In this “uniquely to your needs” shaped session I will answer your life-questions – through bringing forth my deep knowing – by translating to you what your physical life happenings, problems, feelings, hardships, and circumstances really mean on the energetic level, so you can understand, react, shift, and live the opportunities that are given to you in the best fitting way for you.

Result being: you live your life accordingly to who you really are, you experience your life as a phenomenal adventure, and are guaranteed to witness beauty in all.

Jacqueline is knowing that this energy is even bigger than her. She is deeply honored to be able to cultivate it in a way that supports others.

In Jacqueline’s words :

“I always notice the huge energetic shift in my ability to tap into the quantum field which opens me up to experience and serve in different ways every single day. Things that were familiar, comfortable, and energetically easy to step into just yesterday, shift for me and pull me into creating something more expansive in my new “today”—that IS how energy works, constantly moving and changing. That is also how life works! 

As a teacher and mentor for others, I am fluent with stepping into something completely new and different at any time and with light-speed—past any old idea of limits. I share and spread in ways that allows people their freedom while supporting them to shift on their own terms. 

My work is an experience of deep and great support, of infinite growth and expansion, and of the highest quality of calibration, for myself and for everyone that I support and serve. 

My intention is always to live from a new experience and to walk the walk, not just talk about it, and I do things radically different than even just yesterday. I know we are all new every day if we choose to believe.

My teachings are unique experiences, calling you into your highest potential in your NOW!”

A One-On-One session Is $225
Sessions are 1-1.5 hours (video call)

Contact me to book a session here!