365 Days of Happiness – December 8, 2017

A great script makes a great movie! And a great movie is a great experience. And a great experience is great happiness!

Imagine you writing a script for you life. You naturally write a great script, because you want a great life, so you have a great experience, and great happiness.

So lets start…

Script how you want your life to be.
Script how happy you want to be and feel.
Script a “high for life” version of everything you want to change.

Stick with “high for life” images and refrain from writing anything about problems or negativity.

Your script is a pure “high for life” script!

When you script, visualize and feel, see, hear, taste, smell and think it all very vividly.

Doing so shifts you to BE and live in your desired “high for life” frequency of your script.

Then go on in your new day, feel and visualize you being and living in your “high for life” script often.

That IS happiness!

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