365 Days of Happiness – December 30, 2017

Imagine you are walking on a path along the side of a beautiful and adventurous river. Suddenly there is an empty luxurious boat filled with love, beauty, abundance, positivity, happiness, colors, joy and health pulling right up next to you.

The boat is is inviting you to jump on and take over the steering, as a captain. It tells you that this is actually your luxurious, “high for life” frequency boat, and as long as you are on it, you will feel the truth of who you really are. Which is a being of love, light, happiness and joy.

The deal is sweet, because you can jump on and stay on that boat as long as you want, and get off whenever you want. All up to you, you are in charge and control!

In this imagination…

The river represents your beautiful and adventurous physical life. The path represents your comfort zone. And the luxurious “high for life” frequency boat represents a way you could float through your life.

You pause and think:

I can either walk on the path, along the side of my beautiful and adventurous physical life and experience it through my comfort zone.

Or I can hop on this luxurious “high for life” frequency boat, and float right down the middle in my beautiful and adventurous physical life. Which is not in my comfort zone, and could get a bit wild, unknown and foreign.

Would you even have to think about it?
Would you jump on that boat?
Would you stay on it for long, or dock again to walk on your comfort path?
And what would you do, to absolutely never have to leave that “high for life” frequency way of being and living?

Go take that jump!

That IS happiness!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a “high for life” feeling day!

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