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★★★★★ “The suggestions the author made were useful. For instance, when we align our energies, then there’s no telling what we, as women, can accomplish.” -THE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF BOOKS – Professional Editorial Review

Which line stood out from all the others in the book? Your weakness lies in measuring yourself against men on the physical-body and physical-life level by wanting the value of physical equlity, by wanting the same physical life experiences, or by trying to change men all together. 

General Summary for Context: Jacqueline Pirtle discusses the belief fallacies both men and women have concerning what it means to be a woman. The thought-provoking questions found throughout challenge readers to examine their own beliefs about the female experience. 

Concise Review: I was initially intrigued by the title What It Means to Be a Woman because although some experiences are universal, being a woman within different cultures may not be. I wanted to know how Ms. Pirtle experienced being a woman and how that compared to my own.

In that regard, I was not disappointed. Ms. Pirtle was very clear when she wrote about her experience of being a woman. There were even some reflective questions throughout the book that were designed for the reader to examine her own life experiences and see where she could improve her awareness and quality of life.

I enjoyed the analogy the author presented on how being a woman has a specific energy vibration distinct from being a man. I agreed with her that sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to be equal to men that we don’t focus on our own powerful vibrations enough. The suggestions the author made were useful. For instance, when we align our energies, then there’s no telling what we, as women, can accomplish. 

General thoughts: Overall, I found What It Means to Be A Woman: And Yes, Women do Poop! By Jacqueline Pirtle a nifty little guide to some of the experiences women have. It provided numerous examples in which each and every woman can reflect on her own life and become more empowered through self-understanding.


“In short, I loved this book! I would sincerely recommend it to everyone who is looking to discover their purpose in a really challenging year.”

It is an invitation to a candid soulful conversation with another woman/author
I read the book in two evenings, during the quarantine, and recommend it highly to women with some time on their hands to give back to themselves. Sometimes a conversation with another woman is an act of self-care. This why is was for me. The author invites you for a chat, a candid low-key conversation. She is a spirited honest conversationalist, who invites you to reflect on being a woman, to celebrate femininity, to acknowledge pain and to move past it. The flow of the book is seamless and gentle and at the end it makes for an enlightening, poignant and funny conversation.

What’s wrong with the conversation?
There is nothing wrong with having an honest and open conversation with another mature adult woman. Instead of being quick to judge I like to take opportunities to learn how another beautiful human being live their lives. If we were all the same it would be boring. I’ve read all of the authors book and her true voice, humor, and soul shines through. This books addressed the elephant that sometimes may be in the room, but in a casual yet mature way. Read it for yourself, you’ll see.

Very helpful
I highly recommend this book. After going through some personal issues in my own life, this book helped me tremendously.