The Daily Freak Hit 1K Plays!

Oh my! 1K plays!!! I’m just so happy!

Thanks to all my listeners for making my podcast The Daily Freak a success! Thanks to all my fans, followers, readers, clients, friends, and supporters—I’m deeply humbled.

What started out as a “trial” just a couple months ago turned quickly into a “keeper,” one I enjoy producing.

Description of The Daily Freak: Inspirational and happiness provoking life hacks–brought to you by Jacqueline Pirtle, the bestselling author of 365 Days of Happiness, What it Means to BE a Woman, Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops, and Life IS Beautiful. Jacqueline invites you to shift yourself to BE and live in your high-for-life frequency–a space in which you experience your life as the most phenomenal ever, no matter the circumstances. Listen newly Monday – Friday—weekends are for re-hearing your most loved episodes. Enjoy every morning, apply with enthusiasm, and be ready, because your life IS awesome!

Keep listening on all major platforms – episodes are less than 10 minutes – and keep sharing with others that can use a bit of light every day.