WhatAbbieSays About 365 Days of Happiness!

…I’d never read a book like this before and I must admit to being a bit sceptical at first. I suffer with low mood and anxiety and am also a natural cynic so how much would this book realistically change the way I think?

…Jacqueline will teach you the very easy, subtle art of changing the way you think to a much more positive happy outlook on life.

…I’m the type of person who can often find herself in a more negative head space and that can be a funk that can be quite hard to break out of. This book teaches you simple ways to rethink normal, day to day life and before you know it, it’s slowly seeping into your normal way of thinking.

…place on your bedside table or your kitchen counter so when you wake up first thing or have a few minutes with a cup of tea and your breakfast you can spend a moment or two dedicated to yourself, your thoughts, gratitude and mindfulness

…As someone who can often feel quite pessimistic this book taught me that sometimes you have to adopt a mindset in seeing positivity in things you might not normally.

…I really liked this book and I feel like Jacqueline’s personality and soul shines through so warmly. It’s like she’s an actual friend and is offering life advice and cheering me up a bit every morning! 

…I’ve actually lent it to a friend and he really loved it and tries to put the teachings into practice each and every day

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Monkey Bars!

Happy-tizing Monday!


365 Days of Happiness – Day 91


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Improving Mental Health With 365 Days Of Happiness!

New book review ALERT!

Thanks Bournemouthgirl 🙂

…Now I could pretend not to be one those people who picks books because of their covers, but I totally am ha ha! I am always drawn to a book more because of an attractive cover. The cover of 365 Days of Happiness is so pretty, the colours compliment each other. It also has a cupcake on the front, I mean who doesn’t like cake?

…This book is motivating and encouraging. It radiates positivity.

…Day 9 for example is such a thought provoking and encouraging day! It is so true, everyone matters, everyone makes their mark on this world.

…I have been reading it and will continue to do so. It is a book that definitely makes you think and helps you be in charge of your happiness.

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Diffusing The Tension And Happiness!


Thanks Diffusing the Tension for reading my book, spreading awareness of it, and sharing about living blessed lives 🙂

…Pirtle’s enthusiasm for life is truly palpable. Meant to be a daily reader (one page or section a day to carry you through a year), these easy to digest but deeply profound sections give us quite a bit to think about. It is also full of practical exercises.

…“Imagine standing on top of a mountain with both of your arms stretched high up in the air. You close your eyes, you breathe deep, and think (or say or shout!) ‘I AM alive!’ Feel this!” (p. 32)

…“Imagine a child looking up into the sky, saying “I believe…!” (p. 36)

…“Every rejection is a sign that the universe has your back.” (p. 39)

…“Use the momentum of waking up (also after a nap!) to create your perfect day!” (p. 42)

…“Imagine that you have a ‘Magical Blessing Wand.’ With that wand, you get to bless everything and everyone you encounter in your new day. Once touched by your blessings, miracles can happen.” (p. 53)

…“Be a rebel!” (p. 101)

…“I say YES!” (p. 122)

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Boove – BooksOnTheMove – Personal Development: The Top Books on the Subject

Thanks Boove – BooksOnTheMove for this incredible list and for including 365 Days of Happiness in it!

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JustSumInspiration Reviewing 365 Days Of Happiness!

Wow, what an inspirational and vivid review of 365 Days of Happiness! Made me smile… Thank you JustSumInspiration! You ARE incredible!

…“365 Days of Happiness” is a real sweet tooth and I mean, literally! After just reading the first two pages, my energy arose, my vibrations began to rumble on the inside of me and I immediately reached over and grabbed the oatmeal cream pie I brought along with me as I knew I was in for a treat….where was this feeling coming from?

…she speaks of Happiness as a person, a companion, a lover and friend in whom you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. 

…Trust me when I say, you’ll be able to feel her energy as well as her enthusiasm as she takes you step-by-step each day into an incredible session of discovering your own happiness…

…This is not just a book that tells you what happiness is, this is a powerful book that pushes and challenges you to act upon happiness.

…can be used for the entire family, children included. Pirtle makes this evident on day 82 when she asks that you allow your children to enjoy their treats such as ice cream consciously by really taking time to feel, taste and experience its coldness and how it affects our senses.

…“I Love all of ME!” Yes. I’ve said these words before, but I’ve never felt them, breathed them nor tasted what these words truly meant….until this book…

…Happiness is indeed a process no worries, as Pirtle will be by your side, every step of the way, every day for 365 days pushing you, coaching you and healing you throughout. 

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Misha Kaura Award-winning French Designer Interviewing Jacqueline Pirtle

Guess who just interviewed me???

THE Misha Kaura, PhD, an award-winning French designer who creates luxurious apparel, fine jewelry, and accessories for women and girls who know their worth.

I am still buzzing 🙂 This just happened and is already live!

We talked about my career journey, what passion for fashion is, about beauty in the inside versus beauty on the outside, and how EVERY women can step into her highest potential.

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She IS incredible––helping women to BE incredible!

Emma Newlyn Yoga Reviewing 365 Days Of Happiness!

Thanks Emma Newlyn Yoga

I sooo love that 365 Days of Happiness inspires you!

…this book actually provides not just inspiration to be happier every day, but practices and exercises that take just minutes but could really make a big difference to the whole day.

…Jacqueline Pirtle has managed to make the daunting task of spending a whole year happy seem totally do-able.

…There’s no denying Jacqueline Pirtle has an enthusiasm that almost leaps out of each page, and coupled with her authentic and full-on belief in being your best self, her passion is pretty infectious and makes for the pep-talk many of us could probably do with on a Monday morning.

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