Happiness… You have to choose it, commit to it, and want to BE it.
                      — Jacqueline Pirtle – Bestselling Author of “365 Days of Happiness”

Hi, it is my pleasure to meet you!

My name is Jacqueline, I am an energy healer, mindfulness & happiness coach, and bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness.

I help you redefine what wellbeing-happiness is for you and teach
you how to BE and live it–no matter your circumstances.

The result: You will align with the “high for life” frequency of your health, abundance, success, and joy–because that is what being happy will do for you.

I have been practicing my abilities as an intuitive
energy healer, medium, and psychic for myself all my life and started coaching clients (people and animals) in 2006.
I enjoy leading life-changing workshops, sessions, and talks
and have done so all over the world.

My professional background is in health and wellness,
natural living, nutrition, skin care specialist, homeopathy, herbs,
holistic and western medicine, kinesiology, and energy medicine. I hold international wellness degrees and I am internationally certified as a Reiki Master.

It is my passion to continuously study everything in the field of
happiness, mindfulness, energy healing, and metaphysics
and use that wisdom to help you.

And it is my mission to open your heart, tickle the happiness you
already ARE, and infuse you with the joy of everything that IS
already happening FOR you!


Contact me for a free call to talk about how I can help you.


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