The Daily Freak Hit 1K Plays!

Oh my! 1K plays!!! I’m just so happy!

Thanks to all my listeners for making my podcast The Daily Freak a success! Thanks to all my fans, followers, readers, clients, friends, and supporters—I’m deeply humbled.

What started out as a “trial” just a couple months ago turned quickly into a “keeper,” one I enjoy producing.

Description of The Daily Freak: Inspirational and happiness provoking life hacks–brought to you by Jacqueline Pirtle, the bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness, What it Means to BE a Woman, Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops, and Life IS Beautiful. Jacqueline invites you to shift yourself to BE and live in your high-for-life frequency–a space in which you experience your life as the most phenomenal ever, no matter the circumstances. Listen newly Monday – Friday—weekends are for re-hearing your most loved episodes. Enjoy every morning, apply with enthusiasm, and be ready, because your life IS awesome!

Keep listening on all major platforms – episodes are less than 10 minutes – and keep sharing with others that can use a bit of light every day. 

We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving!

We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving

Love, kindness, support, listening, understanding, personal evolution, willingness to learn and do better, and doing whatever it takes to be a good person is our responsibility.
It’s what we promised to do when we said yes to being alive, it’s what matters, it’s what heals, and it’s what life is all about—what we are all about.

We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving


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Grace Working Towards Amazing

Thanks Grace Woods at for writing about listening to the podcast episode of Mindfulness Mode with Bruce Langford “Find Peace With 365 Days of Happiness; Jacqueline Pirtle” and how it gave you a boost to be happier and happier––all the way to happy.