365 Days of Happiness – December 21, 2017

Imagine you are at a cafe getting yourself a cup of coffee or tea. With that you are putting a lot of hope out there!

Hope that the water is the perfect temperature to make a delicious cup for you.

Hope that the coffee or tea is of amazing quality to be a yummy cup for you.

Hope that the cup you are getting your beverage in is clean.

Hope that the milk they use is fresh, and the sugar is of perfect amount for you.

Hope that there is a nice seat for you available to sit and enjoy your cup.

Hope that there will be quiet and nice people sitting on the tables beside you.

Hope that this is a “high for life” experience for you.

Hope carries an energy of feel good wishes, dreams and desires being sent into consciousness. With the hope that they are fulfilled.

Every new comes with a lot of beautiful hope. And since every split second is always new and never was before, you are sending a constant stream of hope into consciousness, every split second.

Use all that hoping to your advantage and hope in a state of awareness.

That IS happiness!

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