NAU Canada-National American University – 4 Positively Great Books To Read This Semester

That IS the grandest gift ever!

365 Days of Happiness is recognized as the first book in the listed “4 Positively Great Books to Read This Semester”

Let’s go students–make your new school year the most positive and happiest ever! Thrive! And enjoy your fabulous time I AM rooting for you all

Bustle Contributor – Jacqueline Pirtle

Check out this amazing article about “how to deal with negative thoughts”
Number 7:
Instead, Jacqueline Pirtle, mindfulness and happiness coach, tells Bustle, you need to be aware of your thoughts, acknowledge them, and embrace them. “These steps will shift you into an ‘I’m not going to fight them’ mode, which is a pressure-free and resistance-free space for you to live in,” she says. “From there you can shift any negative thought to positive, because you are in peace with [them] and in yourself.”
Gosh, I am soooo happy 🙂
Excited! Editors Pick! Thank you so much 🙂
On #DesignTheLifestyleYouDesire‘s #EditorsPick today; 365 Days of Happiness by Freakyhealer HealHappy with FreakyHealer #bloggerstribe @FemaleBloggerRT #BloggingGals @DesignTheLifestyleYouDesire

Staff Copy of 365 Days of Happiness = Happy Staff

Staff-copy!!! ❤️ If you are ever close to Atlanta GA— go to CRU Food & Wine Bar – The Battery (Atlanta), 915 Battery Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 and ask for Savannah, she will take super care of you.

It is great to know that CRU has a staff copy of 365 Days of Happiness at the restaurant, for the staff to read to get into a happy mood before – and while – serving you delicious food and wine—with a smile 😁❤️😁

365 Days Of Happiness = Happy staff

Do you have a business? I think you should get your staff copy too 🙂

Marketing To Crush Your Competitors Podcast Is Hosting Jacqueline Pirtle

Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you Fabienne Raphaël for having me 🙂
We talk about HAPPINESS… and it is not just about smiling and dancing…
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Does The Book 365 Days Of Happiness Match Yoga And Meditation???

See for yourself ❤️❤️❤️

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NEW VIDEO! Swipe right for a preview. The link to the full video is in my profile.

This week’s yoga practice is an energizing morning flow. We start gentle, warm up with some sun salutations then do some core work, twists and even plyometric movements to awaken the body and mind.
In the video, I shared a passage from @freakyhealer’s “365 Days of Happiness” that I think helps set up our day for joy.
Grab your mat and let’s have a morning yoga date that’s better than coffee! If you have any requests for next week, drop me a comment. ⬇️


It can be challenging to be peppy and bright first thing in the morning, but centering yourself in a positive mindset can work wonders for you and your kids.

“Parents always have the power to turn any ‘mood-ship’ around, from happy to unhappy and from unhappy to happy,” says Jacqueline Pirtle, a mindfulness and happiness coach and the author of “365 Days of Happiness: Because Happiness Is a Piece of Cake!”, who recommends meditating into a happy, feel-good place before the parent duties start and before you wake up the kids.