Diffusing The Tension And Happiness!


Thanks Diffusing the Tension for reading my book, spreading awareness of it, and sharing about living blessed lives 🙂

…Pirtle’s enthusiasm for life is truly palpable. Meant to be a daily reader (one page or section a day to carry you through a year), these easy to digest but deeply profound sections give us quite a bit to think about. It is also full of practical exercises.

…“Imagine standing on top of a mountain with both of your arms stretched high up in the air. You close your eyes, you breathe deep, and think (or say or shout!) ‘I AM alive!’ Feel this!” (p. 32)

…“Imagine a child looking up into the sky, saying “I believe…!” (p. 36)

…“Every rejection is a sign that the universe has your back.” (p. 39)

…“Use the momentum of waking up (also after a nap!) to create your perfect day!” (p. 42)

…“Imagine that you have a ‘Magical Blessing Wand.’ With that wand, you get to bless everything and everyone you encounter in your new day. Once touched by your blessings, miracles can happen.” (p. 53)

…“Be a rebel!” (p. 101)

…“I say YES!” (p. 122)

Check out her full review! You will be glad you did!

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