Insightful Inspirations Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness!

Thank you Insightful Inspirations Leanne Holitza 🙂

…I don’t know Jacqueline Pirtle personally… But after reading her book, I felt like I got to know a happy, inspiring, genuine person. So, I looked into her further…

“By utilizing the connected energetic field to tap into the quantum, then sharing space – where there is no separation – and time with them, I support clients in the awakening into the infinite potential that is already in them.”— Jacqueline Pirtle

…The pages are filled with ways to tap into your feelings and shift your perspective and your energy.

…This book is more like an oracle deck in book form.

…One of the best parts of this book is she gives you a lot of reminders to give your not so pretty emotions space too. She acknowledges anger, frustration, unrest and a variety of other uncomfortable feelings and asks you to give those feelings space too.

…I could definitely find myself giving this as a gift to someone or using it to help a client get himself or herself out of a funk. I like that the pages are pretty short, easy to skim and clear on what to do.

…I had many favorites with this one. Below are a few brief examples of what ‘s on the pages…

To find out her favorites go read her full review!

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