365 Days Of Happiness (or how to make yourself happy)!

Thanks 365DaysOfWellbeing (love your name btw!) for your amazing insight of what my book shifted for you!

…The idea is you work through the book doing one practice a day. The teachings are short, easy to digest and don’t require any pre-planning so they’re really easy to do each morning and help set you up for the day.

…And this is where ‘365 days of happiness’ comes in…

…I’m generally a positive person by nature. However, I can spiral downwards when I’m tired; I eat bad food, avoid exercise and then feel miserable because I’m not looking after myself properly. It’s a chicken and egg situation and one I feel more motivated to change after reading ‘365 days of happiness’.

…6 lessons I learnt from reading ‘365 days of happiness’

…4. Pirtle also asks you to imagine yourself as a hotel owner and to think about how you would care for your guests, how you would check in with them and create an experience that they would enjoy. She asks that you recreate that experience for yourself. So check in with yourself and ask how you feel, what you need right now and how you can serve yourself better? This feels like the ulimate self-care and worth remembering for people who tend to put themselves last.

To read lesson 1-3 and 5-6, and her full review, you need to click the link and go read it!


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