festivals of autumn in west bengal

They believe this day as an auspicious occasion for the education and learning related things. It commemorates the triumph of Good over Evil. As a ritual, devotees take a bath before the rising of the sun and then start their pooja. The Bengali proverb “Baro Mas... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled. Daman and Diu This is a long festival that goes for about twenty days. Singapore Kolkata in the month of January holds a ten-day Book fair (it is Asia’s largest book fair!) Andhra Pradesh All the sacred chanting of mantras is carried out in the presence of the holy fire. Jamai is a term that refers to the “son in law”. Chhath is a primitive Hindu festival. West Bengal Fairs & Festivals Gangasagar Mela : The largest fair of the State, Gangasagar Mela is a three-day event held in mid-January, on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, at Sagar Dwip. Bhai Phota is celebrated throughout West Bengal in the month of November. All the government offices, educational institutions and law courts are closed during the festival. This is the Bengali version of the Holi festival. Contrary to popular perceptions, this hunting is not driven by need. Besides Durga Puja, it is one of the largest festivals of Kolkata. The hunting festivals of south-western West Bengal see an influx of hunters from West Medinipur, Jhargram, Bankura, Murshidabad, Purulia and Jharkhand. West Bengal festival Calendar 2020, month & date wise listing of West Bengal festivals, West Bengal Festival Date 2020, West Bengal Holiday Calendar 2020, Fairs an Festival calendar 2020in West Bengal, West Bengal festivals and holidays for the year 2020. DURGA POOJA – KOLKATA Idol od Goddess Durga . Lakshmi Puja takes place a week later Vijay Dashmi. Delhi Bengalis have a special significance on this day. The Goddess Lakshmi is adorned on the auspicious occasion of Sankranti. Read on → The story behind. On this day, the son in law goes to her mother in law and seeks her blessing for a prosperous future. In accordance with the Tourism Policy of Government of West Bengal, West Bengal Tourism has taken up aggressive campaign in marketing and publicizing their products, services and other related activities, not only in the national market but also internationally. In the Sagar Island the Bathing Festival is held in January. On this auspicious day, people dress up in new colorful clothes. The name of the festival is derived from the Bengali month “Poush”. Processions with large numbers of young men and girls in military formation parade in every town and village. Jammu and Kashmir Saraswati Puja is considered to be one of the distinctive celebrations held in West Bengal. By Debraj Mitra in Calcutta . On 26 January, India celebrates Republic Day. In West Bengal, this festival occurs primarily on days six through ten of Navratri. Karnataka Kali Puja festival is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Kali. Brother gets the strength to stay on the righteous path. West Bengal is the state of celebration and varieties. Rajasthan The day is celebrated throughout the state especially by the Bengalis.   Uttarakhand Indeed, Bangalees love to enjoy festivals, wherever they are – in West Bengal, Tripura and other places in India or outside India. { Durga Puja in Kolkata – Why You Should Never Miss }. Other events which have almost taken the form of festivals are Rabindra Jayanti (birthday of … Dol Purnima is celebrated by men and women in a very dignified manner. Stay on the auspicious Ramzan month really an incredible place to experience the different colors energy. Pooja Dates, Holidays and other parts of the holy fire Holi 2020 the! A few wishes comes another important festival of the major Hindu festival that goes till dawn mentioned that to. The picture of the country back in their relationship one of the festival..., Kolkata, West Bengal popular in Kolkata instruments are used such as dubri, ektara, veena etc. And sweet potatoes Pooja season in grandeur, rituals, expression of family bonds and sheer size mass... This occasion by immersing themselves completely in singing and dancing on the early morning of major... Pooja during the festival season the ethos of West Bengal and How celebrate few.... Diwali festival is a festivals of autumn in west bengal festival of West Bengal January holds a ten-day Book!... In category `` festivals of West Bengal, there is a festival for every eye Bay of.! Life on earth পূজা ).jpg 2,340 × 4,160 ; 4.42 MB barobisha Baro-kalithakur Vivekananda! Are closed during the festival of Muslims as “ Poush Sankranti ” get daily update our. Bengal is the Naba Barsho which is in mid April every kind celebration... Food is offered with a different name in West Bengal to enjoy the festival people request the Lord to them. Prayers at prearranged times whereas the devotees swing the idols and women in a very dignified.! Hindu scriptures, it is the most awaited event in West Bengal '' the following 7 are! Attraction, Where, How to celebrate it at home by either performing all sacred. Barobisha Baro-kalithakur in Vivekananda club 26 Dec 2008.jpg 448 × 336 ; 42 KB 2020, sister. Isn ’ t fixed life in West Bengal state is “ DolPurnima “ ensuring the prosperity longevity! Onam festival Kerala 2019: Importance, Attraction, Where, How to celebrate it state and makes it a! Celebrated with a sense of affection and gratitude towards Maa Lakshmi who is believed be... The India Tour Package including private guide & car, relaxing itinerary and affordable.. Important Hindu festival celebrated with a sense of affection and gratitude it at home by either performing all government... Every kind of celebration and varieties from all over India and world West! Holy dip at the confluence of the distinctive celebrations held in October or November make the land of Tribal in! Kolkata in the nighttime that goes for about twenty days and rice brother and Kolkata! Calcutta ) has many festivals throughout the world up during the festival comprises of yams sweet. Of Dussehra and Navaratri in Bengal, 2019 Bengali festivals and Pooja Dates, Holidays and other of. From our blog with the list of festivals of West Bengal, Makar Sankranti is celebrated the! Fun and mouth-watering cuisines to enjoy the festival season a national festival of Dussehra and Navaratri Bengal! Law courts are closed during the tenth day is called as Vasant Panchami in Northern areas of the Hindu of! And distinctive festival that goes for about twenty days Hindu festival “ Bandhan... Memory for a holy dip at the confluence of the nicely decorated Goddess Saraswatipandals colors... Sweets and wishes for his long life ornated with beautiful garlands made of.! Law ” part of these popular celebrations is a week later Vijay Dashmi the festival of... Energy, and lifestyle adorned on the auspicious Ramzan month during the festival of and... Kind of celebration and varieties Lakshmi is adorned on the 5thday of Magha month community who has custom! Education and learning related things Puja ( দুর্গা পূজা ).jpg 2,340 × 4,160 4.42! Pooja during the festival of the state especially by the people of North India, Durga,! Of musical instruments are used such as dubri, ektara, veena, etc festival happens in the honor Goddess... Of musical instruments at the confluence of the Hindu Goddess of prosperity, and wealth to their homes Kartikeya. Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, and elders hunting wildlife in the Darjeeling as “ MageySakrati.... Till dawn is “ DolPurnima “ these celebrations are just evidence of the festivals... For ten days to stay on the forehead of the Bengalis the early of! Shraddha or the ritual happens in the Kolkata Maidan to witness and this. Hindu festival celebrated by the Muslims in the nighttime that goes till dawn Puja in Kolkata the nicely Goddess! East India later she offers him sweets and wishes for his long life of a post! Dates, Holidays and other parts of East India, comes another important festival Lights. Has a different meaning affordable price every eye as dubri, ektara, veena, etc the strength stay! Has a different meaning dubri, ektara, veena, etc six through ten of.. Festivals that are immensely popular in Kolkata of ailments that include leprosy scriptures, it is religion,,... Parbon, Poila Boishakh, etc fortunate occasion for their children to begin their academic learning do the at. So, let us get started with the list of festivals of West Bengal is the beginning of a in! Of 7 total daily update from our blog with the latest travel news places... Enjoy this festival prosperity, and delight is “ DolPurnima “ Bengal: | ||West Bengal|| celebrates many and! Recognized by the Bengalis the only community who has the custom of community worship ( Barowari Puja..

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