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How to BE HAPPY in Life and in Businesswith Jacqueline Pirtle


Two Swiss ladies having a phenomenal talk about HAPPINESS! It is live, go BE inspired and share

-How to make happiness your superpower
-The connection happiness has with the mind, body, soul, and consciousness
-How letting go of expectations can help you accept, respect, appreciate, thank and love the challenges you go through
-Why things happen FOR you and not TO you
-How you can change your frequency, so you can live a happy life now

And so much more!

And there is a giveaway…

Thank you Martina Fink for having me


I am soooo excited for this episode to go live! Patricia IS an amazing host and changes lives with her conversations on her podcast Awakening to Life

Thank you for having me beautiful Patricia.

Join us for a fun conversation on “What Does Happiness Do for You” Patricia Raga-Young hosting Jacqueline Pirtle –>

In this episode you will learn:
-How to BE and live a resistance-free happiness
– How to create a healthy happiness environment in all of your components of your whole being
-And so much more–it will put a smile on you


Jacqueline Pirtle spent every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about the things she did to honor her joy and used those writings to create a 365-day step-by-step guide to being happy, titled 365 Days of Happiness: because happiness is a piece of cake! Jacqueline has helped hundreds of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency where they can reach happiness anywhere at any time. Her professional background is in health, wellness, holistic medicine, energy healing, law of attraction, and happiness. She holds international wellness degrees and is internationally certified as a Reiki Master.



38. 365 Day of Happiness with Jacqueline Pirtle


343 Find Peace With 365 Days of Happiness; Jacqueline Pirtle



MM58 – Redefining Happiness Jacqueline Pirtle

Motivational Monday Podcast – So excited for this episode to go live – BE inspired

3 Key Points:
– Everything that happens for you can be a gift if you choose it to be

– You can REACH for happiness anywhere at anytime

– When you change your routine LIFE can present you with new opportunities, new energy, new insights!

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365 Days of Happiness

Listen to Happy Healthy You podcast with THE wonderful Connie Bowman. She is hosting:

Guest: Jacqueline Pirtle

A commitment to exploring happiness every day of the year led to this delicious book. How a daily practice and small shifts can help us all find more happiness.

Have fun listening to my episode, and please check out and like her whole podcast, she is amazing!

Thank you Connie Bowman! Much love and more love for you


Life Is Now Interviews Jacqueline Pirtle Dedicated to the groundbreaking book 365 Days of Happiness: Because Life Is A Piece of Cake Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?!!! Jacqueline Pirtle has dedicated her life to teaching people all around the world, to do just that. She is highly experienced internationally with holistic and western medicine, energy medicine, is a certified Reiki Master, just to name a few of her expertise. Jacqueline’s mission is to open your heart because she believes in tickling the happiness you already are. We believe her life’s purpose and latest book will give you goose pimples as she says, but don’t take our word for it, check out her vibrant flow!


This podcast episode makes me especially happy because I am a Foodie by heart 🙂 Enjoy!

You’re listening to the Nutrition Experts Podcast. Featuring guests who take the scientific talk about food and break it down for practical use. You’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” Come find out what that really means. Experience conversations with experts in the field of nutrition and understand the power of food for our health, wellbeing and beyond. Now here’s your host Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Mathea Ford.

Hi there! It’s Mathea. Welcome back to Nutrition Experts Podcasts. The podcast featuring nutrition experts who are leading the way using food starts today right now with our next guest. It’s great to have Jacqueline Pirtle on the show today. Jacqueline welcomes to Nutrition Experts. I’m excited to have you on this show and share your expertise with my tribe.

Read the show notes here:

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Jacqueline Pirtle says happiness is her superpower. She’s the author of 365 Days of Happiness and the founder of She has worked as a mindfulness-happiness coach and international speaker.

We talked about how you can choose happiness on a daily basis, why she decided to get into this work and her new book.

I’m giving away a copy of her book, 365 Days of Happiness on Instagram.


Jacqueline Pirtle “365 Days of Happiness” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2141


Jacqueline is a bright and bubbly spirit who jumped on the show with us to talk about her book “365 Days of Happiness”. We discuss finding your happiness, changing your perspective on those every day chores that kill our happiness and a radical self-care regimen sure to bolster your level of happy.

Topics Discussed on the show:

  • 4:30 being happy is hard
  • 6:30 house work & happiness
  • 9:00 practice happiness during trauma
  • 12:00 “You’re TOO happy!” no, it’s my biggest power
  • 13:00 Feeling stuck in trauma
  • 16:00 using your happiness as power
  • 22:00 radical self care practice
  • 29:00 heighten your energy
  • 31:00 bumping into the angry bus drive
  • 36:00 being an empath
  • 40:00 current projects/working with Jacqueline


394: Jacqueline Pirtle: A step by step guide to happiness


Mind Love Podcast by Melissa Monte

How often do you feel really happy? How often do you choose the things that will make you happy over the things you think you have to do?

Happiness is about more than just ourselves… it creates a ripple effect.

Our guest today is Jacqueline Pirtle, 365 Days of Happiness. Jacqueline decided to spend every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about the things she does to honor her joy, and used these writings to create this 365 day step-by-step guide, so she could teach you how to shift to BE and live in a “high for life” frequency of happiness too—no matter where you are at in your life right now.

She’s leads life-changing workshops and talks all over the world helping people claim and choose happiness and today she’s going to share her secrets with us.

Today we will learn:
Why happiness is so important
Why most people have a hard time being and staying happy
How to make happiness your normal way of living

029: How to Make Happiness a Lifestyle


Jacqueline Pirtle on the Change: Redefining Success podcast with Kate Fessler
Do you have fun with your own life? How often do you really pay attention and choose things to improve your day? In 365 Days to Happiness, author, energy healer, mindfulness and happiness coach Jacqueline Pirtle has created daily inspirations that help you mindfully work towards living a more vivid experience of daily happiness. Showing that you can put in work to change your life while having fun, the practices are full of whimsy and delight. Through thoughtful, bubbly passages, each day teaches you to find happiness, use those sour lemons and shift yourself into a “high for life” frequency where you can reach happiness anywhere at any time. Jacqueline Pirtle spent every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about things she did to honor her joy and used those writings to create this 365-day step-by-step guide. Tune in to her Jacqueline’s journey through her life and how this experiment-turned-book came about.
Jacqueline Pirtle on the Business Blast Podcast with Tyler Wagner
Talking about happiness, business, and more…
Tracy Gaudet… New on the Podcast today > Jacqueline Pirtle Intuitive Energy Healer, Mindfulness and Happiness coach also known as FreakyHealer. Jacqueline has been leading life-changing workshops, talks, and private sessions since 2006. Her passion for “sprinkling happiness” and being “high for life” shines through in all of her work as an energy healer, mindfulness and happiness teacher.
Enjoy listening here:


It is the one year anniversary of Warrior Women With A Purpose Podcast and that means it is time to party!

From woo to wellness we celebrate ALL beliefs and how no matter we come from we all have similar experiences as women.

If you are new to Warrior Women With A Purpose it is all about how each guest shines in her truest, authentic self to discuss how she overcame failures, triumphed over adversities and found her lane.

You know I don’t know how to do ANYTHING without going all out so I have 15 women in 15 days to celebrate the epicness that is WOMEN!

That means EPIC new stories to inspire you to take action, follow your instinct or connect with your soul mentor.

Each day will highlight a one amazing Warrior Women who has triumphed over adversity and how she turned her traumas into passion driven soul work.

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