gmg davy crockett power usage

Choose between Single or Repeat notifications. Locate the combustion fan under the back side of the bottom of the grill. Pellets overfilled your firebox. This will bring up your Wifi networks that your phone can see. To adjust notifications from temperature targets and profile steps, head to the Settings screen in the app and select “Repeat Notifications”. The Davy Crockett Ultimate Starter Bundle Includes: (1)Davy Crockett Prime Wifi (1)Davy Crockett Cover (1)GMG Beef Rub (1)Bag of Gourmet GMG Pellets. As your grill is maintaining temps, you will not see as much smoke. Prevailing winds may cool down one quadrant of the grill. JB 189 lb. How do I keep notifications from repeating? Designed and Developed by, 8 Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting And Guide. Adjust your smoke and grill […] It is important to unplug the unit before you start looking over any parts. Do not use your grill with less than 3’ (36”) clearance from any combustible object or surface. Looking for GMG Tips & Tricks and awesome recipes? The Davy Crockett model is the ultimate portable grill. I spoke to someone at tech support a couple days ago and he recommended sealing the hopper lid with tin foil. Once the perfect placement is achieved, measure the shields distance to the left wall of the grill for future reference. $47.99. Cold morning at 26 degrees with some frost on the pumpkin. Another option for cooking the sweet potatoes would be to wrap them individually in aluminum foil and place them on the pellet grill with the turkey. I also have a 160L Cabelas dehydrator which I use for beef jerky. The LCD Panel will begin to count up from 1 to 999, Release the “Food” button. You are now connected to your grill and ready to control it in Point-to-Point mode. FREE Shipping. Only a small amount of power is required to run the Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett. Many times, just sticking a screwdriver through the cotter-pin hole will give you enough torque to unjam the auger(see photo). The first thing we’ll need to do is reset your grill and attempt an update. You can control the temperature from 150 degrees Fahrenheit up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what you’re … After you power cycle the grill, the grill is reconnected to the local network installs the update, then verifies it. I’m at a loss at this point as I can’t cook on it unless I stand there and poke at the pellets every minute or two. You can power your grill three different ways with the 12v power supply, or direct to a battery or car lighter plug. The grill does not work with 5.0 GHz networks. $47.99 $ 47. (Takes about 5 minutes to revert). Fan motor overload: Check wires and wire connection to the combustion fan. Premium Gold Blend. STAINLESS – WIFI. Press the “food” button, turn it on while you keep pressing the “food” button, and … A shop vac will do the trick. If that is not successful, find out if pellets are feeding during start up, and if the igniter gets hot. Ensures you have the latest firmware, older firmware versions do not support WiFi mode. The Davy Crockett comes with a standard 110v AC plug option, an auto (cigar lighter) plug, as well as 12v battery option that uses small red and black alligator clips, just like jumper cables. I’ve been thinking about enclosing (& adding doors) the bottom shelf of the grill so I can keep things like the power brick/cord when not in use. Why won’t my grill start in server mode? With this mobile application, you can easily set the timers, control the temperatures for both the food and your grill, make several cooking profiles, and get alerts regarding your grill. Once you reach the default temperature of 150 degrees, you are in a smoke setting. Just a lot of smoke and no heat. Here’s the crux: the data gathered by the PK100 platinum sensor can be erratic. This is necessary for two reasons: Green Mountain Grills comes with a mobile application. I haven’t used the grill for 2 or 3 months . Do not use softwood pellets, some of them contain phenols that will be harmful to your health. If the code remains the control board is the issue, and needs to be replaced. It comes with a digital WiFi controller (control and monitor through our iOS or Android mobile application), a meat probe, a peaked lid for rib racks, a convenience tray with utensil hooks, and Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors grill temperature. What is the proper way to install my steel grease tray? This little smoker packs quite a punch. Choose between Single or Repeat notifications. But for guidance, pellet consumption can be anywhere between Davy Crockett: 140g - 900g per hour Daniel Boone: 225g - 1.1kg per hour Jim Bowie: 340g - 1.4kg per hour If cooking regularly at colder times of year, which is when pellet consumption will be greatest, you'l find the GMG Thermal Blanket is a great … The Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill arrives with a peaked lid, a pellet hopper with nine-pound capacity, foldable legs, and a convenient side tray with built-in utensil hooks. Hold the “Up” button down, Then Plug the Grill in, while continuing to hold the “Up” button for about 15 seconds. Do you all think a turkey is doable on the davy crockett considering its size? 4.8 out of 5 stars 393. The unit will go through it’s 0-1-2-3 process and will heat up to 150°F. When a new device connects it will kick off the other phone. I can't get connected in WiFi mode, what do I do? PELLETS. ... Usage of a different brand of pellets. Once the fan cycle is complete the grill will display “off” and is ready to be used again. Press the red power button to turn the unit on. This mobile app is important as it lets you adjust the temperature and remain connected to your unit even while you’re in a distance from it for some minutes. For the Grill Adjustment, the Left side is for 150 Degrees F. If your third party probe is 10 degrees higher than the grill at 150, apply a +10 adjustment to the left button. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Green Mountain Grills DAVY CROCKETT Grill. Select the Profile name to name the profile. Once either SUC or FAL is displayed on your grill, restart it by pulling the power cord and plugging it back in. Make sure you use the 2.4 GHz band on the dual-band router. Unplug the grill before checking the parts. Once the jam is cleared, (see photo) you may put the grill back together. To do this, start the grill like you normally would and when you see it progessing through startup mode, hold the up button until the grill exits startup mode and displays the internal temperature of the grill. You may let the panel hang. A general rule is half an inch for every 50 degrees of difference you experience. If you choose to use other pellets, please use only food-grade hardwood grilling pellets. 4.7 out of 5 stars 29. GMG grills do come with digital controllers offering several features such as the low pellet alarm that will alert you if you need to add more fuel. Your grill’s password is the grill’s serial number and should be 8 characters, in some cases your serial number is only 6 characters, you will need to add “00” to the front of the serial number in order to connect. You can leave the Alarm disconnected and continue cooking. Think about all of the things that affect this data – the cover being opened and closed, wind, cold food, grease splattering on the drip tray, humidity, altitude, and even how level the grill is (which can affect pellet flow into the firebox – gravity!) (See photo). The unit made a churning noise as usual and went through the three starting stages. Adjust and monitor your food temp from your phone with the GMG App. Keep the Heat In! Pellets may have overfilled the firebox. ACCESSORIES. Type in your home WiFi’s password. Here, you can see the correct positioning of the bottom portion of the two part grease tray with the half moon cut out to the left around the thermal sensor. You will need to periodically clean out the burn pot for the grill to run efficiently. Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 10 How much smoke should I see coming out of my grill? You can purchase a replacement here. 12v DC – 9 lb fuel hopper – 219 sq. STARTING THE GRILL. Make sure you press the “connect” button so you’re connected to the grill. While the grill is unplugged, Empty the pellets out of the hopper until you can see the auger, (see photo) plug in your grill and try again. Two Traeger Pro 575's, and GMG Davy Crockett On average I would say I burn about 1lbs an hour or less. You can order a new thermal sensor here. Look for a red wire from the key plug on your control board which has the black fuse holder. Hang the grease bucket on the hook underneath the side tray table on the right. Buy It Now. It comes with a digital WiFi controller (control and monitor through our iOS or Android mobile application), a meat probe, a peaked lid for rib racks, a convenience tray with utensil hooks, and Sense-Mate, a thermal … The lid opens up to provide adequate space for a large pork butt or medium-sized turkey. In this range of temperatures, you will see a steady flow of smoke as the grill is feeding more pellets into the firebox at the loss of temperature. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii have a shipping charge of $150 Ships in 2-3 weeks directly from Green Mountain Grills straight to your Door Look at the back of the power switch and check for loose wire clips. How long should it take my grill to reach 500°F? No need for concern if your fan is not blowing at a constant speed. The top tray has two handles on either end, and sits flush against the bottom tray, sliding left and right to open and close the holes. This phenomenon would happen in any brand of pellet grill, in spite of what their marketing departments would have you believe. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter below. Hold the “FOOD” button down, Then switch the grill back on, while continuing to hold “FOOD” button for about 15 seconds. Failure to ignite: Clean out the burn pot and retry. The Last 3 numbers of the network name will match the last 3 numbers on your serial number. Look no further than TheBBQHQ's custom Luther Grates for the Green Mountain Grill line. REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED GREEN MOUNTAIN GRILL!!! Problems do come often at those times you are not expecting them to come along. OPERATION. Sometimes if a grill is left out in the weather for a prolonged period of time, any pellets left inside the auger tube may absorb moisture and harden into a concrete-like substance. Make sure your password is less than 40 characters (pre 6.4 firmware, 6.4 supports up to 64 characters), Once connected in WiFi mode, head over to the Settings screen and you will see a button that says “Server Mode” (The “Server Mode” button will replace the WiFi mode button once you are connected). I have a Charbroil gas grill, Big Easy, Large gas smoker and small electric smoker, GMG Davy Crockett pellet grill. Green Mountain Grill 2019 Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – Wi-Fi Enabled Overview What makes this pellet grill different from others is its out-of-the-box portability. Check to be sure that plug is securely installed. SHOP NOW. Press the Update Grill button, this should begin the update process. Brand New. Turn the grill into cycle “0” (first stage of the normal start-up procedure) and take a look at the little white fan attached to the end of the auger motor. At that time, you may use the ON/OFF switch to cut power to the grill. These expanded steal grill grates retain heat much better than the usual GMG grates and give you much better flavor. Locate the “GMG_DB_***” Network, the Last 3 numbers of the network name will match the last 3 numbers on your S/N. Just got this thing this weekend and fired it up tonight and let it roll. Click here to register your grill. Other options New from $47.99. What is the best height for my chimney cap? Premium Fruitwood Blend. Take all pellets out of the hopper (if not already out). If it is not broadcasting the network, you will have to do a board reset. in. Advantages: Summer or winter cooking, the GMG Davy Crockett Thermal Blanket can cut your pellet usage up to 50%! These wires connect with 2 blue wires using in-line connectors. The right side of the tray needs to hang over the grease trough shown in the picture. 95. You can order that here. Stainless Steel Grease Tray (1 pc) – DC ... Power Cord – DC $ 11.61. Built and tested to withstand the toughest weather conditions. If you have a Wifi Retrofit kit, your password will be printed below the power button on the digital control board or on white label on the back of the digital Control board. They are great about resolving it. You will need to add “00” to the front of your serial number if it is only 6 digits in order to connect. … You may let the panel hang. For each step you can select the required Temp for cooking and either for how long you would like to stay in that step, or you can program a temp for the food probe to reach. Davy Crockett and Moe Cason love this grill for cooking. It the Grill will process the profile from start to finish. Give your grill about 30 seconds to reboot the wireless chip to begin broadcasting the GMG Network again. How do I update the firmware on my WiFi grill? I'm on a mission to visit every brewery in … If your grill is making a clicking noise and the auger does not run, most likely there is a stripped gear in the gearbox, and the auger motor will have to be replaced. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Smoker Key Features. The grill will show “UPD” on the its digital readout and connect to your local Wifi, then to the GMG server to download the new firmware. We put together the most common questions and answers to help. Guaranteed by Thu, Oct. 22. Close the main unit door and allow the turkey to smoke and cook for 1.5 hours at 335 … I raised the temperature to 450 on the dial and it just smoldered away and only rose to 80 degrees, There was no churning noise or fan noise . The grill generates heat and smoke through the use … 6.5.1 – WiFi and Server Mode bug fixes. Check to make sure the fan blades turn freely and that it runs on Cycle 2 of the 0-1- 2-3 sequence. If you connect with your phone then afterwards your wife connects with her phone, her phone will take over control of the grill. If the grill fails to connect to the server or disconnects from the server it will attempt to reconnect up to 3 times, every 90 seconds. Be sure that the range is not a problem and the grill antenna is okay. Locate the cotter-pin which connects the auger motor to the auger. From the “Home” screen you can press the “Connect” button in the top left-hand corner. ... SHOP NOW. The Green Mountain Grill can now run profiles, you can build a profile on your smartphone and run it on the grill. Igniter overload: Try disconnecting the igniter (red wires) and see if code goes away. Inspect the power source for a tripped breaker or GFCI. Pushing the heat shield left a very small amount from the center will direct the flame away from the thermal sensor causing it to read less heat. GMG Grill Troubleshooting. Features: Form Fitting. In most cases, centering the “V” on the underside of your heat shield over the firebox will provide satisfactory results from side to side. A shop vac will do the trick. Stainless Hood & WiFi Now Standard! Grill smarter, eat better! The left side of the tray (side with the hole) has a flange on it that fits over the mounted bracket on the left side of the grill. Replace it. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. If you are experiencing any temperature or combustion related issues, raise your cap up all the way to give your grill enough space to release exhaust. It took a while to get the knack of getting these to lock into place for use but in the end I found that all you had to do was pick up the body of the unit and the legs just dropped down and locked. Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting And Guide. You may experiment with the orientation of the side heat deflectors to customize the heat distribution of the grill. Premium Texas Blend. 12v DC – 9 lb fuel hopper – 219 sq. Often times your heat shield will get positioned to far to the left, which deflects to much heat to the right side of your grill. Temp gose up to 149 no higher what is the ohms for the censer. Press the WiFi network area and type in your home network name, this is the local WiFi network you use to access your internet connection. Select the name to name the profile. Don’t use the rub with a high salt content as the salt may dry the meat during cooking. The big day comes and you’re about to use your GMG Prime Grill Davy Crockett … Slide it to the warm side in 1/4-inch increments and take note of any change in temperature. The hot start button is available when there’s a power interruption. GMG Davy Crockett Grill is a popular option in the middle of the meat smokers price range. Do you offer a thermal blanket for my grill to lower pellet consumption in the winter? GMG Wood Pellets. Your help resolving this would be greatly appreciated. From the Home screen your iPhone, Select “Settings”. At this point, you are free to maneuver the auger in order to free it up. 6.1 – Fix bug in Point to Point and WiFi mode auto-recovery. ~ 4' length wall cord into Adapter Box ~ Genuine GMG OEM Replacement Part ~ Easy installation ~ Free lifetime tech support ~ 1 Year manufacturer warranty with our no hassle replacement guarantee. Your food cooks, as we’ve learned, by a combination of all three methods. This also might happen on a hot day, similar to how your car can be hotter inside than it is outside. You can purchase the low pellet alarm here. Adjustments We Would Make: This grease tray system was designed so the top tray can move left and right to open and close the holes. No, you can only have one phone hooked up at a time. This way, you can repeat the correct positioning if you transfer the grill. Check to be sure those connections are secure and are not melted or burned. Click here to read about our warranty. What are the temperature ranges for each model of Green Mountain Grill? Does Green Mountain offer a rotisserie attachment? How long does it take my grill to cool down? To cut down on overall cooking time, we could have heated up the rolls on the Davy Crockett Grill after the turkey came off. The blue wires located inside the white sheathe operate the combustion fan. STOCK ITEM. 70200mAH = 70.2 AH so a 5A Davy Crockett would run for 14 hours roughly ?? Federal law prohibits such a requirement. Information. Green Mountain Grills AC/DC powered portable Davy Crockett Pellet Grill. My mother and sister have a Traeger smoker. Yes, it will make it much easier to clean. What is the proper way to install my stainless steel heat shield? The Green Mountain Grill heat shield mod also includes digital controllers to receive alerts when more fuel is needed. The first thing to do is resetting the grill and attempting to update it. Wood Pellets. A motor turns the auger which feeds pellets into the firebox. Overview. Once you have entered the password you can press connect and your phone will connect to the GMG network. *The low pellet alarm is not necessary for the grills functionality. Not really a mod per say but I took one of the 12v plugs that came in my car and I’m using that to keep dust/moisture out of the power port. We do, however, recommend that you use ours to maximize the performance of your grill. If you notice the LED is no longer lit and you did not remove your grill from server mode, the grill has lost its connection. If there is any damage to the blade your grill will require a new combustion fan. So, purely for guidance, expect pellet consumption in your GMG grill to be something like: Davy Crockett: 140g - 900g per hour Daniel Boone: 225g - 1.1kg per hour Jim Bowie: 340g - 1.4kg per hour If cooking regularly at colder times of year, which is when pellet consumption will be greatest, you'l find the GMG Thermal … This can be helpful for less reliable internet connections. Press the up arrow button or the red power button for DC units to … Uneven heat can be corrected by making small adjustments to your heat shield placement, sliding the shield towards the hot side in ¼ inch increments, taking note of the temperature changes. and with legs that fold open and close, this Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill is perfect for throwing in the truck and taking to your next tailgate or camping trip. 99. So the computer receives all of this data, averages it over time, and provides a reasonably accurate display of the overall temperature inside your grill. At that time, you may use the ON/OFF switch to cut power to the grill. Why is my grill running hotter than I have it set to? Daniel Boone Products Davy Crockett Products Jim Bowie Products. Remove the two Philips-head screws from the temperature control (see photo). This is exactly the opposite of removal. Press Server Mode button, confirm your network and give the app about 30-45 seconds to connect to the GMG Servers. Replace if necessary. What is the best height of my chimney cap? *Once you find the best heat shield placement, we encourage you to measure the distance from the shield to the left wall of the grill, that way you can repeat that positioning after every time the grill is relocated or the burn pot is cleared. If the beeping persists, your alarm is broken and can be replaced. The Davy Crockett model is the ultimate portable grill. FAST 'N FREE. SHOP NOW. The 12V direct power design provides better temp control, greater pellet fuel economy and faster startups! If your grill disconnects from the app and you have to reset the board, the quickest way to get back up to temp is to bypass startup mode with a hot start. Green Mountain Grills Brand Pellets are made out of 100% kiln dried sawdust that never touches the floor. I work at a dealer in Nebraska and would be happy to help as well if its possible. Make sure the GMG network has a strong signal when standing next to your home router. My low pellet alarm is constantly beeping. Using your finger, flick the fan to be sure that it spins freely and does not appear to have any visible damage. The LCD Panel will Display the version number. The Davy Crockett model is the ultimate portable grill. Problems do come often at those times you are not expecting them to come along. If you have a WIFI enabled Digital Control Board you can update your grill’s Firmware by using our Green Mountain Grills Application. There could be too much ash in the firebox. There are two reasons we want to focus on updating: So what I’d like you to do is confirm the following after performing a reset of the grill and attempt an update: You can find all the details about server mode. Secure table into brackets, then lift tray up and attach the support arm. Check the underneath for wire obstruction and move it apart from the auger fan blade. #8. What is the proper way to install my stainless steel grease tray? Toggle between °F and °C to follow your favourite receipes. We make 3-4 "x" patterns in each potato. Older versions don’t accept special characters. When the cook time expires, cut potatoes open, add pat of butter and serve. These grill modes come with enticing features such as the WiFi option and efficient temperature control. Making it more accurate to what the grill is reading. Make small changes of about 1/8” to get accurate adjustments. you should be able to get one from your local dealer… or call Green Mountain and explain to them the issue. The big day comes and you’re about to use your GMG Prime Grill Davy Crockett only … 6.3 – Revert to temp control algorithms from version 4.3, this program holds temps very well, it may overshoot when rising but once it settles it stays where it’s set. Being able to perform an update will mean that we have been able to get the grill on your home WiFi. 6.5 – Improved temp control in cold climates. The Davy Crockett is designed to be portable and the legs fold round and become carrying handles on top. I’ve tried 4 fresh bags of pellets, 3 different brands including Green Mountain brand. Inspect also the filament. Sometimes this is enough to free up whatever is jamming the auger. You are now connected to your grill and ready to control it in Point to Point Mode. Never just use the ON/OFF switch to turn the grill off. Use a fork to poke several holes in each sweet potato. 53x22x31 DB 155 lb. The fan blades should turn freely. For Android devices, these are the steps to connect to your Green Mountain Grill. Power Converter/Adapter Box Specs: ~ Newest Style GMG Davy Crockett AC/DC Power Adapter ~ AC/DC Power Converter Adapter will plug directly into your 120V AC outlet. For each step you can select the required Temp for cooking and either for how long you would like to stay in that step, or you can program a temp for the food probe to reach. Of course the place for troubleshooting is not open on Christmas so we can get any help troubleshooting. If this hasn’t solved your issue you will need to check the wiring for the combustion fan. Before operation, ensure that the auger tube is primed with pellets. You can plug it into the AC converter box or direct into a cigarette lighter outlet Genuine GMG OEM Replacement Part New (2) from $17.95 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. The grill will slowly cycle through 0 … Davy Crockett PRIME WIFI – STAINLESS This is the go-to grill for small families, campers, tailgaters, RVers, or anyone who wants to cook two racks of ribs or 4-6 nice steaks or a bunch of burgers. If auto-revert is disabled, the grill will continue to try to re-establish its last configuration until reset. Grill Functionality. Note: Generally, you get more smoke at lower temps than at high ones. Rolled the cooker around to my cooking patio and fired it up using my jump starter for my power. The connection process takes about 2 minutes to complete before the grill is accessible by the application. instead, hold the down arrow to lower the temperature to 150 F. Release the button and press it once again to enter “FAN” mode. Conduction: food heats by contact with a hot surface such as the grate on the grill or a pan. Chimney Gasket – DC $ 1.14. If there is no ash buildup, the fans work properly, and fresh pellets are feeding in, your igniter is out and the grill will require a replacement igniter. The grill is active on the last device that connected to it. Grill smarter, eat better! If it fails to reconnect after 3 tries, (about 5 minutes) it will revert to WiFi mode or PtoP mode, depending on if it’s able to detect if it’s a client on your WiFi. In addition to The Best Value Gold medal, Davy Crockett won the 2013 VESTA Award for "Barbecues, Other Fuels". Yes, when a profile is started it is saved to the Grill’s controller and will continue to run to until it is stopped or overridden by manual controls. Set the controller off to the side. The grill will automatically power down after the “FAN” mode ends. When the fan rotates even without the pellets feeding to burn pot, it could mean the pellets bridged up through the intake for auger tube or something damaged in auger assembly. The big day comes and you’re about to use your GMG Prime Grill Davy Crockett only to find that there’s something to fix in it. Great for picnics, tailgates, beach parties as well as the backyard or patio. On the front of the digital control board is a small red led light (above green buttons and below Temp Display). Pull the temperature control out and remove both plugs from the top corners. This way, you will be able to solve any simple issue that may come along. If there’s a clicking sound while the auger is not running, it indicates a stripped gear within the gearbox, and the auger motor needs replacement. When downloading the grill will count from 1 to 100 dictating the percentage of download completion. Place the sweet potatoes in the microwave and cook until soft at full power for 12 minutes. Turn your grill into “0” cycle and observe the small white fan connected to auger motor’s end. Free shipping. You must be within your home WiFi network’s range to start the grill. DANIEL Boone. Confirm the following after performing a reset of the grill and attempt an update: Davy Crockett: 0.3-2.0 Daniel Boone: 0.5-2.5 Jim Bowie: 0.75-3.0. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii have a shipping charge of $150 Ships in 2-3 weeks directly from Green Mountain Grills straight to your Door This will end the clicking noise. What happens if the grill disconnects from server mode? If the grill is running cooler, move it to the left. Fortunately, Green Mountain has a solution in its moveable heat shield. If you want to sear your meat you will want to have the holes open, allowing direct heat to your meat. Make sure that the gasket goes between the chimney and the grill itself. Look up under the hopper and locate the 2 black wires attached to the hopper fan. • do not use any gasoline, lantern fuel, white gas, Locate the small two pin plug on the back of the control panel. To install the chimney you will need a 10mm wrench or socket. If you choose to cover your tray in foil, be sure that both the thermal sensor and the hole in the grease tray are not obstructed with foil.). Great for picnics, tailgates, beach parties as well as the backyard or patio. Straighten out the free ends of the pin, and pull it out of the hole (see photo). Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett 12V Power Converter Adapter P-1001 4.8 out of 5 stars 45. Refer here if your having issues with your Green Mountain Grills. Adjust your smoke and grill temp from 150°F to 550°F with 5° increment control. Accepts special characters and null passwords. of cooking surface – folding legs – Stainless Steel Baffles – 150-550 temp range – auto start. Then press the “connect” button to begin the local WiFi connection process. Need support? You can order a new meat probe here. • gmg’s grills are designed for and tested with green mountain’s brand of pellets. If the WiFi mode is still not working, then it means there is a problem in locating your grill. If you determined that your auger is jammed, you can try to work the affected pellets through the auger tube to clear out the jam.

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