365 Days of Happiness – May 5, 2017

Focus on seeing sparkles today!

Sparkles carry the energy of magic, angelic, light, celebrative, playful, happy, uplifting and are vibrating in a high frequency.

Sparkles are also your direct and immediate connection to your inner child. Remember when you saw sparkles as a child? You saw, felt and believed in magic. Well, that has never changed. Until this day, when you see sparkles, you are given the gift to see through the eyes and heart of your inner child. You get to see, feel and believe in magic.

Seeing sparkles makes your inner child light up, which makes who you are now light up as well.

Sparkles are everywhere and present themselves in many ways. Look out for rain drops filled with sun shine, lawn sprinklers misting in the sun light, lighting in stores that glimmer, sparkles on clothing and accessories, sparkles on ice cream and ice, crafting glitter and sparkles in people’s eyes, especially children. Just to name a few…

Seeing and feeling sparkles shifts you into the “sparkle energy”, which is already an existing part inside of you. And that part of you would love to be sparkled with full and absolute magnitude.

Sparkles for the win!

365 Days of Happiness – May 4, 2017

Look for the “feel good” part in everything!

We all experience situations that don’t feel good. And that is OK, because when you know what does not feel good, you also know what does feel good. Which means that there is no need to dislike or push away a “not feel good” situation, because it brings great clarity. Instead you can simply accept, respect, thank and love it for what it is. Doing so clears any resistance you might have towards a situation. And where there is no resistance there is only magic.

The fact that something does or does not feel good is very personal. You have the power and are in charge to decide for yourself how it feels to you. In short, “feeling good” is true to yourself and “not feeling good” is not true to yourself.

So here we go…

You have a situation that you decide does not feel good to you. You feel it as “not good” and are fully aware of it. Powerful!

Then you shift into “I accept, respect, thank and love it for what it is”. That means you gain clarity and are resistance free.

Next you look for something in that situation that feels good and you shift your entire focus to that. Which means that the “feeling good” gets bigger and bigger, all the way to ginormous.

And from there you can create change.

I promise you that every “not feeling good” situation has a “feel good” part as well. Yes, sometimes it is so tiny that you have to whip out a microscope to find it. But it is there!

And if you really can’t find it don’t panic, just go create the “feel good” part yourself, with making a magical cup of tea, enjoying a delicious piece of chocolate or indulging in a lip-smacker glass of wine. Become a  professional “feel good” creator!

Shifting your entire focus to any “feel good” part will ensure that you are vibrating in an elevated frequency. And that is where you can create changes for your life that are true to yourself and your desires.

365 Days of Happiness – May 3, 2017

You are always supported!

Become aware of all the support that is there for you and surrounding you.

You are supported by your bed when you sleep. You are supported by your car, subway or bicycle when you travel. You are supported by your shoes when you walk. You are supported by chairs, benches and sofas when you sit.

Your physical being is supported by the water and food you get to enjoy. You are supported by the sun, moon and weather conditions that give you light, energy, rest and water. You are supported by all trees and all nature.

Support is an ongoing and constant state that is all around you, and offered to you at all times.

If you like to take matters in your own hands and create additional support, lean on a wall you like. Take a minute, breathe and feel yourself being supported by this strong and secure wall. The life of a wall is all about support. So it only makes sense if you take advantage of it, and give all the walls in your life the opportunity to fill you with support.

Feeling supported opens your heart, strengthens your trust and brings a feeling of lightness in. It also sets the tone for you to support yourself, and rise to be the biggest supporter of you. Bigger and stronger than all the walls in your life combined.

Becoming aware of all the support means you are now shifting to “feeling supported”. And if you feel supported, you are supported. That is a fact!

And if you ever feel not-supported, just look around you and notice everything that supports you.

365 Days of Happiness – May 2, 2017

Pick a fruit and be like it!

The fruit that comes into my mind today is a strawberry. A strawberry is vibrantly red and definitely sticking out in a crowd of different fruits. A strawberry is sweet and somehow creamy. It’s texture is soft, mixed with a crunchiness from the seeds. A strawberry is a very alive vibration, accompanied by a fun factor due to its color and shape.

The strawberry is just my example.

Pick your fitting fruit that comes to your mind. Then think about what this fruit represents to you, how does it feel to you and what does it make you feel when you bite into it. Go all out and deep into feeling it, and stay in that wonderful high vibrational frequency for a while. Fill yourself all the way with these beautiful feelings. Best is, if you can also deliciously devour your fruit you picked. But if not handy, you can stay with imagining your fruit.

Feeling a certain way about your picked fruit means you feel these feelings also in you. Because everything is connected and everything is the same.


365 Days of Happiness – May 1, 2017

Celebrate the warrior in you!

Everyone has a personal warrior energy that is fitting and feels good. When you shift to your warrior energy, you feel strong, confident and powerful. You know that you are infinite and limitless.

The easiest way to shift to your warrior energy is through meditation, visualization and exercise.

  • Meditate to feel your warrior strength and stay with it.
  • Visualize yourself hiking up a mountain with super strength, and then standing on top of the mountain, feel your warrior that just conquered this mountain.
  • Lift weights and feel your super warrior strength arise with weight exercise.

Another fun way is to pick a historical warrior that impresses you. Or find a warrior within a book or movie you like. It can be a famous warrior or an unknown warrior that lives in your neighborhood. Any person that shifts you to feeling the warrior in them is perfect, because feeling it in them shifts you to feeling it in you. After all, we are all connected and the same!

And last but not least, talk to your warrior! Phrases like “I can do this!”, “I got this!”, “I am a warrior!” are all great mantras to say to yourself and others, in order to shift to your personal warrior energy.

Enjoy your warrior and go conquer with extraordinariness!

365 Days of Happiness – April 29, 2017

Make a Spa Day out of your day!

Energize and clean with your breath. Imagine with every breath in you oxygenate, and with every breath out you clean out the old.

Hydrate and energize with the water you drink. Fill a glass of water, look at it, feel it and connect to it.  Now imagine filling it with your love, healing and happiness. Time to drink that positive water!

Clean and rejuvenate with your shower water. Consciously feel the shower water softly pouring over you. Feel how cleaning, refreshing and renewing this is.

Color up! Enjoy all the color therapy around you. Look at all the colors, how do they make you feel? Indulge in it and fill yourself up.

Relax, feel love and beautiful with hugs! Hugs open and activate your heart energy. They make the world in your body go round. They are relaxing and bring out the feeling of “I am beautiful!”

Nourish and replenish with delicious food. Think and feel what foods are fitting. How will these chosen foods make you feel? Prepare them and consciously devour them with joy.

Spark your happiness with smiling. When you lift the corners of your mouth into a smile your mood lifts too.

Awaken and pamper your feet. Walk barefoot and notice the amazing foot massage that is in every bare foot step you take.

And not to forget, be perfumed! Go smell those flowers and plants and feel all scented. Tap lavender all over your body and feel the magic!

Happy Spa Day!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it count as a happy day!

365 Days of Happiness – April 28, 2017

Start an adventurous pact with your “Now”!

Your “Now” is always and guaranteed an adventure. It is constantly new, updated and filled with opportunities just for you.

In your “Now” you are in charge and get to decide and choose your thoughts, feelings and reactions. And with your choices you create your next “Now”, that is how and where change starts. Not to mention you get to flash your super manifestation power in your “Now”.

Your “Now” is holding its part of the deal. It’s responsibility is to be an adventure. Are you holding your part of the deal? To be present right now?

Practice slowing down and feel, see, smell, taste, hear and act in a state of mindfulness. Do this often and soon enough mindful is not a state anymore, it becomes who you are.

Magic happens in a mindful “Now”!

365 Days of Happiness – April 27, 2017

What would still be there, if you would pour your whole life into a colander? Just like you pour cooked pasta plus cooking water, olive oil and salt into a colander.

What part of your life would be your pasta to keep and to deliciously devour, and what would be your cooking water, olive oil and salt going down the drain?

Using the sifting qualities of a colander and then imagine pouring your whole life into it, will initiate clarity in your life. You might know instantly what is what. If not, you can make a list with two columns, one for pasta and one for down the drain. If you like, you could add on a third column called garbage disposal, for the things in your life you really want to get out of the way.

This exercise brings out what makes you happy and is delicious to live. All other, know that it served you once, just like the pasta water, olive oil and salt served the pasta to cook perfectly, but it is no longer needed. So with gratitude imagine letting it go down the drain and if needed use the garbage disposal.

Now go on and shift into those changes that you are so clear about.

Spring cleaning, or better “draining” at its best!

365 Days of Happiness – April 26, 2017

Make being happy and constantly shifting yourself back to happiness your main focus today!

Happiness comes in different shapes, sizes and ways. Taking a deep healing breath, smelling the scent of a cup of tea, giving or receiving a smile, spinning your body in circles, laughing with others, lighting a candle, enjoying a glass of wine, shopping, planning a trip… This is all happiness!

If it makes you feel good, it is happiness. Or if you can find something that makes you feel good in a situation, it is happiness. For example, if drinking a cup of tea makes you feel good, it is happiness. And if cleaning your house is not your favorite thing to do, but once you are finished you feel good to be in your clean house, it is happiness.

Make being happy a natural and easy state of being. Because if it is hard work it creates resistance and is no fun. The easiest way to do that is to leave the asking of why, how and what out. And rather fully accept, respect, thank and love what is happening for you. And then open yourself wide to receive, see, feel and hear all that happiness that is there for you 24 hours a day.

Happiness is never “not” there, and will never “not” be there! The presence of happiness is guaranteed at all times!

You are here in this beautiful physical experience called life to be happy, joyful and fly high with your feelings. That is your reason!

365 Days of Happiness – April 25, 2017

Say “Mmmmmm…” when you eat or drink something! Really go all out and feel the deliciousness while humming “Mmmmmm…” as long and loud as you wish.

Doing so shifts you immediately into your present moment of eating or drinking. That means you eat consciously. And when you eat while feeling 100% present in the moment, you feel what and how much your body needs.

It will also create a delicious feeling towards what you eat or drink right at that moment. And food that you feel is delicious, is food that nourishes your body in a delicious way.

Not to mention all the smiles you create for you and others when you are so outspoken about your enjoyment of eating and drinking.

When you feel that something is delicious, it shifts you to happiness. And both, deliciousness and happiness vibrate in an elevated frequency. Enjoying food consciously shifts you automatically to that elevated frequency. And that is where all the magic exists.

Make eating and drinking a “Mmmmmm…” celebration!