How To Grateful-away Your Pain… And Maybe Even Fall In Love With It!

Pain is part of everyone’s everyday life. We all know it like an old friend — we go way back. Most people hate their pain, want it to go away, and never return.

That is a big mistake!

Pain is a powerful alarm from your physical body, accompanied by an important message — that you are not in alignment with who you really are. Your pain is a clearly telling you “Hey, you are messing up by not taking good care of yourself. It’s time to make self-love and your wellbeing your highest priority!”

Acknowledging your pain this way turns it into a gift, a chance, and an opportunity to gain new wisdom about yourself — which you then can follow and shift back to BE and live your truth and joy.

Your physical pain brings you closer to YOU! How fantastic is that?

Here are 3 tips to gratefully honor and celebrate your pain so it can be released naturally:

1. Practice a pressure-free way of being!

  • Let go of your judgement that pain is bad and your expectation of “It has to go away”
  • Acknowledge and welcome it as the gift it is, and tell it “You are welcome to stay as long as you need to stay”
  • Give it space to BE present for you; just as you would make space for a good friend visiting
  • Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down, and have a chit-chat with your pain. Ask it what it is here to teach you and what wisdom it has for you.

That will release all pressure you have and creates a welcoming, loving, and peaceful energy in you, for you, and with your pain.

2. Practice a resistance-free way of feeling!

Say or think “I accept, I respect, I appreciate, I thank, and I love you — my pain — for the gift that you are for me.”

These words release any resistance you have towards your pain and will keep you from creating new ones. A resistance-free being can allow anything to BE as it IS — even pain. This brings calm, peace, and relaxation in you, for you, and with your pain.

3. Create a healthy and healing “happiness environment” in every component of your whole being — your body, your mind, your soul, and your consciousness — because that empowers you to enjoy your life — including your pain — with joy.

For your physical body: Eat clean food, drink plenty of water, move and exercise fittingly for you, sleep and relax often. A healthy physical body creates an environment where pain might not even show up.

For your mind: Acknowledge every non-loving thought you have (towards yourself and others) and shift them to good feeling thoughts. The more you practice, the better you get at “positive thinking.” A healthy mind can have a healthy conversation with anything — even pain — and is open for all wisdom.

To nourish your soul, practice anything that touches your heart: listening to beautiful music, hearing the songbirds out there, snuggling with your furry friend, hugging and kissing a loved one. A happy heart makes for a nourished soul — a requirement for being in alignment with who you really are.

And last but not least… The power of your consciousness is in your “NOW.” So focus on what is going right for you right now and practice gratitude for that! This can be your beautiful breath that you fully enjoy and feel, a delicious treat that makes you smile, or the gift that your pain brings to the table. Pulling yourself into that “now-joy” often, means that you can BE grateful often — even for that pain of yours.

With the happiest wishes,
Jacqueline Pirtle

This article is no medical advise. Please seek a doctor if you need help.

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