Is Daily Happiness Possible?

Finding Happiness Every Day 
The Lisa Show – National Radio Show
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It can be so easy to go through life believing that you will be happy “one day,” or that happiness is for other people, but not for you. Especially in the sad or difficult times in life, it can be challenging to find happiness. So how can we find happiness every day? Jacqueline Pirtle says, “You ARE happiness and happiness IS you. You two are never separate… It’s the best package deal ever!” We thought this was incredibly inspiring, so we invited Jacqueline onto the show so we can talk about happiness with her.

Thanks for having me, it was a blast talking with you guys 🙂

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Product Description: This book was written by Jacqueline Pirtle and has been seen on ABC 7 Chicago. The message of this book is that you can be and live happily anywhere and at any time, no matter your circumstances. Readers have referred to this book as a “healing spa” for the body, mind, and soul. With one daily inspiration for each day, readers are able to look for joy every day, improving their emotional, mental, and overall physical well-being.

Live on The Lisa Show – September 12 – Tune in! 💃🔥💃

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I will be on the show on Thursday, September 12, at 9:20am ET/7:20am MT. Hope you will join 🙂

I am thrilled to speak live on The Lisa Show about “How to Find Happiness EVERY Day!”

Tune in, Thursday September 5 at 7:20am MT––9:20am ET. With a replay at 9:20am MT––11:20am ET.

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When In Distress…

When in distress…

The focus of finding things that make you feel good and then taking pictures of them, will naturally shift you to feel good—and also remind you of how good your energetic you – your soul being – feels and IS.

From there, stay well-feeling by being YOU!

The Peace Agenda Summit – Free Online Event

The Peace Agenda Summit – September 21, 2019
Presenting Strategies for Achieving Both, Personal and World Peace

I am honored and excited to BE a speaker at this peaceful event! 

The Peace Agenda is a virtual summit for peace enthusiasts seeking personal peace, and how to foster a more peaceful, non-violent world. This epochal event will highlight peace affirmations, non-violent conflict resolution, mental wellness, the power of forgiveness, protection for peacebuilders, among other lofty objectives.

Charismatic speakers will expertly present strategies that can heal the world.

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