This bunny carries the energy of cute-ness, precious-ness, soft-ness, pure-ness, cozy-ness, sweet-ness, perfect-ness, nature, and magic… all “high for life” energies that touch the heart ❤️❤️

Since he is in my awareness – I noticed him – I – as a whole being; body, mind, soul, consciousness – am in need of exactly those energies. And out of that need it manifested for me in the physical world. Me noticing this bunny, then stopping and feeling him and all energies he carries, filled every cell of my being with exactly the good-feeling energies I needed—shifting me to BE and live in my “high for life frequency.

And all that because of a “magical” bunny offering his energy to me, and of me being conscious in my now—that IS beautiful co-creation at its best! ❤️

And just think of all the admiring energy l created and showered that bunny with—he must have felt on top of the world. Take it even further, think about the huge-ness of love-energy the bunny and I created together—filling the energy pool of the whole world with love. 😮😮😮 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️

BE aware—-it’s all right there for you, right now! And it all matters! Happy Saturday 👋👋👋

Happiness In Progress – How To Love Everything That Is Happening For You

Danielle Craig says:
Have you ever experienced something TERRIBLE – but in retrospect you saw that it added to your life?

I talked to Jacqueline Pirtle (Freakyhealer) about this. When she talked about “loving” the experiences you’re in – and understnading they’ll be part of your learning and growing — I asked HOW do you love the experience when it’s so bad. Check out her advice:

I AM & CO – How To Bounce Back From Failure

What a magnificent article, and I get to BE a part of it
So stinking happy right now to be quoted and mentioned

Here is part of it…

It may not be obvious, but failure is a gift.

When you think things aren’t going well for you, you get the chance to look at things from a different perspective, grow as a human, expand your life-experience, and refine your insight of how you want your life to be or how you don’t want it to be, says mindfulness and happiness coach, Jacqueline Pirtle.

“Acknowledging your failure—or rather gift in disguise—then accepting, respecting, appreciating, thanking, and loving it, and even becoming friends with it, opens you up to living your life in new ways, ways that you did not even know are there before you failed.”

It may not be obvious, but if you look carefully, you can find the lesson in your failure.

Enjoy the read…