365 Days of Happiness – June 5, 2017

Let’s co-create goodness with confetti today!

Confetti are great, because they already vibrate as an energy of celebration, happiness and play. They are vibrant!

Imagine you have unlimited confetti available. Every time you open up your hands, they fill up with confetti for you to throw up high into the air. And while flying high, they bless everything and everyone until they touch down. Once on the ground, they dissolve into mother earth and bless her with goodness.

But before the fun begins, you shall program your confetti with compassionate goodness. Like love, joy, happiness, abundance, health, playfulness… Choose what feels right for you to spread.

So every time you visualize your handful of confetti, imagine infusing them with the compassion you like to spread. Once they are filled to the brim, smile and throw them high up into the air, towards everything and everyone around you. If you like, blow them further…

Practice this with your family, in your home, while walking to work, at work, in the subway or driving your car. Do this with your eyes open, so you get to see how you and all else just shifted to goodness. Feel this!

We have this incredible super-power imagination in us. With that imagination you can create anything, no limits. And all our creations are energy, which is spread and shared with all.

365 Days of Happiness – June 3, 2017

Just BE, a lot this weekend!

Funny, I am about to tell you to unplug and just BE. But here I am, sitting in my garden surrounded by nature, probably missing animals running by, and writing my blog on my phone. Makes me giggle! Now, writing this creation of bliss and joy for me and you, is happening in my NOW. And it is being spread to everything and everyone around me and you, right now. Wow! So much happens in my NOW, when being plugged-in in my garden. Still giggling…

So back to unplugging and being. Take lots of time doing nothing, with that you are actually doing everything. Because in your nothing time, you can feel your NOW. While sitting or laying and breathing, you can listen to all sounds, smell all smells and see all things.

Feel how your heart opens in this time of rest, how you connect to whatever your spirit is for you, and feel your happiness taking over. Delicious!

Lay around all weekend long if you have that luxury, or sit and lay for a few minutes here and there, if you are a busy bee. Don’t worry, the quality of your rest lays in how true and deep you experience your NOW, not in how long you get to lay around. That is just icing on the cake.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a NOW day!

365 Days of Happiness – June 2, 2017

Stretch your body, mind and spirit!

Stay loose with stretching your body many times in your new day. A stretched body means a flowing, happy body.

Stretch and loosen up your mind with visiting different vacation spots in your imagination. Visualize and feel yourself wherever you would like to go to. Choose places where you are happy and loose. And don’t forget to send me pictures!

Stretch your spirit! Close your eyes and feel your energy, chi, source or whatever you might like to call yours. Visualize stretching your spirit wide, long and big. Breathe in space, and then widen your energy. Become humongous! Now feel your energy move from side to side. And if it feels good, move in wave movements. The goal is to stretch and loosen up your spirit, so follow whatever feels delicious for you.

But there is more “stretch” you can do…

Put on stretchy clothes and shoes. Listen to music that keeps you loose and moving. Surround yourself with stretchy, open-minded people.

Notice all stretchy things around you, like stretch pants and stretch bands. Actually, have a stretch band in your hand and play with it. Stretch it and feel the energy of stretching. Or borrow a silly-putty from your child, and “stretch-play” all day long. Simply put, if you play stretchy, you shift to stretchy!

A stretched loose body, mind and spirit is capable to feel hope, peace, gratitude and positive power.  It vibrates in a receiving frequency to see, hear, think and feel creative solutions.

While a tight body, mind and spirit is locked and blocked.

Happy stretching!

365 Days of Happiness – June 1, 2017

Be conscious of your beautiful feet and have them tapping you to happiness!

Your feet are your grounding friend. Feeling them, loving them, massaging them and enjoying a “chit-chatting” relationship with them grounds you. Being grounded can be many things… Strong, patient, loving, peaceful, connected…

Or happy… Tapping your beautiful feet to music you like will shift you to your happiness. Try it and feel it!

Now, if you can tap them at any time and to any music you hear during your day, you have it easy.  But no worry, if you are not in a situation where that is possible, you can visualize yourself tapping them to your music. Either way will shift you to your happiness and a silly smile.

Happy foot-tapping!

Co-Creating “High For Life Feelings”

I felt like I just won the lottery the other day. I was “over the moon happy” and abundantly wanted to hug the whole world. And all because I made the orange traffic light at an intersection that takes forever to turn green again.

It really surprised me to have co-created this feeling with this traffic light. Because I am usually a very relaxed driver, that rather notices all the beauty out there in nature. I am the “Oh look at the sky, it is one of a kind beautiful today” for the millionth-time-type.

I also caught myself wondering if I might have felt that way with traffic lights before? But was not conscious about it. Finally, while going back and forth in all these million thoughts, I realized that I just needed to take a “chill-pill” and not waste any more time with thinking about this feeling. All I needed to do was simply feel it, stay with it and enjoy it.

So there I was, driving down the road, smiling. Filled with this amazing high flying feeling and vibrating in a “high for life winner frequency”. And of course thanking this orange light for sharing its energy with me, and activating this “winner” feeling. I loved it and obviously was in need of exactly just that.

I went on to copy it into and onto everything for the rest of my new day.” I just made another green light, I am a winner! I got my daughter on time to campus, we are both winners! I love my passion that I call work, I am a winner! We enjoy where we live, my whole family is a winner!” I made everything a winning event and everyone a winner. I spread this winning feeling to everything and everyone around me.

That got me thinking…

How many times a day do we feel an amazing feeling, but don’t notice it, take it as normal, get caught up in the why or think ourselves out of it? Even tough this amazing feeling is ready for us, ours to feel and exactly what we need.

For me it was this traffic light. I am sure where you are there is something similar… Maybe catching the subway train right when you run down the stairs. Buying the last bread in the store. Or simply just feeling like a winner when you enjoy where you live. But this is really about all “high flying feelings” that are activated in you with many encounters in your day. The winner one is just an example.

Put focus on living consciously in the now. This means you are able to notice your high flying feelings when they happen. Really feel them and enjoy. Then go multiply them and share with everything and everyone around you.

365 Days of Happiness – May 31, 2017

Good new gorgeous day!

I am happy you opened your eyes today. Get ready and come, because we have someone gorgeous waiting impatiently for you. You might ask “Who is it?”

It is your gorgeous new given day! And it has a magnificent question for you: “May I have this dance today?” It charmingly offers you its hand and time to dance, and create magic together. All day long.

Please tell me you accept that invitation with excitement and gratitude. And go dance with your new day to whatever music comes your way, at any given moment. Please tell me you will flow graciously in those dance moves with your new day. Smiling and laughing with every move, creating your magic together. All day long!

You said “Yes!” That makes me happy!

365 Days of Happiness – May 30, 2017

Be gentle with yourself, everything and everyone around you!

The best starting point to be gentle with yourself is to say or think “I accept, respect, thank and love all my feelings and thoughts I have right now.” Feel how you shift into an unconditional “It’s all OK!” frequency. That is where gentleness can be felt.

Next, look into the ever so healing mirror. See your kind eyes, your soft skin, your pleasant smile and your whole compassionate kindhearted being. Practice looking at yourself through your gentle eyes and “accept, respect, thank and love” your whole gentle being as is. Breathe and feel this!

Then initiate gentleness with putting on gentle clothing and shoes, eating gentle food and drinking gentle drinks. If unsure, ask yourself “What is gentle for me today?”

Practice gentleness with loving exercise, meditation, a foam bath, listening to gentle music or enjoying a gentle movie. Hang out with a furry friend and feel their gentleness. Hug a soft stuffed animal. And surround yourself with gentle people.

Notice all gentleness everywhere around you. In people’s faces and actions, in gentle fabrics, colors and lights in stores or at work. In gentle sights, scents, sounds and words.

Or do it the yummy way and visit a high-end dessert store. Enter and immediately be shifted to a frequency of gentleness just with looking at all the gently created sweet treats. And if you decide to indulge in one, or two, or three of them, you will not only fill yourself with their gentleness, but also with the gentleness of the artist that created them. Gentle-lishious!

Without doubt, focusing on gentleness shifts you to your frequency of your own gentleness. And yes, everyone has their beautiful gentle side.

But here is why this is an enormous healing opportunity… In the frequency of gentleness, your heart opens up big and wide, and such an open heart combined with one’s gentleness holds infinite self-healing wisdom and capabilities. Your gentleness can heal your inner child, heal yourself towards your unconditional self-love, heal your relationships with others, heal your physical pains and heal all your feelings that are in such a need of acceptance, respect, gratitude and love by you.

Gentleness is magic!

365 Days of Happiness – May 29, 2017

Close your eyes, smile and listen in stillness!

Listen to all this amazing life around you that expresses itself through sounds and noises. When you hear a sound/noise, say or think “That is someone doing dishes, that is a child crying, that is a bumble bee, that is a bird singing, that is an ambulance, that is a car alarm, that is music from a festival, that is a dog barking….” Move from sound to sound with acknowledging what it is.

Only notice the “what”, without getting into the “why”!

Doing so will fine tune your ability to simply listen and hear.

Now take this practice into your body and listen to what every cell/organ of your body is telling you. Move inch by inch through your beautiful body and hear what incredible information it has for you.

Again, acknowledge only the “what”, without getting into the “why”!

When you listen to the “what” and skip getting into the “why”, you immediately arrive in a space of acceptance and respect. And that is your magical place where you can clearly hear what you are meant to understand.

The “why” is just emotional busy work that gets you moving far away from staying with your truth and any solution or answer there is.

Practice to listen and hear all the beautiful life in and around you, and simply acknowledge it all!

365 Days of Happiness – May 27, 2017

Let’s twirl!

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms stretched out to your side, and fingers spread wide. Give it your flashiest smile and let’s go! Twirl to the right as fast (or slow, because speed is not needed here) and as long as is comfortable for you. Then twirl to the left as fast and long as you like. If you get the urge to giggle go for it, even better.

When ready, stop slowly and keep your arms stretched out. Breathe and feel this amazing shift that took place in your energy, mind and body.

You might feel cleaner and lighter, like all heavy stuff twirled off. You might feel that your personal energetic space got bigger, because it did. Or you might feel a stillness and pureness inside of you. This shift to vibrating in a higher frequency can be different for everybody. Breathe and really feel this!

And not to forget all the fun “child-like” happiness you created in you.

Do this as often as you like.

Happy twirling!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a twirly one…


365 Days of Happiness – May 26, 2017

Celebrate a “clarity creating” relationship with your opinions!

Opinions are a positive “clarity creating” tool. Opinions will help you to get to know yourself better and see clearly where a change is in order.

Practice creating a strong opinion with asking yourself all the time “Does this fit for me, or does this not fit for me?” This is also a great practice for kids to form their own fitting opinions and find clarity for themselves.

The only time opinions shift to negative energy is when judgments are mixed into the opinion. For example, “I don’t like this music, it’s just not for me.” That is a great “clarity creating” opinion. But, “I don’t like this music, because it is horrible and not real music.” That turns the positive “clarity creating” opinion into a negativity spreading judgment. It means that you just created resistance and negativity in you, which overrules the positiveness of your opinion. And even though the artist and fans are not physically present with you, the negativity will spread to them as well. Because energetically we are all connected through the energetic pool in which this negativity is floating in.

Also, anytime we judge someone or something we also judge ourselves. We are all the same, we are all made out of the same, and we all have whatever we judge in others also in us. This is where “Love it all!” becomes the only truth there is.

Now, if in this opinion forming practice you find clarity about some non-fitting happenings in your life, change the ones you can change right now. And the ones that you can’t change right away, bless them with  “I accept, respect, thank and love them for what they are.” Find the best in them as they are right now, and witness that because you are in love with them, your much needed change arrives anyways.

Love changes everything and life is an ever changing experience.