365 Days of Happiness – December 23, 2017

Pick a person, famous or non famous, which inspires and really impresses you. Someone you think highly and the world of.

Now, if I ask you to tell me why you think so highly of that person, you would reflect on their whole person, lives, happenings and doings. You would list all they have accomplished and experienced so far and base your admiration on all of that.

I want you to do the same for yourself. Reflect on your whole being, life, happenings and doings. And I want you to make a mental list of all you have accomplished and experienced so far.

I know that you will create a long, wonderful and impressive list of all the many small, big to huge things that you made possible and experienced so far. And I also know that your list of reflection on your whole being will be of magnificence.

You will remember all your amazing-ness!

And you will feel inspired, proud, amazed and impressed by it all.

Which means you are amazed, inspired, impressed and proud of YOURSELF.

So celebrate yourself for all that WAS, IS and yet to COME for you, all made possible by YOU.

That IS happiness!

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