How to Stay Happy!

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…Today we’re talking about Jacqueline Pirtle’s book, 365 Days of Happiness, and the pursuit of happiness.

What is happiness?
How do you mindfully practice happiness?
Why is happiness always possible?
Why is it so hard to be happy?
“Are you happy?”––why this question is infinitely valuable for living a better life

Jacqueline Pirtle is a bestselling author and speaker, a Healing Arts Consultant, Holistic Practitioner and owner of FreakyHealer.

Ready to Talk Lollipop-Parenting?

NEW podcast episode!

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…Our guest today is Jacqueline Pirtle, a bestselling author and speaker. Jacqueline is a Healing Arts Consultant, Holistic Practitioner and owner of Freaky Healer. Today we’re talking about her book, Parenting Through The Eyes Of Lollipops.

What is parenting through the eyes of lollipops?
What is mindful parenting?
What is a harmonious dance with your children?
Why is it that “it is never the child?”
What is the love-cycle of parenthood?

How To Find Infinite Love For Yourself & Your Child

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…Here it is a new episode and this one is 💯 feel good being you and also a parent, with bestselling author Jacqueline Pirtle, her energy is definitely contagious! Another one of my favorites.

Fun conversation and a wonderful cause! Happier parents and happier children!


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“Are you happy?”

This question is usually answered with a fast “Yes” or “No,” or a long period of hard thinking about “Am I” or “Am I not?”

Either way, there is an important point missed:

  • If answered real fast without thinking or feeling – no matter if it is a yes or no – your commitment to choosing, practicing, and being happiness is very loose. The point here, is that you are missing out.
  • If you are thinking hard and long about your answer, you create loads of expectations about how happiness has to BE—and if your happiness does not match those expectations, you create resistance: A state that is far from being happy.

Let me explain…

If I would ask you “Are you a physical body?” You would automatically and consciously become aware of – and feel – your physical body. You would laugh and say, “Of course, can’t you see?” That is because there is no doubt in your belief that you ARE a physical body – besides being a mind, soul, and consciousness – experiencing your physical life through this body. 

You would never get up in the morning and search for your physical body. You would never think “Am I or am I not a body?” because you know and believe that as long as you are experiencing this physical life, you and your body are one and the same. You ARE a body.

That is the same with happiness…

You ARE happiness and happiness IS you! You two are never separate—but always ONE. 

Happiness is not something you do, think, or search for—it is something that you already ARE and can feel and experience. Happiness is present in every cell of yours – and in every cell of the universe and beyond – and is always with you and in you. It is given to you – just like your physical body – as a part of the package deal for you to experience this physical life right now. 

All you have to do…

Is start believing that you ARE happiness – the same way you believe that you are a physical body – and then make it your normal way of being. 


  • Believe that you ARE happiness!
  • Commit to being happiness!
  • Choose to feel happy anew and anew!
  • Practice happiness again and again!
  • Then BE and live it—just like you ARE and live your physical body!

The result, is that reaching the state of being happy loses any pressure or resistance there is. The search for happiness – especially when searched for on the outside – can end. The stress to reach happiness is non-existent. 

Everyone can simply just BE what they already are. Happiness.

So, I want to ask you, “Are you happy?”

I bet your answer will be very different.

That IS happiness! The value of this article is in support of my best-selling book 365 Days of Happiness. Available on amazon and FreakyHealer

This article is in print in the Edge Magazine

Living Better One Day At A Time By Rachel Davis

New Book Review!

…I will admit that I was kind of skeptical going in as it seemed like the more I read, the more her ideology was in contrast to how I was raised and what I feel is the right way of parenting- that I am the parent and my kids are kids and must listen and follow my lead. Pirtle argues that children and their parents are equals in this life of parenting and there are times that one is the student and one is the teacher and vice-versa. It is a harmonious dance in which the child and parent are equal participants. 

…Pirtle offers 3 pillars of beliefs that summarize her parenting advice–The Harmonious Dance, It is Never the Child, and The Love Cycle of Parenthood. The pillars offer joyful, energized ways to be a better parent and a better participant in whatever level of parenthood you are in (including before you conceive, when your child is a baby, young child, teenager and adult). They remind you to enjoy the role of being a parent to your greatest blessings. 

…I personally needed that particular reminder and I picked up several tidbits that I believe will help me in my parenting journey with the kiddos. Ideologies that will hopefully help bring back my joy as a mom and allow me to have a better relationship with my children.