365 Days of Happiness – December 26, 2017

Imagine you are making your delicious “life-smoothie” for your new day!

What feelings, colors, activities, foods, drinks and energies do you desire to create a fabulous new day?

Love? Fun, joy, happiness? Success, power, abundance? Peace? Sweetness?

Red, blue, yellow, green?

Reading? Bubble Bath? Sauna? Exercise? Music, dancing?Meditating? Sleep?

Water, tea? Veggies, salad? Meat, fish? Bread? Cheese? Desert?

Think in detail about what feels good for your new day and imagine putting it all into your “life-smoothie” blender. And then enthusiastically hit the blend button. When all mixed and smooth, drink and fill yourself with this perfect “life-smoothie” you just created for yourself. Feel your shift to BE and live in your desired “high for life” frequency for your new day.

Plus the word smoothie carries the energy of soft, comfort, treat, sunshine, creative, healthy and happy. Imagining your “life-smoothie” shifts you to BE and live in the “high for life” frequency of a smoothie, on top of all the feel good desires you put into your “life smoothie”.

And know that just as you might like a different food-smoothie depending on your day, you also desire a different life-smoothie every new day.

So imagine this every morning and set your tone for your new day!

That IS happiness!

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