365 Days of Happiness – November 15, 2017

Imagine you just finished building your house. You set the last piece of stone, you painted the last stroke of color and you cleaned up the last piece of material around the house. You just called everyone you know, to come over and admire your finished house. Wow!

What a feeling of accomplishment, power, capability and strength you are shifting to with this. A true “high for life” experience and frequency to be and live in. Healthy all the way!

Good news…

You can feel that good many times a day in your new day. Because there are thousands of happenings that you accomplish throughout your day.

But they all have become so normal for you, that you don’t consciously feel, see, hear, smell, taste and think of them as an accomplishment.

But they are! And you did accomplish them! So, bravo!

Don’t rob yourself of feeling amazing a thousand times a day,  just because they are small accomplishments, or because you are not conscious about them anymore.

So, notice every time when you accomplish something. Making coffee, brushing your teeth, making someone laugh, serving dinner, cleaning the house… No matter how small it is, it is worth feeling amazing about it.

And if by any chance you have trouble feeling that amazing about a super small accomplishment, simply go back to the imagination of “you just finished building your house.” That will shift you to feel, BE and live in your “high for life” frequency.

You are an accomplished being, and you deserve to feel that way!





365 Days of Happiness – November 14, 2017


Say or think, “I AM shiny! I shine bright!”

Feels great, yes?!

All shiny comes with an energy of special, luxurious, glamorous, grand, regal, beautiful, bright, powerful and many more “high for life” feelings.

Saying or thinking “shiny” to yourself or others will shift you to BE and live in that feel good frequency. Same goes for noticing and focusing on all shiny-ness, be it people or things.

That IS, because everything is energy and everything is connected.

So, call yourself “shiny” often. Notice all shiny-ness everywhere. Dress in shiny clothes and shoes. Eat and drink shiny food. Watch shiny movies. Look at shiny pictures, candles and lamps. Feel shiny!

I call people that shine their being bright, “shiners!” And there are a whole lot of shiners out there. You can spot them easily, because they are over the moon happy beings.

Come join us, and BE a “shiner!”

365 Days of Happiness – November 13, 2017

It takes more than one, to create more magic!

Imagine you are planning a fun party with great food, super music, beautiful decoration and amazing lighting. Very exciting!

But you only invite yourself, because you don’t want to take the risk of other people’s low energies and happenings entering your home and your party.

Now don’t get me wrong, you showing up means the most important person is present. Because it is your party and it is your intent to have a fun time. And I am certain you would have a great fun party time all by yourself. Because you are awesome!

But wouldn’t it be a more interesting party if there were more people coming? Maybe even some plus-ones you don’t know personally, but your favorite friends know and love them? Wouldn’t that add some surprise, excitement and adventure to your party? Wouldn’t that create some unplanned fun?

Think of your new day as your fun party.

And even though, spending it all alone is sometimes needed and filled with magnificent self-connection and creation of light and love, more often than not, it is amazing to spend that new day in company of others. Some of them very loved ones, and some not so loved. Some filled with their own frustrated energy, and some with their own happiness.

But they all help you create more magic in your new day!

Because the loved ones and the happy ones help you create magic you could not create alone. And the not so loved ones and frustration filled ones, help you create contrast, which brings clarity for you. And through that clarity you create more magic for you. Which means, you need all sorts of “others” at your party, to create the most magic ever.

Plus your new day becomes vivid and colorful if you spend it with others. Because you see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel all the happiness and chaos of other people’s energies and happenings (of course without taking it all over as yours), and that way, it can never get un-creational or un-magical.