Improving Mental Health With 365 Days Of Happiness!

New book review ALERT!

Thanks Bournemouthgirl 🙂

…Now I could pretend not to be one those people who picks books because of their covers, but I totally am ha ha! I am always drawn to a book more because of an attractive cover. The cover of 365 Days of Happiness is so pretty, the colours compliment each other. It also has a cupcake on the front, I mean who doesn’t like cake?

…This book is motivating and encouraging. It radiates positivity.

…Day 9 for example is such a thought provoking and encouraging day! It is so true, everyone matters, everyone makes their mark on this world.

…I have been reading it and will continue to do so. It is a book that definitely makes you think and helps you be in charge of your happiness.

Check out her full blog! You will love it!

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