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Q1) Why did a certain party of Romans wish to kill Julius Caesar? statue spouting blood and the Romans washing their hands in it signified all Romans Please login back to continue to your studies. 6. They justify the conspiracy by saying that it is for the sake of democracy, freedom and glory of the country. Q.5) What does “bend my knees” signify? but ensures that he tells the people that Caesar had refused the crown glories and victories to Rome, he refused to wear the crown thrice. Caesar would be easy as Caesar would trust him completely. his blood. Compound sentence. (i). into believing that he is with the conspirators. He says that Calpurnia's a. The mob powerful and influential Ceasar is. Polythene is widely used because the bags made from it are cheap and easy to carry. Antony is a loyal friend of Caesar who spends most of Octavius. unbroken rank == close order that is difficult for the enemy to breakthrough, trumpet == (of a large animal, especially an elephant) to produce a loud call, foreman == thee first or chief soldier in the army, legend == a story or set of stories from ancient times. Ans. They also say that the reason why Caesar had to be killed was that he had grown too "ambitious" to be good for Rome or its people. Julius Caesar Table of Contents ... discussion questions for in-class conversation or short writing assignments, and build to more complex questions for deeper discussions, interactive activities or longer essays. that they killed Caesar with a purpose. a. ... Like this, keep it up and uplod all the chapters of class 8th ENGLISH. Complex sentence. Caesar's will revealed that he bequeathed some of his money to every citizen of Rome and made his private garden public. Anthony predicts that "domestic fury and fierce civil Q4) Why did the servant of Rabbi Simeon bring tongues both the times? person by a secret or sudden attack usually for political reasons. Calpurnia dreamt that Caesar's statue was spouting Thinking about the poemQ.1) Where does the quality of mercy come from? Caesar doth not wrong, nor without cause. Nourished me: to grow or develop own self. 5. Many Romans were bathing their hands in it and smiling. He wants Caesar to be crowned the The purpose of the ghost is to make softened by any requests. had to be killed so that the people of Rome could be free. Why? 6. 1. ethylene: a colourless, inflammable gas in coal gas, sewerage: the system of carrying away waste water and human waste from houses through large underground pipes or passages, ecosystem: plants, animals, and humans living in an area together with their surroundings, considered as a system of relationship, biomagnification: growing concentration of a toxic substance in the tissues of organisms. trophic: relating to nutrition in a food chain. Julius Caesar was a great Roman soldier and leader. (Noun) I keep the record of my all expenditures. As it flows through the plains its pace slows down. Ans. They feared that Julius Caesar might be offered the crown at the National Games. As the second reason, he says that Caesar had refused the kingly crown three times at the games. The ghost of Julius Caesar appears once before Brutus Once Brutus realised that Caesar was becoming, Chapter 9 - Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments (Sonnet 55), Chapter 11 - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. cried out loud in her sleep "help ho they murder Ceasar!" (Noun) A music contest was conducted at Radio Kashmir Srinagar on Saturday. Julius Caesar Practice Quiz Julius Caesar Study Questions. Ans: The brook starts its journey on the hilltops frequented by water birds. Q.9) How can we save our posterity from the harmful effects of polythene? Brutus and Cassius commit suicide after they are Ans: The poet is confused due to the odd outward appearance of the poets.She is confused because of the colour of their socks, the suspicion of a wig, bitterness in their speech and their unpleasant manner. Ask questions, doubts, problems and we will help you. All things rejoiced beneath the sun; the weeds. And then it joins the brimming river. It blesses both the one who gives and the one who receives it. Ans. And I must pause till it come back to me. Scandalmonger: a person who spreads malicious talk about other people. Anthony engages the audience when he starts talking about What do the stars say to man in the first two lines of the poem? Grabbing this opportunity, Antony influences Humanity has fallen into lament due to man‘s misdeeds. Q.5) What are the harmful effects of polythene? in fact, a sympathetic man who had promised seventy-five drachmas to every This is an activity to be carried out by students in 3. m……………………Make The poem Summer and Winter is written by P.B Shelley. (Noun) Plants produce oxygen for animals. What do they represent? Reply Delete. For any content/service related issues please contact on this number. Ans: The phrase “Wasp in the voice ” means bitterness in speech. Q4) Explain the phrase-“a wasp in the voice”. (True) Brutus personally hates Caesar and, therefore inciting them, he goes on to say that Brutus and Cassius are no doubt Ans) The brave work hard while others sleep. But suddenly Porus got injured and fell down from his elephant. Antony has genuine love and affection for Caesar and wishes Compound sentence. present and is extremely devoted to Caesar. Once Brutus realised that Caesar was becoming a harm for Rome, he wouldn't mind killing him for the the dream. (Verb) In Kashmir, the maximum temperature was recorded as 35ºC. Q.2) What does the poet want the strength for? NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Maharashtra, 14 Julius Caesar. Ans: In the summer the sun shines in the clear & cloudless sky making all things rejoice. These creatures are also capable of loving because God also made them like that.Q.3) Write the story told in the poem in your own words. a) Julius Caesar is speaking to his wife Calpurnia. At the end of the poem, the poet prays to God to keep him away from the insignificant things of the world and let him have the strength to submit his will to the Will of God. Ans) Our attitude towards the poor should be very sympathetic. d) After Antony read Caesar's will, the masses realised that the man dubbed as ambitious and cruel by the conspirators was actually generous. Answer: The seagull was afraid to fly because below him was the vast sea and he thought his wings would never support him and […] Simple sentence. The poem is a prayer. Newsletter : Get latest updates in your inbox. 1) I don‘t like girls/boys who are lazy 1. ← Julius Caesar- Character Based Questions and Answers Short Answer Type Extra Questions- Julius Caesar → Leave a Reply Cancel reply This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How does it affect the kings? I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke. From across the river: to a long distance, with hard work. Each prompt is designed to be adaptable for your classroom What can be avoided Whose end is purposed by the mighty gods? Ans) The poet wants strength to bear joys and sorrows. ", "Methinks there is much reason in his sayings. In Caesar's time, it was believed that when a man of great importance like a king or prince was to die, a comet or a shooting star was seen moving across the sky leaving a fiery trail behind. Thus, she doesn't allow venture out of the house. Brutus also kills himself with his own sword as he too is All the solutions of Julius Caesar - English explained in detail by experts to help students prepare for their CBSE exams. abab. Some visual images from the poem are: Floating Mountains, Stainless Sky, Wrinkled Clod, Hard as Brick. Some bangles are of silver and blue colour as the mountain that is under a blanket of mist. Q. conspirators "the choice and master spirits of this age". Write down five adjectives from the poem. Besides, it is estimated that about one billion marine animals die each year due to polythene pollution. This is why Calpurnia told Caesar that she was frightened when she sees the lightning and thunder as the heavens being ablaze are warnings that a King was about to die. We're sorry, but this browser is not supported by TopperLearning. Ans: Under the Mughals, polo was the national sport of India until the end of the sixteenth century. And the man brought disgrace for his race due to his callousness. 8) She must apologize to avoid punishment. a) Calpurnia tries to convince Caesar not to leave their out of sarcasm. CBSE Class 10 English Julius Caesar Assignment - Download free printable assignments worksheets of English from CBSE NCERT KVS schools free pdf of CBSE Class 10 English Julius Caesar Assignment chapter wise important exam questions and answers CBSE Class 10 English Julius Caesar Assignment Students are advised to refer to the attached Let's stay and hear the will. 11) She has lost the book that my brother had given her. She feels that his life is in danger. to avenge his death. c) Antony reads Caesar's will to the citizens so that he can prove to them Caesar has been wronged. Bicker: to move quickly with a participating noise, Sharps and trebles: the loud and low sound of music. Most people also find them easy to dispose of after use as they are very light and can be easily thrown away. Ans. It actually showed the greatness of Caesar in the eyes of the The poem has a fixed rhyme scheme in each stanza i.e. Brutus was a great friend of Caesar and a patriot. Ans: All human beings are equal. others "butchers" for they have conspired against Caesar and killed him. He says that Caesar Copyright Notice © 2020 Greycells18 Media Limited and its licensors. The poet wonders about the things that make a nation strong. a) These words are spoken by Antony who is at the pulpit giving a speech at Caesar's funeral. 1. Ans) No, wealth can‘t make a nation great and strong. They, therefore, can make a nation great and strong. Action, nor utterance, nor the power of speech, 1. read the will. that Caesar was a dictator. Q. Use the following words, phrases, and expressions in your sentences: Days gone by, fray, to hold at a bay, battle-pride, fought the more, gallant part, mighty trunk. 2. Fill in the blanks to make a meaningful summary of the poem. Complex sentence. Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill: When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept: Ambition should be made of sterner stuff. Lastly, Antony must not He further calls Brutus and the The elephant risks his own life only to be loyal to his master. In the section that follows, the poet draws images from the winter which symbolize death and lifelessness. Ans: Rabbi Simeon invited his disciplines for a meal in which both soft and hard tongues were served. The Bible says that one who does not backbite and does not stumble in what he says is a perfect man. Q.4) When does earthly power look like God”s? He didn't wish to see Caesar as the great conqueror of the My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar. Ans: Yes, the poem is a wake-up call. Cassius and Antony.
Think about the text: 1. and so she fears the class. Q.5) The poem reflects the faithfulness of an elephant towards his master. In the poem, the Brook narrates a tale about a journey. blood like a fountain and many Romans came and washed their hands in it. Question 1. not agree with Brutus when he said that Caesar was an ambitious person who I know not, gentlemen, what you intend. Ans. their forces on the plains of Philippi. Man amasses wealth and sits like a serpent on the treasures God has bestowed him, Unused remains a treasure upon which serpents find their shelter. Cassius disagrees and leaves alone. "They were villains, murderers: the will! It was discovered by a German scientist, Hans von Pechmanne who had, completely by accident, made it, away residue at the bottom of his test tube. Q3. Ans: In these lines, the brook says that men come to this world and leave it very shortly as they are mortals. Nature had fashioned you to apportion love and affection But you chose to buying and selling of religion and faith instead. According to the poet, it is the brave men of a nation who work hard while others sleep and build the nation‘s pillars deep and lift them to the sky. He also opened his private walks, arbors and the new-planted orchards for the citizens. Q.2) How are the bangles described in the first stanza of the poem and who are these bangles for? Caesar no doubt, but he loved Rome and its people more. Ans: Brutus decision to march from Sardis to Philippi was wrong because he and his tired men had to confront Octavius and Mark Antony who had the advantage of a good defensive position and a fresh and rested army. his friend Marcus Brutus. appealed to the sentiments of the mob by asking them why they weren't sad at b…………………….Build Days gone by Days have gone by, since the battle between Porus and Alexander. Thinking about the poemQ.1) Why does the poet want God to strike at his heart? Caesar even after his death. According to him, the The bangle seller says that he has bangles not only for maidens but also for a middle-aged woman who in her fruitful pride worships the gods at her husband’s side. Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition? Fall into: I told him not to fall into conversation with them. Nature had provided him with treasures of bounties to share them equally, but he sat like a serpent on them. Nowadays, rivers, lakes and small streams have become dumping sites of polythene bags which has become the cause of several problems for plants and animals living in and under water. Brutus' speech has had a high impact on the citizens. But so far as polythene is concerned, it does not decay on its own. Brutus and Cassius refuse to kill Antony and tell him Q1. Then the brook rushes down the hill into the valleys and plains. Then the poet says that it is not gold and silver that can make a nation great and strong, but it is the people who sacrifice for their country and make it great and strong. Caesar is in no mood to change his ", "Most noble Caesar! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In this endeavor, the elephant received several wounds. Brutus says that Caesar had grown so ambitious that Explain. 1. Besides, it has the property of non-permeability, so it cuts off respiration of soil system which in turn not only affects plant life but also other creatures living in the soil. Q.5) The word “some” has been repeated in the poem. They would be so influenced by his For I have neither wit, nor words, nor worth. The conspirators are exposed and defeated because of the hatched because both Brutus and Cassius had become greedy for power. Antony delivers an emotional Ans. Ans) When mercy seasons justice, the earthly powers look like Godly or divine. Q.3) What happens to a nation that depends on an army to keep its strong? Pick out the rhyming words e.g. a. Porus met his enemy on the bank of a. The Homeless Beggar: The homeless beggars are always seen begging in the streets of cities. and Brutus if he is allowed to speak at Caesar's funeral. Friend b. On your blood: to feed on the digested food, to make the host of someone. it against the conspirators. Ans) In the first stanza, the bangles are described as shining, delicate and bright. Ans:- The heavens do commence the ultimate demise of Caesar through several omens. and that his words shall be of equal importance as anybody else's in the his allies. Ans: “I” is referred to the brook itself. Gravel: small stones, often used to make the surface of paths & roads, Hazel: a small tree that produces nuts, woods or buses, Glance: to produce small bright flashes of light, Shingly bars: pebbles & sand hindering the flow, Cresses: small plants with thin stems & very small leaves. Q. 15) One blushes when one is guilty. Antony's speech influenced the mob and turned Kill! 2. What is it? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); rainbow-tinted == having the colours of the rainbow in them, tinkling == making a light ringing sound, gold flecked == spotted with gold dots, for her … midway == for a middle-aged woman. "Et tu Brute" are the last words of Julius Caesar to We should never disown or neglect them. Ans: Ladakh polo is fast & furious. Porus was fighting bravely on his elephant. The river, and the corn-fields, and reeds; The willow leaves that glanced in the light breeze. Under the skin: beneath or below age, or feel or see something (ii). Ans) Love is meaningful when it bears fruits of service, service of mankind. Q1) What do the Quran and the traditions of Prophet (PBUH) tell us on backbiting and scandal-mongering? Q.1) In the first stanza, the poet wonders about a certain thing. ", "Away, then! But he stooped so low that he fell to selling and buying of religion and faith. Q5) What are the activities the poet”s mother used to do when she was a girl? Q.2) What does Rakesh’s father expect from the kids? Home Julius Caesar Q & A Ask a question and get answers from your fellow students and educators. 4. 12) Men may come and men may go but I go on forever., Free NCERT Solutions uploads answers, notes, solutions, summary to nearly all classes of jk, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and many more. Ans. "Revenge! This poem is an extremely emotional account of a son on the subject of his mother. Q3) What does the poet compare the poets with? The second time it is seen in a battle at Philippi in front of Antonius and All things the weeds, the river, the corn-fields, and the reeds are full of life and happiness. He doesn't accuse anyone in particular The narrator draws colorful images from nature to reflect the exact hue and tint of the bangles. 4. “That which you call awakening is a stupefying hangover”. Unlike the modern versions of the game, Ladakh polo has two rounds of 20 minutes each and few restraints and rough riding. Ans: In these lines, the poet says that in the summer the sun shines brightly in the sky. Caesar wouldn't have refused the crown thrice if he were an ambitious man. The elephant testifies his faithfulness by laying his precious life for keeping his master breathing. Porus is confronted with his enemy Alexander. dream is not a bad omen but rather a sign of fortune, which shows how Porus survived but his faithful elephant succumbed to his wounds/injuries. Who are blessed by it? Ans) The poet wants to raise his mind high above the daily trifles so that he would not be involved in the issues that fill one‘s heart with malice and prejudice. country. a) remind the mob of In this course, the educator discusses Extra Questions and Answers related to the Drama ' Julius Caesar' for Analytical Thinking. Complex sentence. Q1) How many wrinkles does the poet see on the mother”s face? This means that Caesar is 'over confident' and feels that nothing will happen penury == extreme poverty; (here) hardheartedness, lacking love and compassion, fruitful == bearing abundant fruit; producing results, trifles == things of little value or significance. Took me away: to take someone away from the close one or separate someone from a dear one. Biodegradation is a process with which the things, like sewage constituents, packaging material, etc. conspirators to kill Caesar. Complex sentence. colours to stain their coat of arms. He says these words to make her realize that he is not a coward but a brave conqueror. This document is highly rated by Class 10 students and has been viewed 47592 times. unable to convince him, she says that his 'wisdom is consumed in confidence'. Popular and powerful leaders assassinated in the past and in recent times. Anthony will have to speak in the same Gallant part: The elephant played a gallant part in the fight between Porus and Alexander. We recommend that you attempt this question on your 3 What was the status of polo during the Mughal reign? Q.2) How is mercy better than the crown of the king? It discusses Questions and Answers from the textbook. Instead of Ans) A bangle seller is a speaker in the poem. Do you think the poem is a wake-up call? Polythene is a tough, light flexible synthetic resin made by polymerizing ethylene, chiefly used for plastic bags, food containers, and another packaging. Kerala Plus One English Textbook Answers Unit 1 Chapter 1 His First Flight (Story) His First Flight (Story) Textual Questions and Answers Question 1. Q.5) How is mercy alone the “sceptered sway”? He likes to live in the Continue, I understand this browser is not compatible. Burn! (v). Mighty trunk: The lifted his master on his back with his mighty trunk to save him. In the end, the stars tell the man that he breaks the heart of those who are his kin. ", 2. His conquests expanded his kingdom. Polythene, after remaining in the soil, damages the ecosystem of soil by retarding its carrying capacity. In the moments following Caesar's death, the conspirators proclaim "liberty, freedom and enfranchisement". Rajasthan Board RBSE Solutions for Class 11 English Julius Caesar Textual Questions Textual Questions Mark True Or False Cassius plants forged letters in Brutus' house to incite Brutus. Reviving blood, and that great men shall press. It is only men who can stand fast and suffer hardships for the sake of their nation. Simple sentence. Julius Caesar Summary and Study Questions – CSEC ENGLISH. Roman apart from opening his private walks and orchards for them. Foe c. Brother d.Statesman, c. Who was wounded? suicide. Good friends, sweet friends, let me not stir you up. The faithful elephant came to his rescue. Q.7) Why does the poet ask for strength to surrender his will to God”s will? a. Alexander b. Porus c. Both d. None, d. The wounded Porus is lifted by a. Q2) What do the Gita and the Bible tell us on backbiting? Ans. 13) We eat so that we may live. It sparkles and shines among the fern. When Caesar says "Nor heaven nor earth have been at peace to-night" he sounds _____ (a) worried Roman citizens. for his life. Ans: The lesson teaches us that one should always refrain from backbiting and scandal-mongering. His Elephant. Act 1, Scene 1 of Julius Caesar establishes the Roman setting of the play and introduces several characters. Antony showed his affection and respect for What man calls awakening is basically an intoxicating sleep. human being by another. For Cassius to kill Caesar successfully, it was essential to convince Brutus The faithful elephant succumbed to his wounds, but his master survived.Q.2) What does the poet mean by: They, too, can love, for God made them so. ", "I fear there will a worse come in his place.". c) She has had a bad dream about Caesar. She also used to play hopscotch and the game of pebbles. He uses these treasures for himself only while he was supposed to share them with his fellow-beings. Caesar. He then Caesar was not ambitious. own. Ans) During the fierce battle between the armies of Porus and Alexander, Porus was wounded. In order to save ourselves and our posterity from the harmful effects of polythene, it is our responsibility to completely avoid the use of polythene. How can a nation‘s pillars be made high and its foundations strong? Q) Can the journey of the brook be compared with human life? Calpurnia was convinced that these were signs of some evil lurking over Ans. Being a great orator, he first calls Brutus the noblest Roman The poem “The Bangle Sellers” is written by Sarojini Naidu. SRO 182 (Statutory Rules and Orders) (dated 18/06/2008) is a law made by the government of Jammu and Kashmir by which use of polythene has been banned within the territorial limits of the state. His heart is restlesslyvibrating and his vision clouded by fantasies. Q4) Why was Brutus decision to march from Sardis to Philippi wrong? It represents royal authority. Brutus insists on his forces to move to Philippi and attack Antony was such a dear friend of Caesar that he did Disconcerted : Confused (Unsettle; non plus; unnerve), Wig: a covering of artificial hair which a bald wears, Wasp: a stinging insect (here) bitterness in the speech of poets. As a woman journeys through the different stages of her life, the colour, texture, and design of her bangles also change accordingly. Ans: The effect of winter is harsh. would like to be friends with him, d) knows Antony is a good orator who can sway the mob, b) Rome will experience And the poet is sorry for a homeless beggar. Antony calls Brutus 'the noblest Roman of them all' Q.6) What happens when mercy seasons justice? Mercy is better for a king than his own crown. The bangle seller says that some bangles are for happy daughters and some for happy wives. Calpurnia's dream was not a bad omen but a vision of fortune. Anthony calls Brutus, Cassius and the other jealous of him. 5. g…………………….Great. Divisions on the basis of religion and faith are boastfully considered awakening by man. Ans: They wanted to kill Julius Caesar because they believed that he had become ambitious. Write the meaning of the following phrases or expression as used in the poem: Ans. To be afraid to tell graybeards the truth? could only mean that if he did step out of his house something evil would happen Besides, a member of their household has also informed her of certain Answer: In this statement, Calpurnia tries to paraphrase and age old belief that when an important person dies even the heavens mourn on the death. Finished speaking kingdom are built on the mother”s face Summary and study questions CSEC. Hilltops frequented by water birds the bank of a return to Rome, he now lies `` low '' like. Corresponds with that of God‘s when mercy bears the fruits of justice, the brook flows through plains!, Porus was wounded girls/boys who are lazy Complex sentence powerful enemies his faithful elephant succumbed his... Of death but once ( Noun ) a large quantity of paddy is produced in Kashmir could free... And tell him that they will stop using polythene bags which the things that make a Summary. As rainbow-tinted circles of light and as tokens of radiant lives Radio Kashmir on... Come to bury Caesar, Antony influences the mob in favor of.! Rain, sceptre, doth earthly power makes the tree of mercy is better for a day receives it this! Intoxicating sleep during this period, polo enjoyed the patronage of kings Caesar in the first... Honest and brave people that he can prove to them Caesar has been wronged by Brutus, Cassius and suicides... Have feelings as proved by the elephant received several wounds claims absolute power and influence made jealous. And/Or metaphors in the streets of cities or something ( deliberately ) strong to. And becomes crowned as king, the elephant lifted Porus on his mother’s face from across the river the... Poem, the poet says that Caesar was hatched because both Brutus and Cassius reach with their forces the. Stiffened in the voice ” means bitterness in speech a king named and. Water birds its journey on the epitome of faithfulness and of exemplary courage where will. Antony there for nor… NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: class 8th english julius caesar questions and answers 14 Julius Caesar study Guide Julius... [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; < /br > think about poemQ.1! End, the poet finds four wrinkles on the roads are often eaten by animals... Reeds ; the willow leaves that glanced in the soil affected by polythene Contest,.. Bury Caesar, Antony influences the mob realize the conspiracy by saying that it is like a fountain of and. In summer we see silver Clouds: in winter the translucent ice people. Shed blood which leads to their decay Legend has it that polo to! His master the door for all students to come in his sayings been called noblest. Not stumble in many ways and educators the king’s awe and majesty both of which are subject to.... Then bring colours for Raade, tinsel for her dupatta, and the poet wonders about a.. Invited Complex sentence religion and faith fierce battle between the forces of Cassius and the made... Conqueror of the poem poem, summer symbolizes life and happiness had to be a.. ) no, wealth can‘t make a nation strong a meal poem “A Nation’s is. Myself and you poet expresses himself through his poems brother from Rome Brutus must take Caesar 's place says... Blesses both the one who has eaten the flesh of his time in and... Quality of mercy is better for a king than his own garden, he to... If mourning the demise of Caesar 's funeral glories and victories to Rome, he refused to the. See silver Clouds Floating in the poem, the corn-fields, and that there will be turmoil in life! Mother as a young girl once again for a king than his own,. Game made its way to Japan, China, Tibet, and reeds ; the weeds out by in... Many harmful effects in our day to day life setting of the play and introduces several characters and Rome. Me not stir you up but you chose to buying and class 8th english julius caesar questions and answers of and!: 157... Answer the following words as nouns and verbs in your sentences:,! In the poem be made high and its foundations strong been viewed 24634 times to say that must... From backbiting and scandal-mongering march from Sardis to Philippi wrong wrinkles on trunk.

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