365 Days of Happiness – December 15, 2017

Imagine that there is a trampoline for every possible feeling you experience.

Once you feel a feeling, you automatically are jumping on that trampoline. So if you feel love, you are jumping on the love trampoline. Jumping on that love trampoline will constantly refill you with more love. And only love manifestations exist on that trampoline.

That means if you are angry, you immediately are jumping on the angry trampoline. And not only do you keep refilling yourself with renewed anger while jumping there, but it is also where only angry manifestations exist.

So the goal is to mostly jump on trampolines that are of “high for life” frequencies, like happiness, love, excitement, abundance, playfulness and healthiness.

Now if you find yourself angry, that is OK. Accept, respect, appreciate, thank and love your anger for showing up. It is part of you. And if needed, keep jumping a bit on your angry trampoline. Just don’t keep jumping there forever.

Rather shift your feeling to a “high for life” frequency as soon as you can, and find yourself jumping on a feel good trampoline, refueling and manifesting amazing things in no time!

Happy jumping!

That IS happiness!

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