40andholding.com Has Some Thoughts On Happiness!

365 Days of Happiness
…This book starts on Day 1 and ends on Day 365. It is meant to be read once per day. Each daily lesson provides a 1-2 page story on how to find happiness, joy and gratitude in everyday life. 

…The one thing that stood out to me throughout the book was the fact that we must CHOOSE happiness. The universe presents us with opportunities for happiness every single day. If we are mindful and living in the moment, it’s much easier to recognize the things that make us happy. Each passage stirs some kind of emotion, really makes you think and leads you in the direction of something that can make you happy.

…One of my favorites from 365 Days of Happiness is Day 187 where Jacqueline describes how to feed your body with a water energy cocktail.

…I keep it on my nightstand and read it first thing in the morning. It’s the perfect way to set the mood and mindset for the day.

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