365 Days of Happiness – June 28, 2017

Stop and reset! 

Right now! Takes 2 minutes!

Stop moving, stand still. Stop seeing, close your eyes. Stop hearing, cover your ears. Stop thinking, focus on your breath. 

Enter and feel your nothing space in you! Stay there as long as you like. Beautiful!

Ready to get busy again?

Uncover your ears and listen to all sounds. Address them with “That is a bird, that is a car, that is a person…” Just acknowledge all you hear.

Now open your eyes and see everything. Address it with “Wow, that is beautiful, oh this is precious, and that is spectacular …” Just acknowledge how amazing it all looks.

Then re-create your thoughts with “I am so beautiful, I am the most fabulous, I am super smart, I am 100% healthy…” Just acknowledge the infinitely amazing being you are.

And then at last, start wiggling your body and get moving again. Address every step with “This is the most amazing step ever, and the next one is the most adventurous ever…” Acknowledge that you are blessed with every step you take.

Enjoy your reset!

365 Days of Happiness – June 27, 2017

“I am open for all that IS and all that will BE!”

Say or think this, and really feel the shift this initiates in you!

Being open means you let go of all resistance, control and expectations.

Being open means you clean your energy, so you can receive what is coming your way.

Being open creates peace and quiet, in which you can connect and hear what you need to hear.

Being open softens all transitions.

Being open means you diffuse a difficult situation and let the good in that come forward.

Being open means you remove the urge to always have to understand the why and the what.

Being open means you create a good amount of harmony in you, so you have space to practice acceptance, respect, gratefulness and love for what IS right now.

Being open is a wonderful way of being!

365 Days of Happiness – June 26, 2017

Go smell all of the deliciousness!

Because delicious smells initiate delicious feelings in you. And those delicious feelings are delicious energy. And naturally, that delicious energy runs on delicious information like, fresh, clean, relaxing, energizing, luxurious, uplifting, sweet, healing, love, joy, abundance…

So smelling and feeling deliciousness consciously, means you automatically will vibrate in a delicious “high for life” frequency. And it only makes sense that this creates a delicious day!

Some delicious smelling opportunities could be…

Walk in nature and smell all plants, trees, flowers, dirt and water. Stick your nose high into the sky and smell the air. Walk on the beach and smell the sand, salt and water. Go to a store and smell all organic essential oils they have. Step into a bakery and smell all the yummy baked goods, or stick your nose into a fabulous restaurant and take a delicious whiff.

Smell whatever fits your range of delicious smells and enjoy!

365 Days of Happiness – June 24, 2017

Ask yourself, “What energy am I in need of?”

Then look around and find something that already IS the energy you are looking for.

Do you need support? Find a wall.
Do you need flow? Be with water.
Do you need coziness? Enjoy candle light and a bubble bath.
Do you need softness? Feel a soft blanket.
Do you need grounding? Lay on the ground.
Do you need sweetness? Taste honey.
Do you need spice and fire? Indulge in spicy food.
Do you need clarity? Talk to a clear glass.

As an example… If you are in need of support, find a wall. Because a wall is running on the information of being support and supportive. That means it already IS the energy of support. Which makes it vibrate in a frequency of support. You leaning on a wall, feeling the wall and becoming one with it, shifts you automatically to that supportive frequency.

Same with water. If you are looking for flow, water is your best friend. Because water already IS flowing energy. You playing with or in water, and having a conversation about flow with water, will shift you to the same frequency that water is vibrating in, which is flow.

Or let’s say you are looking for love. Hold and feel a gift you were given by a loved one. That gift is programmed with the energy of love, because it was given to you through love. That means it is vibrating in a frequency of love and your shift to love is immediate.

Experience and have fun playing around with all these amazing energies around you. And enjoy your spectacular ride on your chosen “high for life” frequency!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a Fun-Day, and practice happiness!


365 Days of Happiness – June 23, 2017

“I am over the moon happy and excited for you!”

Being happy and excited for others, about whatever is going great for them, creates amazing energy for them and in you.

For example, I never really listen to the radio in the car, but today I did. And it was clear why. A person called into the station and won a trip to Paris. Wow! The overjoy that resonated from that caller and the excitement that vibrated from the radio studio was absolutely spectacular. It overflowed to each and everyone listening. And I was one of them… I was gifted this powerful overjoy and excitement, which I openly received with gratitude. To top things off, I added my own “over the moon” happiness for the winner onto the already existing joy. Just imagine, me shooting like a rocket, straight upward into a frequency of “high for life”. Fantastic!

Your excitement and happiness for others can be anything. You can be excited for someone making the subway train just in time before the doors close. Or be happy for the flowers, showing their beauty with blooming now. Or be excited for the person that forks in a bite of delicious chocolate cake. There are a million reasons in every second to be happy, overjoyed and excited for others.

Create magic for them and in you!

365 Days of Happiness – June 22, 2017

Lets talk about your focus!

  • How strong can you focus on your peace inside of you?
  • How strong can you focus on your happiness and you feeling good?
  • How strong can you focus on abundance in every way?
  • How strong can you focus on being healthy?
  • How strong can you focus on all that is going right for you?
  • How strong can you focus on all the good in everything and everyone?

And where is your focus? Is it out there on others? Or is it where it supposed to be, in you and focused on you? And is your focus on something positive or negative?

To work with your focus, locate it first. Now feel your focus. Where is it and what is it on? Next, pull it into you and onto you. Now train it consciously to stay in you, on you and inside your range of “feeling good”. Make it strong and disciplined!

To reach clarity of your desired focus, become aware of all that is not as you wish it to be. Ask yourself “How do I want it to be?” And then with all your strength and discipline, focus on your wanted outcome. Don’t let go of that focus!

If you do find yourself slipping back to focusing on others, or the undesired outcome, simply shift your focus back to you and your wanted outcome. And stick to it like superglue.

Practice, and practice hard. Because what you focus on manifests.

365 Days of Happiness – June 21, 2017

Create a morning, a mid-day and a nightly ritual!

This is particularly important if you work from home.

Rituals are very sacred, private and intimate. Some meditate, some pray, some hold crystals, some practice yoga or other forms of energy exercise, some take a nap, some sit in quiet and some play and laugh… Make your rituals fit you!

All it takes is a few minutes each time to honor, bless and gratify your being and your presence. With that, you will pull yourself back to who you really are and to what really matters to you. This will reset how you feel right then and there.

For example:

Start first thing when you wake up. Take a few minutes to feel yourself and set your intentions for your new creation day. Open yourself up for all that IS and all that will BE. Blessings and gratitude for everything!

Then again around mid-day. Take a few minutes to ground yourself. Release anything that has accumulated or has resurfaced and is not serving you. Feel yourself and fill yourself with joy and happiness. Blessings and gratitude for everything!

And last before you fall asleep. Take a few minutes to declutter, clean and let go of your day.

Both mentally and in the literal sense!

For example, if you work from home, be sure to file away all those loose pieces of paper and work documents safely in one of your best filing cabinets.

No one can truly relax in a cluttered office, so be sure to keep on top of your workspace by investing in pieces of furniture that allow you to store your files and documents safely. No one wants an office full of random pieces of paper and receipts. It just looks messy and it can also be very distracting! This is why many decide to replace neat software for example, as it can result in much better productivity. If you don’t want to physically store your important

There is nothing quite like a well-organized home office.

Knowing that everything is tidied away safely will give you the peace of mind to get on with your other responsibilities.

So, go on, feel yourself and fill yourself with the clean light of your chosen color. Blessings and gratitude for all!

Make these rituals a priority in your days and never miss one. Soon they become something you can’t be without anymore!

In case you already have rituals, feel if they still fit and serve you. If not, I invite you to shift them around and make them new and exciting again.

It is key that you enjoy your rituals!

365 Days of Happiness – June, 20, 2017

Your beautiful mouth does way more than showing off your amazing lips, carry your sparkly teeth and opening up for wonderful sounds to enter the world.

Used properly it can also immediately lift your energy into happiness through exercise and silliness.

Try it! Start moving your mouth around. Move it to the left, to the right, up and down. Move it in and out and make circles both ways. Involve your tongue if you like, and make sounds if you can’t resist. Be creative and play with it. The crazier the better!

Not only does your fabulous face get circulation going and feels fresh with it, you also create feelings of silliness and happiness in you. It will make you smile and laugh.


Feel how you shift into a “high for life” frequency with playing with your spectacular mouth, that is always right there with you and ready to play.

Enjoy, practice often and share with everyone!

365 Days of Happiness – June 19, 2017

Is it your perfect cup of coffee, or is it not?

This morning I tried a new coffee bean. I boiled the water in my kettle that produces angelic light on my wall. I am not kidding! I feel like those who haven’t tried to source the best cordless kettle for their kitchen are truly missing out as it is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen. I ground the beans, they smelled delicious. And as the final step, I brewed it in my French press. I was so excited for it. But then came the experience of tasting it. Bitter is just the beginning of describing it. Not my cup of coffee for sure!

In order to find a fine solution, I had three “good feeling” choices to chose from. One, I drink it anyways and make the best of it. Two, I skip my morning coffee all together today. Three, I make a new pot, with different beans that are perfect to my taste.

These three “good feeling” choices are always there for you, in any situation.

  • One, you can leave it as is and make the best of it. That means you let go of how you expect it has to be and find peace in how it is.
  • Two, you can skip whatever it is and move on. That means you leave it all behind, let it go and move on clean and clear.
  • Three, you can create new, different and better for you. That means you let go off all that WAS, and open up to create a new IS.

Not every situation is the same, and not every solution is the same. But every one of these three “good feeling” choices have one thing in common, they will leave you clean and clear to move forward.

So, next time you have a situation, look at these three “good feeling” choices in order to find your fine solution. And then enjoy the outcome!

“And just so you know, I chose to make a new pot of perfect coffee. Because whenever possible, I go for creating better for me and better for everyone around me. So I say go for it too!”

365 Days of Happiness – June 17, 2107

“Honor” is your magic word for the day!

“I honor my new day. I honor my life. I honor myself and my body. I honor you. I honor our relationship. I honor to be of service to you. I honor my work and chores. I honor everything and everyone.”

How does saying or thinking “I honor” make you feel?

The word honor has a very respectful, celebratory and sacred energy. And with that, vibrates in such a frequency. So when you say, think, see or hear it, you will naturally shift into a that given sacred frequency. That is because everything is connected, which means the word “honor” will share its energy with you. How honorable is that!

So, use “honor” generously!

Also, you honoring yourself will spread your honorable energy to everything and everyone around you. And saying it to others will lift their feelings. Those lifted feelings will then spill over to everything and everyone around them, including you.

Have fun creating honorable energy!

I honor you!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it honorable!