365 Days of Happiness – December 20, 2017

Imagine a mountain!

Strong, unmovable, you can count on it to always BE there, a bit intimidating, majestic, beautiful, serious, you can lean on it and certainly don’t mess with it. A mountain is always in charge! Feel this!

This shifts you to BE and live in a strong “high for life” frequency. Which is very powerful when life is challenging, and you have the chance to BE a mountain with pulling through for yourself and being strong for others.

Here is a great example:

When my husband left for a business trip when my kids were little, they woke up the next morning and where pretty sad that he was gone.

It was absolutely wonderful, clear and brisk day that day. The view of the mountains was insanely beautiful. I told the kids that they need to come and see those mountains.

As we looked at them I said “See those strong, beautiful, big mountains? That is what I am for you guys right now, so lean on me.”

That shifted me to BE and live in this strong “high for life frequency. And they totally understood, smiled and shifted too.

In your new day, BE your mountain!

That IS happiness!

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