Who Are You?

I love being that one yellow flower in the mass of green. ❤️❤️❤️ Don’t get me wrong, the mass of green is beautiful and an important part of this adventure called life. But so is the yellow flower… It really all depends on what your truth is, where you feel most at home, and how you are happiest. Stay true to yourself! Be yourself! #365daysofhappiness #ihonoreveryoneandeverything ❤️❤️❤️

Green-Out Today!

Color Wellness – see, think, and feel the harmonious energy of this GREEN! Fill every cell of yours with it… Then go on in your new day and green-out by noticing all the different green-s out there. That IS happiness!

The Energy Of Water Droplets

I am magic-a-fied by water droplets! They carry an energy of “keeping it together“, playful-ness, clarity, fresh-ness, clean-ness, and purity. Noticing them and feeling them fills every cell of my body with that energy—because everything is energy, connected, and shares their energies.

Try it! And tell me how this feels for you and how this helps you.