Lorna’s Leaning Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness

Beautiful new review is up! I always SO love to hear what 365 Days of Happiness does for readers. It’s always different—and that makes me happy! 

Thank you Lorna’s Leaning for your kind thoughts and open sharing-s:

…This book reminded me that I too have feelings…

…This book has really helped to inject some positivity, mindfulness, contentment and joy back into my own life. Everything, from the decisions I make, to the friends I see, to things I do or the food I eat, this book has helped me to see the silver linings in everything, to know that when bad things happen, it isn’t the end of the world.

…The author is clever in the sense that she uses a great amount of her own imagination to ensure her message is received loud and clear! Each page is relatively short, a two minute read max, so it doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day at all. 

…It’s not your typical hippy-dippy self help advice book. It’s not all about feeling happiness, but instead, it teaches us that it’s ok to be angry, as it’s just another feeling we have…

Please go read her full blog!

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