We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving!

We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving

Love, kindness, support, listening, understanding, personal evolution, willingness to learn and do better, and doing whatever it takes to be a good person is our responsibility.
It’s what we promised to do when we said yes to being alive, it’s what matters, it’s what heals, and it’s what life is all about—what we are all about.

We are ONE heart beating and ONE love loving


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Give Yourself a Break Parents!

Give yourself a break parents! 
Join into the resistance-free ways of your kids—breathe, it’s OK to let go, to BE free!
From that delicious space—set new expectations. Expectations that are fitting and that get you and your kids moving forward. 
Backwards be gone…

Far From Normal Podcast – Parenting

New Podcast alert! Thanks FarFromNormal for having me .

…This week I’m sitting down with bestselling author Jacqueline Pirtle to talk about her fantastic book “Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops.” She is one of the most positive, energetic, joyful people I have ever met and has an amazing perspective on parenting. She is full of wisdom, and great energy and this is a great episode for any parent to enjoy!

Parenting Your Home-Staying Kids 24/7…

… This asks for a shift in your relationship with them and in truth, parents, it starts with you. Good thing is, it is easier than you think!

During this intense and changing time it is important to understand the incredible gifts this situation bears. Gifts to re-evaluate your relationship with yourself, your children, your husband or partner, and further the family as a whole, even with your own parents.

In order to be open to such a shift you must first set aside all that was, all that ever happened, and let go of all your old beliefs and old ways and look only at “right now,” making this the only truth that you accept and will work with.


Living Better One Day At A Time By Rachel Davis

New Book Review!

…I will admit that I was kind of skeptical going in as it seemed like the more I read, the more her ideology was in contrast to how I was raised and what I feel is the right way of parenting- that I am the parent and my kids are kids and must listen and follow my lead. Pirtle argues that children and their parents are equals in this life of parenting and there are times that one is the student and one is the teacher and vice-versa. It is a harmonious dance in which the child and parent are equal participants. 

…Pirtle offers 3 pillars of beliefs that summarize her parenting advice–The Harmonious Dance, It is Never the Child, and The Love Cycle of Parenthood. The pillars offer joyful, energized ways to be a better parent and a better participant in whatever level of parenthood you are in (including before you conceive, when your child is a baby, young child, teenager and adult). They remind you to enjoy the role of being a parent to your greatest blessings. 

…I personally needed that particular reminder and I picked up several tidbits that I believe will help me in my parenting journey with the kiddos. Ideologies that will hopefully help bring back my joy as a mom and allow me to have a better relationship with my children.