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★★★★★ Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops by Jacqueline Pirtle is the go-to primer for expectant, struggling, or just plain curious parents. Pirtle uses her experience as a mother and holistic practitioner to distill her key takeaways for developing a healthy, nourishing relationship with your children.

At the heart are her Three Pillars: The Harmonious Dance, It Is Never the Child, and The Love Cycle of Parenthood. To give just a taste of these teachings, the first pillar—The Harmonious Dance—describes the natural give-and-take relationship between parents and their children, where the role of teacher and student is meant to switch constantly as children grow up. When parents fall too heavily into teacher mode, The Harmonious Dance becomes unbalanced.

Through the synergy of these three pillars, Pirtle takes readers on a journey from pre-conception all the way to adulthood, checking in with parents at each stage of growth and describing the unique challenges—and joys!—that accompany each one.

Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops is an optimistic manual for any parent who needs to be reminded of how special their job really is.

Pirtle’s perspective on parenthood is truly unique—and refreshing. She believes that the healthiest families blossom where equality is encouraged. Forgetting to respect our children enough, or putting too much pressure on them because parents know what is right, is exactly the wrong way to raise young adults. And, while this message might be tough for some parents to hear, it could be exactly what they need to hear.

For readers who are interested in engaging with more of Pirtle’s teachings, they are encouraged to pick up a copy of 365 Days of Happiness, which is a guide to cultivating true happiness in one’s life. Though less specific to parenthood, this brilliant book carries its own share of great life lessons.

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Books Written In 2019 To Help You Transition Into 2020

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…It’s not easy raising children but this book is a fun and easy read that lets you know that you are not alone.

This book opens new doors for you to dive into parenthood with fresh zest, plenty of fun, and infinite love for yourself and your children by teaching you these 3 important pillars to better parenting:

The Harmonious Dance, It Is Never The Child, and The Love Cycle of Parenthood

No matter if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle, or just a lover of life, Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops will inspire you to dig deeper into the enjoyment of being alive and being a Mother or Father.

Get ready, this book will leave you with a sweet tooth that is endlessly craving well-feeling parenting and life moments every day!

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…Initially I was like, “oh not another parenting book…” However after having a few hard weeks parenting , Emily. I decided to read the book and I am glad I did.

…Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops is less a book about how to parent , but how to bring joy to parenting and thus your lives.

…We often get stuck in a rut , Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops will help inspire you to dig deeper into the enjoyment of being alive and being a Parent. The book has some nuggets of parenting wisdom that you can use and which i have tried to implement in my approach to parenting.

…So has the book made me a better parent? I’m not sure. What it has done is to remind me to bring Joy to my life and my daughters, to enter into daily activities with gusto. I have the choice to be grumpy and exhausted mom or I can be a happy mom. I have the choice to be miserable or happy. Being miserable is draining on your body and mind , while being happy is energizing.
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Best of 2019 – Gifts With Energy

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I am super excited that both my books 365 Days of Happiness and Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops made it on this wonderful list of Best of 2019!

Freaky Healer Books: Author Jacqueline Pirtle really knows how to put a smile on your face! Check out her Best Selling 365 Days of Happiness book – a step-by-step guide! And her latest – Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops – focused on enjoying parenthood more!

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