The Fearless Female Show!

I am over the moon excited to BE on the Fearless Female Show tomorrow, Wednesday, July 17.

Join Lea Jane and me to discover how you can get past your fears and create the life and business of your dreams and have some playful fun while at it. Watch from anywhere––video replay will be available for 48 hours.

Register here for your free access!

See you at the show!

The Ravenous Living Summit!

Sign up and enjoy this FREE event on August 1!

I am honored and excited to BE a speaker in Dr. Marina Kostina ’s free online summit that’s all about celebrating life to the fullest.

The Ravenous Living Online Summit celebrates the International Day of Joy on August 1st. This summit brings together personalities who share their expertise and freebies. Together they provide you with entertainment, knowledge, and the industry’s top information. You will receive valuable insight that you can not get anywhere else. The best part, it’s completely free.

Ravenous Living Ravenous Living

Women in Wellness: 360 days of Happiness with Jacqueline Pirtle

Thanks Authority Magazine and Fab Giovanetti for having me, interviewing me, and making the world a blissful place to read 🙂

Here is just one of the phenomenal topics:

…Can you share your top three “lifestyle tweaks” that will help support people’s journey towards better wellbeing?

“I make feeling good and being happy a priority! Meaning that if I catch myself feeling not-good…”

Well, to get the rest and the other tweaks you have to click the link and go read the full wisdom of us ladies 🙂


“When You Shift, Your Surroundings Shift Too” With Bianca L. Rodriguez And Jacqueline Pirtle

With infinite excitement, I am sharing this incredible interview about “self-love” hosted by the phenomenal Bianca Rodriguez Bilgre

Thank you so much for having me 🙂

Please have a read and share plentiful

BE And Live Happy!

I choose happiness and maintain that “high for life” frequency by focusing on seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and thinking of happiness!

You can’t avoid BE-ing and living happy that way!

Writer’s Open House!

This is so exciting! I will BE – with all these phenomenal authors – at this event!

July 14 in Fredrick MD at Iguana Books Store.

Can’t wait to chat with you about 365 Days of Happiness and yes, bring your $$$, because you can buy a copy, or two, or three 🙂

Come hang out with us––because that IS where all the fun is!

Thanks so much for having me @curiousiguana

Writers’ Open House

Hearts Everywhere!

When seeing hearts everywhere…


I take it to heart and consciously feel into my heart—the palace that IS hosting my soul. I feel and celebrate all the wellbeing and love that IS in me and for me.


I deliberately create heart-nourishing experiences – things that make me happy – to feel and to vividly enjoy with complete gratitude and in “awe-ness”.


That shifts me to BE and live in my “high for life” frequency—where everything IS well and working out for me.


From there, I freely and graciously share and spread my well-feeling of “high for life” with everything and everyone—by elevating others that are open to shift higher too and by complimenting them to “jump-start” flying higher and higher.


It’s a “gem” seeing hearts everywhere!


That IS happiness!