The Art of Happiness

We all want to live a happy life, but few of us are doing so. The simple answer to how we can live a happy life is right before our eyes if we are willing to follow. Here’s Jacqueline’s take on what it means to be happy and how that state can be achieved!

Thanks Yeukai Kajidori for having me. I loved our conversation and hope that it inspires many to BE and live happily, no matter what. Enjoy!

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Thrilled to Support Our Strong Young Generation!

I am honored to have been invited by Saratov State University in Russia, specifically the Faculty of Psychology, to write about how to BE and Live Your Happiness!

My paper is used by the University to help english speaking students – local, international, and from the United States – to feel better in these intense times of Covid, giving the students emotional support and showing them how to find ways to be more positive and happy.

The piece will also be translated into Russian and posted on their site, for the students who speak Russian, so they can receive the same support.

Follow the link and click the document – in English for now – to be inspired too. And share and spread with everyone, young and old, that needs a little emotional support. I wrote this for you!

Thank you for supporting our strong young people, and thank you Saratov University for taking the extra step of making sure that your students are helped.

Earth Odyssey – Holistic Wellness Webinar

I’m so honored to have been a speaker at last Sunday’s Holistic Wellness: Responsible Pathways to Health, Happiness & Sustainability webinar hosted by Earth Odyssey


Read about my work:

The Overly Emotional Child – Documentary

The documentary The Overly Emotional Child by Learning Success is out!!!

I’m beyond excited to be a part in it—talking about the spiritual and energetic sense of real-life parenting emotions. And that it’s never the child!

Watch it here or on amazon prime
And here is a link to all the information about the documentary:

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What is True Happiness–11 Experts Explain

True happiness is when you care about how you feel and make feeling good a priority. 

By connecting to your inner you – that is always wanting you to be happy and guiding you to your happiness – you don’t base your happiness on anything else but yourself, you claim responsibility for your own happiness, and you step into being in charge of how you feel and how you want to feel. 

This erases the exhausting job of changing anything outside of you and sets you free to be and live happily anywhere at any time. 

It’s something that we all are longing to experience and quite frankly, came here to enjoy.

Read the full list of happiness tips…

How to Parent When You’re Stressed or Distracted or Worried

Carry around a notebook or use a notes app so you can jot down everything from school pick-up times to the last time you nursed, says Jacqueline Pirtle, holistic practitioner and author of Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

Another good reason to keep that notebook close: when you write down everything that’s on your mind, you’re getting those thoughts out of your head and onto the paper. They’re not your full focus anymore, yet you won’t forget those ideas or concerns, Pirtle says. 

Always honored to be part of great articles…