Belief IS A Creation Manufacturer!

Happy-tizing Monday! ❤️💫❤️💫❤️💫

365 Days Of Happiness – Day 190 ✨❤️

Belief IS a creation manufacturer of love and happiness, new friends, fun, and joy; new exciting work, art, music and ideas; playfulness, smiles, and laughter; relaxation and peace. ❤️

Believe! ❤️❤️

BE Picky!

You ARE a professionally trained chooser!

Use that training! ❤️❤️❤️

On Fire And Over 50 Is Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness

Thanks OnFireandOver50 for your beautiful thoughts on my book 365 Days of Happiness!

…Sometimes we read a book that makes a lasting impression on us. Sometimes it’s fiction sometimes nonfiction. This new book by Jacqueline Pirtle is one of those books.

…I love the way the book is written, the words she chooses, and the thoughts that came to my mind while reading it.

…Each day Pirtle presents a thought and then asks you to run with it. She leads you with suggestions, but it is ultimately you who decides how to proceed that day.

…If you follow her lead for even a few days, I dare you to say you are not in the least bit happier.

Check out her full review!

International Day Of Happiness

Happy International Day Of Happiness!


May you choose to BE and live every new moment of your time here on this planet from your natural state of Happiness! 💫

Miho’s Happy Life Reviewing 365 Days Of Happiness

Thanks Miho’s Happy Life for your thoughtful review of 365 Days of Happiness 🙂

…Are you happy right now? Such a simple and incredibly important and valuable question, but have you ever asked this question to yourself?

…She gives you nice tips and a huge amount of imaginations

…The book is full of interesting details, which encourages the positive thinking.

…It gives you practical hints to develop your own happiness.

…From now on, I try to think at least one of the 365 inspirations of Jacqueline even if I am not in a mood to smile.

Greetings from one Swiss to another Swiss 🙂

The Library Lady Blog Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness

…When receiving this book, I figured it was the same like other books, an introduction, a few chapters about the author’s life and experiences, and how she translated it to the “holistic practicing”.

Boy, I was wrong!

Each “chapter” is a day, literally something for every day in a 365 day period! What I love about this book is that each day makes me “think”, she puts some kind of lesson in each one of her chapters.

…I can make my life better.

…Jacqueline, I hope you know that your words have meaning to them. ♡

…Would I recommend this book?: Yes!

…If you need peace within your mind, you are at your wit’s end, you feel like giving up… what is there to lose? Snag a copy!