificent You?
  • A loved one?

Consciously focus on all that IS for you, which you could fall in love with. Be it a new discovered love of yours, or an existing love, which you fall in love with all over again.

Feel the love that is in the air and always ready to be unleashed!

365 Days of Happiness – July 22, 2017

Food and You, are Best Friends Forever!

Here is why…

  • Think what a BFF does for you… A BFF makes your heart happy and nourished. Makes you feel supported, loved and beautiful. A best friend forever creates a team with you, only wants the best for you, and is always there for you.
  • Think what you do for a BFF… You are supportive and create a team together. You are loving, understanding, listening, attentive and patient. You only want the best for your BFF and you are always there, no matter what.


  • Think what food is meant to do for you… Food is meant to support you, nourish you and make you feel happy, loved and beautiful. Food is meant to create a team with your physical body, only wanting the best for you, and always be there for you.
  • Think about what you are supposed to do for food… You are suppose to support food and create a team together. Be loving, listening, understanding, attentive and patient with it. Wanting only the best for it, and always consciously be there with food.

Now comes the tough question of truth…

Is that the exchange you create with the food you are putting into your body? Is that how you feel about the food you are eating? Is that how you behave towards food in general? Is the food you are indulging in bringing the qualities of a BFF into your body?

Thinking of and treating the food you indulge in consciously as your BFF, means you make “eating” a beautiful exchange of gratitude, love, support, and nourishment. Which is only fitting for such a sacred exchange.

Don’t you think so?

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a fantastic day with your food – BFF!


365 Days of Happiness – July 21, 2017

The magnificent feeling of “flying high for life”!

What makes you feel like you could hug the whole world? And when do you feel like you could hug the whole world?

  • Listening to music?
  • Dancing?
  • Exercising?
  • Meditating?
  • Being playful?

Become aware of the when and the what, that makes you feel like “flying high for life”. Now make a list of all these “feel good” ingredients, and have some fun creating your personal “flying high for life” recipe.

Next, schedule your “flying high for life” activities in your new day. All it takes is a couple minutes here and there… Now stick to your plan.

If you happen to catch yourself in a low during your day, look at your list and pick any of your tools to rise up and “fly high for life” again.

365 Days of Happiness- July 20, 2017

“I wonder…”

What a bundle of magic these words are! They initiate imagination, creativity, hope, change, adventure, playfulness, possibilities, openness, compassion, awareness, consciousness. Just to name a few.

“I wonder…” shifts you to vibrate in a state of “awe”. And being in awe opens you up to receive magic, miracles and wonders.

Below are some powerful examples:

  • I wonder what my new day will bring. Creates openness and flexibility.
  • I wonder what it would be like to fly. Creates imagination and creativity.
  • I wonder what that person feels and needs. Creates compassion, kindness.
  • I wonder what I should do today. Creates adventure, possibilities and new.
  • I wonder what I should do next. Creates change, new and opportunities.
  • I wonder what I would love to do. Brings you closer to your heart.

I say, go all out and wonder ahead and just keep wondering…

Connected To Nature!

365 Days of Happiness – July 19, 2017

Feel pleasure!

Pleasure is like a very complex and potent smoothie. Because it’s ingredients are multiple good feelings combined together. Delicious!

Here is what Wikipedia says about pleasure… Pleasure is a broad class of mental states that humans and other animals experience as positive, enjoyable, or worth seeking. It includes more specific mental states such as happiness, entertainment, enjoyment, ecstasy.

Everyone can feel pleasure. But pleasure is very unique and different for everyone. Waking up can be pleasure, a yummy meal can be pleasure, laughter can be pleasure, enjoying a sunset, a book, music can be pleasure, romance can be pleasure. There is so much to choose from. So ask yourself, what IS pleasure for you? Then go all out and create your own unique world of pleasures.

Also look around you, see and feel what pleasures are going on for others. Tune into them and enjoy.

Ask yourself what pleasures can you create for others that are in need of pleasure. Surprise them and enjoy with them.

And if in doubt, there is always the sky that is a pleasure to look at. 24 hours a day!