Book Reviews

Thanks Inspirations & Celebrations for reviewing and featuring my new book Life IS Beautiful.

★★★★★ Admittedly, I’m naturally pessimistic. Constant joyful optimistic can grate on me, because it makes me wonder- what’s the catch? For that reason, I should not enjoy Jacqueline Pirtle’s self help books. She’s everything I’m not (in my own biased by depression perspective). But damn it, I really really do. We’re on an incredible journey! I love how she talks about the journey we’re on! “Your physical body – your host to make this wild ride of a life possible – is a masterpiece living the energetically guided masterplan, by serving the physical journey that is put in motion by your energetic essence.” (JP, Life IS Beautiful)

★★★★★ Jacqueline, then will let you experience an amazing moment: your arrival on Earth! It’s important to remain real experiencing the essence you were from the beginning and beyond, reports Jacqueline. Another beautiful self-help and motivational book for everyone! ~Journalist Anna Maria Polidori

★★★★★ This is my second book by Ms. Pirtle. After the first book which I adored I also began listening to her daily podcast, which is blissfully short, uplifting and to-the-point. The best thing I do for myself on my morning commute.” ~Amazon Review

★★★★★ “My second book by this author… it is an enchanting journey This book is a conversation, written in a light accessible tone which I have come to admire because it is not one of the self-help books with the references to experts, research papers and double blind studies. But also the book asks you to do some inner work, to suspend disbelief, to be wiling to question your assumptions, to actively engage, to embark on a journey. It leaves you uplifted, empowered and contemplating possibilities. Read on.” ~ Amazon Verified Review

★★★★★ “Every single book I have read by Jacqueline I have grabbed a journal and personally worked on myself by journaling parts of each book that were important to me.  Life IS Beautiful is perfect because you can journal inside the book as you read, which is awesome! I really liked all of the key aspects of going deep within yourself, to be the change within, that you want to reflect every day. I recently noticed how beautiful a tree was and how many colors are actually on a flower. Instead of just noticing a tree or flower. Personally I think this is significant and had an “awe” moment seeing it in this book. Every chapter gives such meaning on how to grow and work on personal development. I really didn’t want the book to end but I’m excited because I know there will be another one soon. I think this book will help thousands because it goes into the subconscious and brings out inner joy & peace. Life really is beautiful!” ~ Amazon reviewer