365 Days of Happiness – January 18, 2017

Create happiness by saying “no” to people, things, situations and engagements that are not good for you. Saying “no” is saying “yes” to yourself! Every time you say “no” to something you say “yes” to yourself. The more you clean your environment and calendar of non fitting things, the more space you create for yourself. And that space is pure happiness! So, know that a “no” is actually a “yes” for you!

365 Days of Happiness – January 17, 2017

Focusing on colors is happiness! Look around you all day and see all the different colors. It is January and in many places it seems grey, brown and dark, some might even say colorless. But that is not true! Looking at the big picture it might seem like it, but looking at the details there are lots of colors. Notice them! You can go to a store or mall and look at all the colors everywhere. Or look at children, they wear colorful clothes and shoes and children naturally carry a colorful energy. Another option is to color everything in your mind, make the trees blue, the ground red, the sky yellow… Be free in your imagination. Order colorful food and drinks today and really enjoy the colors. Watch a nature documentary and be in awe of all these colors. Colors are happiness! Colors are everywhere! Seeing or imagining colors will give you your own private color therapy. You will fill every cell of your body with the vibration/energy of that color. Be colorful! ❤

365 Days of Happiness – January 16, 2017

Today’s happiness is all about slowing down a bit. Even if you can only slow down consciously for a minute per hour, in that minute you will be able to be more aware of what is all around you and what is in you. It takes time and slowing down to notice and see a bird and then watch it fly… So it is for everything else! Slowing down means you create and feel happiness! And most of the time it won’t cost you any dime ❤

365 Days of Happiness – January 14, 2017

Tune into your physical body today and hear, feel and see what your sacred palace is communicating to you. Yes, your physical body is your sacred palace that is hosting your spirit! And it is constantly letting you know what it needs, tired means it needs rest or sleep now. Hungry means it needs nutrition now. Pain means it needs release of resistance now. Overweight means it needs cleansing and movement now. Sadness means it needs cleaning with tears now. Really listen and then give it what it needs now! The now is super important. Also relax into your physical body and feel acceptance, gratefulness, thankfulness and infinite love for it. That is happiness and healing! Love your physical body ❤

And for tomorrow, because it is Sunday I expect you to practice happiness and be happy just because it is Sunday! Enjoy!

365 Days of Happiness – January 13, 2017

Stay on your path! You create happiness when you stay on your path! First, create your path, imagine how your path looks like… Happy, sunny, forest or meadow, city, healthy, active, peaceful… make it fitting for you. Next, picture yourself on your path, you are happy, healthy, creative, skipping or walking, sportive… make it fitting for you. Then enjoy this visualization for a moment and feel it, believe that this is your path/life and believe that you deserve this and are in charge to keep it like that. Smile! When you wonder off your path with your feelings and thoughts during your day and pick up discouraged, angry, nervous or other unhappy feelings from people or situations that are around you, become aware that these don’t fit in your path and they are not yours. Visualize your path again and get back on to your path of happiness! Practice and see the change in your day! ❤

365 Days of Happiness – January 12, 2017

Being in the flow means happiness! If you fight or hate something that is in you or your day, you create fights and resistance in yourself. And fights create unhappiness and disease. Being in the flow means you welcome everything that is happening. For example, if you are angry say “OK, I am angry, anger stay as long as you need to, thank you for showing up”, then move on with your day without getting involved with your anger. It’s there and it is welcomed, but you are not investing in it, because you have happiness to create and feel. Do this with all your unhappy feelings, health issues and what is not working out for you… Welcome everything and move on to be in your flow and create happiness that way. Focus on your flow today!

365 Days of Happiness – January 11, 2017

Stretching and moving your physical body is happiness. Yoga, swimming, dancing, the gym, trampoline, walking stairs, skipping or really any good stretching and moving is key. When you stretch and move, breathe into all the health and happiness you create in yourself. Fill all your cells with those good feelings. Stretching and moving your physical body also stretches and moves your spiritual being and your mind. A stretched spirit and mind can create happier thoughts and is open for new possibilities. Happy stretching and moving!

365 Days of Happiness – January 10, 2017

Everything is sacred and blessed! The good, the bad, the sad, the joyous, the harsh, the angry, the happy, everything is sacred. Everything that is in your awareness is meant for you, it is meant to help you to get closer to yourself and find/exerience what you want and what you don’t want. Important is, that no matter what comes your way you practice to stay in your happiness, your middle, your vortex, your zone or however you like to call it. And that is where seeing everything as sacred and blessed comes in… Seeing, feeling and celebrating everything that comes into your awareness as a gift and blessed creates happiness, it brings you automatically into your space of your happiness! Try it! You are sacred and you are blessed ❤

365 Days of Happiness – January 9, 2017

Take 3 minutes multiple times today, and do something for yourself that touches and opens your heart, that creates happiness for you. It can be listening to a song you love, closing your eyes and thinking about a place or person you love, drinking a tea and breathing in the yummy flavour, watching a bird soar high, anything that touches your heart. Do this multiple times a day and feel the happy change it brings.

365 Days of Happiness – January 7, 2017

Setting an intention right now on how your day (or the rest of your day) is going to be, is happiness. Saying “My day is a fabulous one and I am super happy” is creating your happiness today and every day. Set your intention and feel how amazing that is, visualize it too. And then consciously go on in your fabulous day… Enjoy!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a sunny day and practice happiness!